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University of Colorado Athletic Department Directory


Mailing Addresses
        University of Colorado
        [Box #] UCB
        Boulder, CO  80309

Overnight Addresses
(Dal Ward Athletic Center)
Stadium Drive
Boulder, CO 80309

(Sports Information)
Balch Fieldhouse Annex #50
Boulder, CO 80309

Athletic Director/Senior Management
Administration - External
Alumni C-Club
Buff Club
Buffalo Sports Properties
Business Office
Spirit Squad/Cheer/Dance
Coors Events Center
Counseling & Sport Psychology

Facility Scheduling
Faculty Athletic Representative
Game Management/Operations
IT Support
Leadership Development Program
Marching Band
Marketing & Promotions
Special Events
Sports Information
Sports Medicine
Sports Video
Sports Performance
Ticket Office

Basketball, Men
Basketball, Women
Cross Country
Golf, Men
Golf, Women
Track & Field

All Phone Numbers Area Code 303


Athletic Director's Office -- Phone: 492-6843 -- Fax: 492-7753 -- 368 UCB
Rick George Athletic Director
Ceal Barry Senior Associate AD/Internal Operations/SWA
David Clough Faculty Athletic Representative
Lance Carl Associate AD/Business Development
Emily Canova Assistant AD/Special Projects
Christina Beck Executive Assistant/Athletic Director & Senior Associates
Rich Cardillo Special Projects
Academics -- Phone: 492-6591 -- Fax: 492-4976 -- 368 UCB -- website
Kris Livingston Associate Athletic Director/Student Services
Katie Bason Director of Football Academics Email
Michele Brannigan Senior Learning Specialist Email
Kevin Brennan Academic Mentor Email
Corey Edwards Academic Coordinator
Jedediah Herb Learning Specialist Email
Chris Howlett Academic Coordinator Email
Ryan Kataoka Associate Director
Katharine Lindauer Tutor Coordinator/Academic Assistant
Robin Maras Academic Mentor Email
Medford Moorer Assistant Director Email
Mindy Sclaro Associate Director
Tricia Clesi Administrative Assistant
Alumni C-Club -- Phone: 492-5065 -- Fax: 492-1353 -- 369 UCB -- website
Erin Sanders Director Alumni C Club
Basketball, Men -- Phone: 492-6877 -- Fax: 492-6607 -- 378 UCB -- Men's Basketball Home
Tad Boyle Head Coach
Jean Prioleau Associate Head Coach
Mike Rohn Assistant Coach
Bill Grier Assistant Coach
Sean Kearney Director of Player Development
Bill Cartun Video Coordinator
Marge Marcy Administrative Assistant
Basketball, Women -- Phone: 492-6086 -- Fax: 492-5363 -- 378 UCB -- Women's Basketball Home
JR Payne Head Coach
Toriano Towns Associate Head Coach
Shandrika Lee Assistant Coach
Jeff Cammon Assistant Coach
Rosi Hauber Office Manager
Jill Mahoney Director of Basketball Operations
Alex Earl Director of Player Development
Buff Club -- Phone: 492-2200 -- Fax: 492-8334 -- 369 UCB -- website
Kurt Gulbrand Associate AD/Development Email
Mackenzie Altman Development Associate Email
Cindy Brumfiel Assistant Director of Development Email
Amy Cripe Development Assistant
Leslie Elgin Development Assistant Email
Lauren Fowler Strategic Engagement Coordinator Email
Kaitlyn Goble Senior Athletics Stewardship Manager Email
Ted Ledbetter Assistant AD/Development Email
Lindsey McGee Development Associate Email
Scott McMichael Assistant AD/Development
Marcus Palas Associate Director of Development Email
Scott Scheifele Assistant AD/Development
Ron Scott Director of Development Email
Allison Toppen Development Assistant Email
BuffVision -- Phone: 735-3637 -- 368 UCB -- website
Deric Swanson Director of BuffVision
Eric Pelloni Assistant Director of BuffVision
Max Benz BuffVision Specialist
Buffalo Sports Properties -- Phone: 469-9600 -- 372 UCB -- website
Lance Gerlach General Manager
Ron Adelson Account Executive
Justin Glover Account Executive
Brandon Leimbach Senior Account Executive
Christina Michael Account Executive
Business Office -- Phone: 735-5105 -- Fax: 492-3777 -- 372 UCB
Cory Hilliard Associate AD/Business Operations
Tim McCleary Director of Business Operations
Stephen Moorman Assistant Director of Business Operations
Leanne Hamlin Budget Manager
Marie Payne Travel & Expense Financial Analyst
Dennis Ristow Accounting Technician
Alisha Cash Palas Director of Accounting and Finance
Kristin Grab Reporting and Special Projects Accountant
Tracy Tripp Human Resources
Spirit Squad/Cheer/Dance/Mascot (Chip) -- Phone: 735-2123 -- 369 UCB -- website
Lindsey Edwards Spirit Squad Coordinator
Emily Gibbs Dance Coach
Scott Nattrass Cheer Coach
Compliance -- Phone: 492-6155 -- Fax: 492-3364 -- 372 UCB -- website
Jill Keegan Assistant AD/Compliance Email
Jo Marchi Associate Director of Compliance, Monitoring
Kevin Prochaska Associate Director of Compliance Email
Rodney Floyd Director of Eligibility Certification
Rob Drybread Financial Aid Coordinator
Counseling & Sport Psychology
Chris Bader Counseling & Sport Psychologist Email
Cross Country/Track & Field - Phone: 492-5227 - Fax: 492-1642 - 369 UCB
Cross Country Home -- Track & Field Home
Mark Wetmore Head Coach
Heather Burroughs Assistant Coach/Middle & Long Distance
Burke Bockman Assistant Coach/Sprints and Hurdles
Casey Malone Assistant Coach/Throws
Lindsey Malone Assistant Coach/Combined Events and Jumps
Billy Nelson Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator Email
Karen Lechman Director of Operations
Equipment -- Main Phone: 492-3807 -- 368 UCB -- website
Dal Ward: 492-3807 -- Basketball, Volleyball, Lacrosse (CECC): 492-3795 -- Fax: 492-7753
J.T. Galloway Assistant AD/Equipment & Licensing
Tim Horton Assistant Director
Kristine Wirtz Assistant Director/Coors Equipment Manager Email
Tyler Baltierras Director of Football Equipment Email
Trevor Wood Assistant Director/Football Email
Facilities -- Phone: 492-1994 -- 372 UCB -- website | Grounds -- Phone: 492-4749 -- 368 UCB
Coors Events Center -- Main Phone: 492-9004 -- 410 UCB -- Ticket Office: 492-5221 -- Fax: 492-4801
Lost & Found - 492-5318
Steve Pizzi Assistant AD/Coors Events Center
Jason DePaepe Associate AD/Facilities & Game Day Operations
Russ Allen Audio/Visual Media Specialist
Aaron Beadle Electrician
Len Conradson Structural Trades - Coors Events Center
Rick Davidson Maintenance Manager
Bart Emery Structural Trades - Coors Events Center Email
John Galvin Assistant Manager of Athletic Operations & Facilities Email
Manita Gautam-Pokhrel Custodial Maintenance Staff - Champions Center Email
Eric George Structural Trades Email
Dhondup Gyamtso Custodial Maintenance Staff - Champions Center Email
Shawn Hererra Director of Maintenance Email
Steven Hubbard Custodial Maintenance Staff - Coors Events Center Email
Mike Jessop Electrician Email
Konthar Kyi Custodial Maintenance Staff - Champions Center Email
Josh Lenz Turf Assistant
Jose Lopez-Tanori Assistant Athletic Field Manager
Ryan Newman Director of Athletic Grounds
Mark Novicki Turf Assistant
Passang Custodial Maintenance Staff  
Chris Pert Assistant Manager of Athletic Operations - Coors Events Center
Patricia Ramirez Custodial Maintenance Staff - Coors Events Center
Dave Sacher Audio Engineer
Steve Stacy Custodial Maintenance Staff - Champions Center
Jawo Tashi Custodial Maintenance Staff  
John Templeton Senior Audio Engineer/Technical Director
Lobsang Tendar Custodial Maintenance Staff - Champions Center
Thomas Wolfe Turf Assistant
Zhuomecaidan Custodial Maintenance Staff  
Facility Scheduling -- Phone: 492-5316 -- 372 UCB -- website
Chris Pert Coors Events Center - 303-492-9004
Caitlin Owens Folsom Field Premium Spaces – 303-492-9790
John Galvin All Other Facility Scheduling - 303-492-1994
Faculty Athletic Representative -- Phone: 492-6638 -- 424 UCB
David Clough Faculty Athletic Representative
Football -- Phone: 492-5331 -- Fax: 492-8990 -- 368 UCB -- Football Home
Mike MacIntyre Head Coach
Jim Leavitt Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers
Brian Lindgren Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Email
Klayton Adams Assistant Coach/Offensive Line Email
Gary Bernardi Assistant Coach/Tight Ends & Fullbacks Email
Charles Clark Assistant Coach/Secondary & Cornerbacks Email
Darian Hagan Assistant Coach/Running Backs Email
Jim Jeffcoat Assistant Coach/Defensive Line Email
Joe Tumpkin Assistant Coach/Safties Email
Darrin Chiaverini Co-Offensive Coordinator/Wide Receivers/Recruiting Coordinator Email
TBA Offensive Graduate Assistant Coach Email
Peter Tuitupou Offensive Graduate Assistant Coach Email
Corey Edsall Defensive Graduate Assistant Coach
TBA Defensive Graduate Assistant Coach Email
Bryan McGinnis Director of Football Operations Email
Adam Toyama Director of Recruiting Email
A.J. Baer Assistant Director of Recruiting Email
Sheryl Voth Administrative Assistant/Head Coach
Daniel Da Prato Director of Quality Control, Offense Email
Nate Taye Assistant Director of Quality Control Email
Matt Thompson Quality Control Coordinator Email
Mike Murphy Director of Player Personnel Email
Scott Unrein Operations & Recruiting Assistant Email
Jean Onaga Administrative Assistant/Assistant Coaches Email
Sheryl Voth Administrative Assistant/Head Coach
Erik Aunese Recruiting Intern
Chidera Uzo-Diribe Recruiting Intern
Game Management & Operations -- Phone: 492-1994 -- 372 UCB
Jennifer Green Program Assistant
Golf, Men -- Phone: 492-4653 -- Fax: 492-4647 -- 369 UCB -- Men's Golf Home
Roy Edwards Head Coach
Patrick Grady Assistant Coach
Gabbie Pelloni Director of Operations/Olympic Sports Email
Golf, Women -- Phone: 492-4455 -- Fax: 492-4647 -- 369 UCB -- Women's Golf Home
Anne Kelly Head Coach
Brent Franklin Assistant Coach
LindaSue Chenoweth Tournament Director
Gabbie Pelloni Director of Operations/Olympic Sports Email
IT Support -- Phone: 735-5105 -- Fax: 492-4777 -- 372 UCB
Jeff Hoskin IT Professional
Ian Lenehan IT Technician
Matt Eberhardt IT Technician
Leadership Development Program -- website
Dave Callan Director of Student-Athlete Leadership
Lacrosse -- Phone: 492-6141 -- Fax: 492-1709 -- 369 UCB -- Lacrosse Home
Ann Elliott Head Coach
Alex Frank Assistant Coach
Kailah Kempney Assistant Coach
Gabbie Pelloni Director of Operations/Olympic Sports Email
Golden Buffalo Marching Band -- Phone: 492-6584 -- Fax: 735-6415 -- 301 UCB -- website
Matt Roeder Director
Marketing and Promotions -- Phone: 492-4356 -- Fax: 492-1353 -- 369 UCB
Matt Biggers Associate AD/External Affairs/Chief Marketing Officer
Prema Khanna Assistant AD/Director of Marketing
Curtis Snyder Director of Digital Marketing
Lindsay Lew Director of Strategic Sales and Communication Email
Krista Huffman Marketing/Promotions Manager
TBA Marketing/Promotions Coordinator Email
Micah McGee Database Marketing & Analytics Coordinator Email
Rachel Ripken Community Outreach Coordinator Email
Brent DePaepe Creative Services Manager/Graphic Designer Email
Ryan Kell Marketing/Promotions Associate Email
Alyson Yarwood Marketing/Promotions Associate Email
Skiing -- Phone: 492-5401 -- Fax: 492-3156 -- 369 UCB -- Skiing Home
Richard Rokos Head Coach
Bruce Cranmer Assistant Coach - Nordic Coordinator
Jana Weinberger Assistant Coach - Nordic
TBA Assistant Coach - Alpine
Jodi Mossoni Administrative Assistant
Soccer -- Phone: 492-6141 -- Fax: 492-1709 -- 369 UCB -- Soccer Home
Danny Sanchez Head Coach
Jason Green Assistant Coach
Dave Morgan Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator Email
Annie Brunner Coordinator of Performance Analysis Email
Gabbie Pelloni Director of Operations/Olympic Sports Email
Special Events -- Phone: 492-3213 -- Fax: 492-9032 -- 372 UCB -- website
Josi Carlson Director of Special Events Email
Caitlin Owens Coordinator for External Events Email
Tess Hamer Event Coordinator Email
Sports Information -- Phone: 492-5626 -- Fax: 492-3811 -- 357 UCB -- website
David Plati Associate AD/Sports Information Director
Troy Andre Assistant SID/Internet Managing Editor
Ashley Braun Assistant Sports Information Director Email
Linda Sprouse Assistant Sports Information Director
Andy Schlichting Assistant Sports Information Director
Neill Woelk CUBuffs.com Contributing Editor Email
TBA Graduate Assistant Sports Information Director Email
B.G. Brooks CUBuffs.com Writer Email
Sports Medicine -- Main Phone: 492-3801 -- 368 UCB -- website -- Events Center: 492-3796 --
Carlson Gym: 492-1178 -- Fax: 492-4217
Dr. Eric McCarty Director of Sports Medicine
Miguel Rueda Associate AD/Health & Performance
Adam Holliday Associate Athletic Trainer
Kari Kebach Associate Athletic Trainer
Rawley Klingsmith Associate Athletic Trainer
Marissa Holliday Assistant Athletic Trainer
Eric Mann Assistant Athletic Trainer
Joe Martinez Assistant Athletic Trainer
Carina Gattas Assistant Athletic Trainer
Taka Sakamoto Assistant Athletic Trainer
Mary Ellen O'Malley Manager Medical Office Services
Hilary Heinrichs Professional Intern
David Mincberg Professional Intern
Dr. Sourav Poddar Team Physician
Dr. Stephanie Chu Team Physician
Dr. Michelle Wolcott Team Physician
Dr. Deb Saint-Phard Team Physician
Dr. Armando Vidal Team Physician
Ashley Chrisman Physician Assistant
Ted Layne Physical Therapist
Sports Video -- Phone: 492-7354 -- 368 UCB -- website
Jamie Guy Director of Sports Video
John Snelson Assistant Director of Sports Video
Strength & Conditioning -- Phone: 735-2326 -- Fax: 492-7753 -- 368 UCB -- website
Drew Wilson Director of Football Strength & Conditioning
Steve Englehart Director of Basketball Strength & Conditioning
M.T. Eisner Assistant Director of Strength & Conditioning
Karim Derqaoui Assistant Director of Strength & Conditioning
Justin Geyer Assistant Director of Strength & Conditioning
Jeremy Layport Assistant Director of Strength & Conditioning
Chris Sheckler Assistant Director of Strength & Conditioning Email
Laura Anderson Dietician Email
Dana Bielinski Assistant Sports Dietician Email
Ticket Office -- Phone: 492-8337 -- Fax: 492-3044 -- 372 UCB -- website
Alexis Williams Assistant AD/Ticket Operations, Sales and Service
Neil Herreid Database Systems Manager
Ken Klingler Associate Ticket Manager
Stephanie Van De Creek Assistant Ticket Manager
Doug Evans Ticket Office Manager
Danna Karlson Coordinator of Ticket Services
Garrett Peters Coordinator of Ticket Services
Tennis -- Phone: 735-0443 -- Fax: 492-4647 -- 369 UCB -- Tennis Home
Nicole Kenneally Head Coach
Blake Mosley Assistant Coach
Gabbie Pelloni Director of Operations/Olympic Sports Email
Robert Stone Volunteer Assistant Coach Email
Volleyball -- Phone: 492-5669 -- Fax: 492-2300 -- 369 UCB -- Volleyball Home
Jesse Mahoney Head Coach
Lee Maes Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator
Evan Sanders Assistant Coach
Crystal Gippe
Director of Operations Email
Candy Parkhurst Administrative Assistant
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