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Welcome to Buffaloes Summer Break where catches up with Colorado student-athletes and coaching staff members throughout the summer "off season."

Today's installment comes from assistant track & field coach Lindsey Malone. Just completing her fifth season as CU's combined events and jumps coach, Malone had a trio of athletes score for CU at the inaugural Pac-12 Conference Championships. Sophomore Genny Mayden and junior Brianne Beemer placed third and fourth, respectively in the heptathlon, while senior Adam Salzmann placed third in the decathlon.

What is your favorite summer time activity?
I love hiking, biking, running, swimming, kayaking, painting, grilling, traveling and going to drive-in movies with friends and family.

Favorite vacation destination and why?
My favorite vacation destination is anywhere with (fellow CU assistant coach and husband) Casey. We've had the amazing opportunity to travel the world for track and field and have seen phenomenal places. Vacation for us is anywhere we can be together. We appreciate spending time in Colorado as much as being anywhere else in the world.

What was your first summer job?
My first summer job was doing chores for an elderly neighbor up the street. I helped her with everything from pulling weeds to cleaning her house. She was incredibly nice and always made me a delicious snack. I thought it was the greatest gig until I discovered babysitting which is the most high energy and lucrative business opportunity for a 13 year old.

What was your most memorable summer job experience?
I worked at the National Seed Storage Laboratory in college (at Colorado State). I was a seed analyst and worked in a high security lab which required codes to enter different areas. I met one of my best friends at the lab and we spent summers cryogenically freezing seeds and detecting seed viability through germination. We called ourselves "the Germinators."

Explain one aspect of your job during the off-season that fans may not realize
Fans might not realize that there is not really an off season for college coaches. We have the great fortune of having dedicated and talented athletes who qualify for different levels of competition throughout the summer. We have pre-season practice from September through December and can have competition season last from January to as late as August.

The most important thing your current student-athletes should be doing this summer?
The most important thing current student-athletes should be doing this summer to make the greatest gains in track and field is technique work for their respective events. Technique work is closely followed by making improvements in strength, flexibility and nutrition. The athletes who focus on mastering technical aspects of their events during the summertime have the greatest gains during season.

What is your favorite moment here at Colorado so far?
It's hard to narrow it down to just one.  I'd have to say welcoming my first recruiting class in the fall of 2007, seeing the mens team win the Big 12 Championship team title in 2008 and watching my first recruiting class graduate this year as incredibly accomplished students and athletes.

A summer-time activity you enjoyed growing up that is NOT your current sport?
I loved playing volleyball with my sister, football with my brother, basketball with my dad, and hiking with my mom.

Best advice for youth that are beginning to compete in athletics.
Try lots of different sports and have fun!

If you could sit in with one other coaching staff at CU for a game/event that is not your sport, which staff would it be and why?
I'd love to sit in with our ski coaches and ski team. The ski team and track and field team are speed and technique oriented and are the two teams on campus which train men and women together. I'd love to see the similarities and the differences between the coldest sport and the hottest sport on campus.

If you could bring one famous person to Colorado for a day-long tour who would it be, and what would you do with them?
I'd invite Oprah Winfrey to Colorado. I'd take her to Snooze for breakfast, Beau Jo's for lunch and Pasta Jay's for dinner. She'd love these eateries as much as I do and would add them to her favorites. Somehow we would manage to have time to hike around Chautauqua, catch shows at the Denver Center for Performing Arts and Red Rocks, and run the Bolder Boulder.