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Opening Statement
“Before we get started with the class, now that we’ve been here awhile, I’ve been able to get our staff sorted out and I want to introduce them. Most of them joined me from Wyoming, first Don Trentham, who was the head coach at Montana State-Billings for nine years, joined us in Wyoming last fall for our best season ever. Jason Green has been with me the last four years at Wyoming, played for me and coached with me and did a great job for us at Wyoming. Nicole Rice joins us as a volunteer coach, played the last four years for me at Wyoming, was an all-conference performer there for the Cowgirls, and then our director of operations Natalie Dedin who was hired right about the same time as me.

General About The Class
“We’ve signed five student-athletes to NLI’s, adding them to the Buff family today. We’re very excited about that, excited for them to join us this summer.”

On Jenna Glad
“Jenna Glad is a midfielder from Tucson, Arizona. Jason and I have a lot of ties to Arizona, we grew up there for the most part and have heard a lot of great things about her. She’s an athletic central midfielder that we feel has a ton of upside and can compete in the Pac-12 from day one.”

On Madison Krauser
“The second player is Madison Krauser out of Irvine, California. She plays for one of the top clubs in the country, and one of the top clubs in Southern California, the So Cal Blues. We feel we’re going to make a lot of inroads recruiting in California now that we’re in the Pac-12 and we’re excited to attract a player of “Madi’s” ability from a club like the So Cal Blues.”

On Carly Manso
“Carly Manso is our third player that signed an NLI today. She’s from the Eclipse Soccer Club outside of Chicago. She’s a goal scorer; look for her to probably play wide in the attack. She has a great nose for the ball...a great motor and just a pure finisher. Four of these five players are attacking players and we feel they are all capable of making an impact in the Pac-12 and we look for Carly to step right into the attack and make a contribution as a freshman.”

On Olivia Pappalardo
“Carly’s teammate Olivia Pappalardo, from the same club team, I think the Buff nation is going to love to watch Olivia play. She’s a very creative central midfielder. I won’t compare her to a former Buff, but I think once you see her, you will see some of the qualities of some of the great players that Colorado has produced in the past. She’s creative on the ball, she gets forward and we think she’ll step right into the midfield from day one and have the opportunity to do special things for us.”

On Heather Ward
“The final player that signed with us today is from the Colorado Rush, Heather Ward, out of Littleton, Colorado. Heather is a tall center back, played at the highest level for one of the top clubs in the country. We always look for Colorado players first and we are fortunate that Heather has decided to join us here at Colorado. Like the others we feel she has all the abilities and attributes to be a successful player in the Pac-12. We’re excited to have her make the drive up from Littleton to Boulder.”

On Putting The 2012 Class Together In A Short Time
“Recruiting for women’s soccer is a little different than other sports. These players were all committed before we got the job, so we’re very pleased that they honored the commitment and are coming. I think the university, Boulder the academics, the school really sold them, and the soccer program and obviously being in the Pac-12. We’re pleased that they are still coming with us and we’re excited to get them on board.”

On Familiarity With New Players
“We’re pretty familiar with them, they’re all regional players that we’ve seen play and feel like they can have a real impact. So it was more of us kind of re-recruiting them and letting them know here at CU we wanted them as part of our soccer program.”

On Recruiting
“The recruiting is so far out, so we got the job and we’re on the road the next day and hit the ground running with the 2013 class and really ’14 class and ’15 class. I think we’ve made some good inroads in a short amount of time and feel very positive that it’s going the right direction moving forward.”

On Recruiting The Pac-12
“I think there is a different caliber of player you need to compete in the Pac-12. I’m biased of course, but the national champions (Stanford) came out of this conference. We feel it’s the strongest conference in the country top to bottom, so we know we need to attract the best and we’re recruiting the best and hopefully they’ll join us here at Colorado.”

On If Attack Was Biggest Area Of Need
“I think we need to improve everywhere. But if you look at some of the teams around the country, what separates some of the top teams from the other ones is they have special attacking players, attacking personalities. So that will always be a priority for us in recruiting, to bring in players that we feel can score against the top teams in our conference. These players have some of those attributes. We’ll see how it shakes out, but as we go forward, it’s not necessarily need, but we always need attacking players.”

Looking Forward To The Fall
“I think come August 1st when we start preseason it will be wide open for everybody. New coach, new staff, fresh start for everyone. Obviously we’re training players we’ve worked with this spring and through the summer, they’ll work with the strength staff to get ready for the preseason. We feel that everyone coming in August 1st, it doesn’t matter if you are a freshman or a senior, everyone is going to get the opportunity to prove themselves.”