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CU at Arizona Quotes

Courtesy: CUBuffs.com
Release: January 03, 2013
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University of Colorado Head Coach Tad Boyle

"First of all, I am very proud of our team, we had that game won in a lot of different ways. I just saw the replay that you guys just showed me and that just makes me sick to my stomach. But you know what, you have to look at what you can do better, and defensively at the end I thought we got a little soft. Second half they shot 60 percent from the field and we're one stop away from that game, we're one or two free throws away from that game. You have to look at the free throws, we shot 58 percent for the game; we got away with that earlier in the year at times but tonight we didn't get away with it, it cost us the game. And I'm not talking any one guy, I'm talking about as a team. So, you've got to look at what you can do better, and that is what we can do. I asked our guys to play hard, play smart, and to play together. I thought we played hard, I thought we played together, I thought at times we didn't play smart and those are the things we have to learn as a young team on the road in an environment like this. But I'm sick to my stomach because I think our team deserved to win that game, but we didn't, and we have to move on from it. We're not going to move on as 'oh we're going to forget about it and move on', we're going to remember this because you have to remember this feeling. If it doesn't hurt in the pit of your stomach and you're not a little bit pissed off then something is wrong with you."

On Taking Something Positive Away
"There are a lot of positives and our guys, their mental makeup, their toughness, their belief in themselves, playing together and playing hard, it was a thing of beauty. Again, I cannot fault our team for effort, I think our execution at times was really, really good. Games like this come down to one or two plays and you can look at it on offense, you can look it on defense but there are a lot of positive things to build on. This was an opportunity to be probably one of the best regular season wins in this programs history. To have it so close and to have it slip away really, really hurts. The challenge now is that we have to bounce back. We have challenged this team after every loss and they have risen to the challenge and there is no reason to think that they won't (continue to). But, as a coaching staff, you have to make sure that we are dialed in mentally and emotionally for Arizona State because when you go on the road you have to overcome a lot of things that are going to happen, whether it is the crowd, whether it is the whistle, or whatever. That was a hell of a game, and you have to credit Arizona, they never gave up, this is a tough team and they are No. 3 in the country for a reason. But, we had them beat and for letting it go I apologize to buff nation, I apologize to every fan we have and with this team you can believe in them because we are going to bounce back."

On Rebounding Margin 
"That is what hurt us, especially down the stretch. They got us 45-32 and its amazing with that, that we were in the game. You know at halftime we talked about it and they had six offensive rebounds and were leading the rebound margin 21-15 but the defensive rebounds were even. We didn't offensive rebound well enough and we gave them way too many second chances and you just can't do that against a good team. With that being said, we were right there at the end and played well enough to win and there are a lot of positives to build on this and we are going to do that. This is not going to end our season by any means, and if we would have won this game, we would have had the same challenges to move into Arizona State on Sunday just in a little different way."

On Individual's Performances
"Xavier [Johson] really responded and he has the physicality to play in this league and to be a dominant player in this league. I thought Sabatino Chen played like a senior and I can't say enough about his effort and Spencer [Dinwiddie] and Askia [Booker] and Josh Scott. Andre [Roberson] struggled at times but he got some big time rebounds for us. Every guy that played I feel like gave us something, even Jeremy Adams down the stretch made a bucket when they double teamed Josh. So, we have to build on the positives and you can't hang your head. But I don't want anyone to feel like we are happy with this, there are no moral victories, moral victories are for chumps and we all know that."  


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