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Colorado-Arizona Quotes

Courtesy: CUBuffs.com
Release: November 12, 2011
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Colorado Head Coach Jon Embree

General - “Great win for our program. First Pac-12 win. These seniors, they did it. That is why I brought them in here with me, because it is for them, it is about them. I’m proud of these guys, I love them. Two more games. Now next for us is the road losing streak, and we are going to end it. These guys are going to end it. I couldn’t be prouder of these guys. Everyone up here made contributions, they all had big plays in games, interceptions, touchdowns, big blocks that allowed ‘Speedy’ (Rodney Stewart) to run, good protection, it was a great team effort. It wasn’t pretty – actually I thought it was pretty. It was a great win for our program, first Pac-12 win.”

On How Much The Wind Affected The Game – “We did what we did. We made plays. We weren’t going to make it an issue. We were just going to do our stuff. The only place was the kicking game, but it caused some issues on both sides. We had the rugby punt that hit the guy and they had that bad snap that caused some issues for them too. The kicking game was probably the only place where it was an issue.”

On The Team’s Defense – “The defense played great. We had one bad drive, but other than that, the defense played great. I thought they did a good job of getting pressure.”

On What He Told His Defense During The Timeout In The Fourth Quarter – “Let’s just say that I was trying to get their attention.”

On The Win Being Important For The Program – “It is important for these guys. It is their senior year. It is their last game at home. It is important for them. They deserve better than what we are going to end up getting, but we are still going to achieve some things, so this is for them.”

On The Rodney Stewart Touchdown Pass – “We hadn’t practiced (that play) that much. I think this week was the first week. EB (offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy) made a great call on that – he overruled the head coach on that call. I thought Eric did a great job in calling the game all day long. I thought he had good rhythm and flow up there and was taking shots and did a heck of a job. At first it looked like the defensive end was going to run with him (QB Tyler Hansen) but then he stopped for whatever reason and Tyler made the catch.”

On What The Win Means To Him – “It means a lot because I lost my last game (at Folsom). I know this is something that they (the seniors) will remember forever. It was our first Pac-12 win, so a brick goes up on the wall and every time they come back they’ll see it.”

Arizona Interim Head Coach Tim Kish

General - “The team that won today was the team that played the hardest.”

On If It Was Disappointing That Colorado Played Harder – “Yeah it is. We had an opportunity to come out here and compete for 60 minutes and I’m not sure that once we watch the film that’s exactly what we are going to see.”

On If His Team Started Off Playing Hard – “I think we just had moments there where we were not playing on edge. (Rodney) Stewart started making big runs and things were not going well for us offensively.  I just felt like there was a letdown in there that took us back to the mentality that we have had all season.”

On If The Wind Conditions Caused Problems – “I don’t think that had anything to do with anything.”

On His Team’s Let Down – “When things are not going well for us we seem to have a tough time fighting through that to get back on track. I think we came back in the fourth quarter and cut it to 11 and we had chances there to cut it even closer. But we have to play hard for 60 minutes.”

On His Confidence After Recovering The Onside Kick – “I was very confident. My nature has got to be the team’s nature too and we have not been able to put a combination of good things together for a long period of time.”

On If He Thought His Punter’s Knee Hit The Ground – “I can’t say a word.”

On If He Has Ever Seen A Punter’s Knee Hit The Ground Before – “No.”

On Colorado’s Play – “Rodney Stewart is a special player, we knew that coming in. Hansen engineered their offense very well. Toney Clemons made some big catches today with some decent coverage. They made plays and we are not making enough plays on our side of the ball. I thought Greg (Brown) did a nice job of mixing up the defenses and throwing us off defensively.”

On What He Hopes For Arizona State – “I challenged our guys to make it meaningful for them. We have to come back and start working hard on Monday the hardest they have worked all year. It’s not going to get any easier.”

On If Beating Arizona State Is Meaningful To His Players – “I hope so.”

On If He Thought His Team Had Fight Left In Them At Halftime – “The thing that really mounts up for us is having something bad happen and not know how to overcome it.”

On If It Is Human Nature To Stop Playing Hard When Things Are Not Going Well – “Maybe it is. But you have got to be a competitor. A competitor does not let things like that happen.”

Colorado Players

RB Rodney Stewart
On The Award From The Fans – “It’s unbelievable, it makes me feel great.”

On Arizona’s Potential Comeback – “I was thinking ‘not this time,’ and the other players were thinking the same thing. We didn’t panic at all we just came out there and executed each and every play.”

On His Running Game The Second Half – “I think we just found a weak spot in the defense, we executed that over and over again which was successful for us.”

QB Tyler Hansen
On What This Win Means To Him – “It means a lot, we have gone through thick and thin, this group behind me has gone through a lot, we have been tested. I was a wreck before the game, we all were. To go out with a win is special.”

On His Touchdown Catch From Stewart – “He threw a perfect spiral, it could not have been better. I have caught a pass once before in high school, but nothing compares to here at Folsom on senior day, it was awesome.”

On Momentum For The Last Two Games – “We were not losing this game, there was no way. We are not going to lose on the road. We are going on the road and we are going to get it done. We are going to send these underclassmen off with a three game winning streak. That is our goal. We are going to fight and we are going to do everything we can to get that done.”

On Finishing The Game – “We always preach, ‘Finish, Finish, Finish’ the last couple of weeks we have not done that, today we went out and finally finished and we finally showed the underclassmen what it’s like to finish.”

RCB Jason Espinoza
On His Second Career Interception – “It feels good and hopefully I can keep this streak going.”

SS Travis Sandersfeld
On Winning His Senior Day Game – “It’s been a rough road and its senior day, our last home game. After the game I was telling everybody it feels so great to get this win. We have had some big highlights in our careers, but this one rates one of the top with all the work we put into it. We could have easily quit, but we still have drive and passion to come out and get this three game winning streak to send the underclassmen off right.”

RG Ryan Miller
On The Running Backs Being Successful – “It felt great. It was awesome to have (Rodney Stewart) hit those holes and (Josh Ford) ran well. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the running back run down field thirty to forty yards and have to chase after him.”

On His Being Able To Relax And Play – “It means a lot. It’s great to do it with these guys around me and this team. I couldn’t ask for anything else.”

K Will Oliver
On Playing In The Wind- “That is probably the first time I have played in that kind of wind conditions. We have practiced a couple of days when it has been windy, but never like that. It was definitely a new kind of experience.”

On Dealing With The Wind Mentally- “Not really, it was kind of weird today, but it was just all about the seniors and I was trying to do whatever I could for them.”

On His Kicking Strategy- “At a certain point you just have to aim down the middle. The wind was swirling a lot and was so unpredictable that you couldn’t feel what it was doing on the ground so you just had to go for it and see what happens.”

On Missed PAT- “I thought I actually kicked it pretty well. I looked up and followed it and it teetered off to the left.”

DB Ray Polk
General– “This is great, just so great. We’ve been waiting a long time for this so it’s good to get this win on senior day.”

On Forcing Turnovers- “We got the ball out on the force fumble that was great, but we knew where they were trying to hit us and we were able to make adjustments in order to make some plays and cause turnovers.”

On The Resiliency The Team Showed- “If we played like this every game, our record could be totally different, I mean who knows. But this is a great building block for this program and I’m so happy we were able to get the seniors a win like this before they went out. We just need to be consistent and play our game, everybody makes mistakes, but the trick is you need to recover from it. They had a couple drives where they marched down the field, but you need to pick yourself back up and keep the team moral high and roll with it.”

On Getting First Pac-12 Victory- “I definitely think this game served as a big momentum builder in order to try to get a win on the road (next week at UCLA). The morale on the team feels completely different and we now know we can do this, we just need to put it on the road.”

On What It Teaches The Younger Players- “It definitely teaches them a lot, and it shows them we can do this. Arizona is a great program, but like us they are down right now, but the fact that we can come back and win at home for the last time this season after all we’ve been through is huge.”

On Keeping This Momentum- “We just need to practice fast, know what we have to do and execute.”

WR Keenan Canty
On What The Win Says About This Team- “It shows that all the hard work we have put in finally paid off and we got the results we’ve been looking for.”

On Difference Between Previous Games - “We had far less mistakes than we usually had, which helps a lot. We got this win for the seniors and came out and played our hardest and competed the best we could in order to send them out with a victory in their last game at Folsom Field.”

On The Momentum Gained- “This win is going to give us some great momentum for next week. We know that we can get a win over a Pac-12 team now. We just need to commit to film study and work hard this week in practice. Coach Embree has continued to emphasize to us that we just need to win for the seniors, and that’s all were going to keep trying to do in order to finish off this season the right way for the seniors.”

On The Postgame Celebration- “It was definitely fun, there is nothing better than getting together with the whole team afterwards in the auditorium and singing the fight song. Every player on this team was thrilled to finally get this victory, especially in the last game at Folsom Field this season.”

Arizona Players

S Robert Golden
On The Loss – “They just came out and played harder than we did.  They simply played better than we did.”

On Players Not Giving 100 Percent - “When the going gets rough for us, we fold somewhat.  I feel like some guys on our team competed and other guys didn’t.”

On Their Season – “No one wanted the season to go this way but it has and some guys took harder than others.”

On Rodney Stewart’s Performance – “We knew that he was going to be a powerful back and we were going to have to wrap him up and make tackles.  We made a lot of mistakes with not being in our gaps and everything so we gave them a lot of stuff. But he was a great running back too.”

On The Team’s Turnovers – “The turnovers built a lot of momentum for Colorado.  They did a great job and hats off to them for doing that.”

On The Wind Condition – “We really couldn’t judge the ball.  The ball was sailing but it didn’t affect the way we played.”

WR David Douglas
On The Loss – “Obviously it’s tough, they just came out and played harder than us.  They wanted it more and they beat us.

On Players Not Giving 100 Percent - “I’m never going to question my teammates.  We’ve been through a lot together and everybody cares about each other. I love all my teammates and I just go out there and play hard for them and they do the same for me.”

On The Upcoming Game Against ASU – “If you can’t get jacked up to play this weekend, then you might as well not even play.”

On Their Season – “We started out the season rough and it just snowballed.  We’ve been through a lot this season.  All we can do is just play and compete every game.”

LB Paul Vassallo
On Everybody Not Giving 100 Percent – “I don’t think anybody quit, I don’t think that at all.  Whether they responded the way we’d like or however you want to say it I’m not sure.”

On The Unusual Plays During The Game – “Little things like that.  The last couple weeks have been our demise.  We haven’t done the little things well the last few weeks.”

On The Season – “I don’t think anyone is hanging their heads exactly at this point.  I understand we’ve lost a lot more games than we’ve won this year but we’re all still fighting.  We understand we have two games left and we’re not going to give up."

QB Nick Foles
On The Loss – “There’s not really much to say.  We got to have everybody to win these games.  Not taking anything away from Colorado, they played their butts off.”

On The Team Not Playing 100 Percent - “Things aren’t going our way they haven’t been going our way the entire year.  But it doesn’t mean our guys are going to give up and I don’t expect that either.  I’ll keep working and I expect the guys to keep working.  It’s a disappointing year for Arizona football but we got to keep working.”

On His Record Breaking Play (Career Passing Yards) – “It doesn’t mean anything to me.  Records are records, I broke every record in high school and I didn’t win a state championship and that’s all I cared about.  The most important thing is winning the game and that’s all I care about.  It’s an honor but at the same time I still want to win the game.”

On The Upcoming Game Against ASU – “It’ll be easy to get up for that game.  I’ve been ready to play every game and we just got to make sure everybody else is ready.  This has been run for all the young guys so we just got to make sure everyone continues to work hard.”

On His Last Interception – “Corner sank into the coverage and he made a good play.  I probably should’ve put more on it.”

CB Tra’Mayne Bondurant
On The Loss – “It’s disappointing; things just aren’t going right for us.  We just got to keep playing, that’s all we can really do.  This whole year negative things have been going on, we just try to let it go. 

On His Touchdown – “It always feels good when you do something.  I feel good about that.  I’m just going to strive to do better every week.  Having a touchdown is something I really adore because it’s my first in college.”

On The Future Of Arizona Football – “I told my teammates and coaches that I’m going to try and be a captain.  I just want to make sure everyone’s on the same page and that we as a unit can go out and play.  When this team gets back on track I’m going to be one of the leaders.”

On Everyone Not Giving 100 Percent - “I can’t speak about the locker room.  Every team has their ways, there’s not much you can say because you don’t know what everybody’s thinking.”



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