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CU Student-Athletes Accomplish Record Academic Semester

Courtesy: David Plati, Associate AD/Sports Information
Release: July 12, 2012
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BOULDER — The spring semester grade numbers are in for the University of Colorado athletic program, and the news is good, paralleling the success the school enjoyed with the Academic Progress Report (APR) released in June.

The two reports don’t have much correlation with each other, but certainly both indicate positive results achieved by the student-athletes, their coaches, and the staff of CU’s Herbst Academic Center.

The 303 student-athletes enrolled for the 2012 spring semester had a term grade point average of 2.935, the highest since the department starting tracking the information in 1996 and shattering the old mark of 2.891, compiled during the Spring 2000 semester.  Third best is the 2.871 for Spring ’99 term, with the Fall ’11 semester GPA of 2.867 now fourth.  In addition, it is the first time that the GPA has been in excess of 2.850 for both the fall and spring terms in the same academic year.

“We are thrilled that for the first time in recorded history, the overall student-athlete GPA has topped 2.9,” said Kris Livingston, Director of the Herbst Academic Center.  “A lot of hard work went into this accomplishment, starting with the student-athletes who work hard, prepare and engage in their coursework while representing CU in their sports.  Credit also goes to the coaches who believe in the academic endeavors of their students and support the academic staff, as well as to the Herbst Academic Center staff who roll up their sleeves every day to help the students find success in the classroom and navigate academics and athletics.

 “I also have to recognize our athletic administration, which continues to support our efforts and provide valuable resources and the CU-Boulder campus administration, faculty and staff who understand the value of intercollegiate athletics and provide assistance every step of the way.”

Five programs had team grade point averages of 3.2 or better (men’s and women’s skiing, women’s golf, soccer and tennis), while eight boasted 3.0-plus marks.  The 12-member men’s ski team had a 3.620 GPA for the semester, not only its best term GPA on record (its 3.402 number just last fall had been tops), but the second best and just the fifth by any program to post a 3.5 or better.  They fell just shy of the all-time semester best, a 3.627 by the women’s skiers in Fall ’07, but did top the 3.604 by the women’s cross country team in Spring ‘01. 

To put what the men’s skiers did in perspective, the 12 student-athletes for the spring combined to record 28 A’s, 7 A-minus’, 8 B-plusses and 5 B’s, with just one each B-minus and C-plus and two C’s, out of 52 classes (not including two classes taken pass/fail, both of which were passed); 10 of the skiers posted term GPA’s of 3.433 or better, including one 4.0 and two 3.925’s.    

Other superlatives included the women’s ski team posting its 22nd consecutive semester over a 3.0 (and 32 of the last 33), while the women’s cross country team did so for the 16th straight term; women’s golf posted its third best term on record (3.258); and football recorded its third consecutive semester with its best GPA term ever tabulated (2.720, besting its 2.661 last fall).

Cumulatively speaking, the 303 student-athletes posted a 2.892 number, the second-highest number ever calculated, trailing only the 2.897 figure posted following the Spring ’09 semester; Fall ’11 (2.876), Fall ’09 (2.870) and Spring ’11 (2.869) round out the top five, meaning three of the best five cumulative marks have been recorded in the last three semesters.  This marks the ninth straight semester all Colorado student-athletes have combined for a GPA over 2.8 (and all 2.827 or better). 

Seven squads own cumulative grade points of 3.0 or greater, again led by the men’s skiers at 3.512 the first time a cumulative GPA has topped the 3.5 mark; the women’s skiers were next at 3.321 followed by women’s cross country at 3.251.  Football’s cumulative average was 2.658, its second-highest; since attaining 2.50 or higher for just the third time in the Spring of 2008, the team has recorded nine straight semesters in excess of that barrier.

A look at all sports semester numbers (with cumulative average in parenthesis):

3.620  Men’s Skiing (3.512)
3.392  Women’s Skiing (3.321)
3.258  Women’s Golf (3.091)
3.252  Women’s Tennis (3.176)
3.199  Women’s Soccer (3.085)
3.170  Women’s Cross Country (3.251)
3.043  Women’s Track (3.127)
3.010  Women’s Volleyball (2.969)
2.944  Men’s Cross Country (2.926)
2.845  Women’s Basketball (2.855)
2.822  Men’s Golf (2.684)
2.816  Men’s Track (2.793)
2.720  Football (2.658)              
2.576  Men’s Basketball (2.750)

Overall, 64 student-athletes owned semester grade points over 3.5 (21 percent, matching the previous all-time high), 145 over 3.0 (48%, also tying the record) and 232 over 2.5 (77%, an all-time high mark); 11 students scored perfect 4.0 semesters.  Cumulatively speaking, 13 percent own GPA’s of 3.5 or higher, 39 percent of at least 3.0, with 76 percent at 2.5 or better.

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