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Colorado-California Quotes

Courtesy: CUBuffs.com
Release: January 06, 2013
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Colorado Head Coach Linda Lappe

“You have to give California a lot of credit. They made a lot of opportunities for themselves and they were downright tougher than us on the low block. We matched them in pretty much every statistical category except rebounding. Rebounding has been a strong point of ours so far this season, but they were really strong on the low post, took us out of position and were athletic enough to go up and grab the rebound. So, you have to give them a lot of credit for how they played and how they came in here. On the reverse side, I think we had a lot of good looks on the offensive end. They made tough shots and we didn’t always knock down those tough shots. Down the stretch, missing free throws and not boxing out turned out to be the difference in the game.”

On If Nerves Were A Factor Tonight
“I think maybe against Stanford. Tonight we weren’t nervous at all. We knew we had a great opportunity tonight with Cal. and that we could play right with them. We were playing our game more so tonight than against Stanford and we weren’t as uptight. We just missed a lot of shots. There was a point in the game where we missed two open three’s that could have changed the momentum of the game for us. Playing the best two teams early is definitely going to make us better. We were better tonight than we were against Stanford. Every single opportunity we have to play quality teams is going to help our team get better.”

On Being The Underdog In Upcoming Games
“You have to believe you can win, even against the best, and you have to go out and perform. We have to make sure that every time we have a chance, we take it because you’re probably not going to get a lot of those playing against good teams.”

On Design Of Final Play
“We were trying to get a back side screen for Lexy. Chucky was going to drive it hard at the rim and hopefully draw some defenders and then try to get a backside screen for Lexy in that left side corner. Obviously, we didn’t quite get that far; even if we had, it wouldn’t have been a great screen on that back side either. We were rushing a little bit too much.”

On The Defense
“I thought we were solid defensively for the second night in a row. Defense is a strong point for us. But, you finish your defense with a defensive rebound; your defense isn’t solid until you can do that. So, I was pretty disappointed with that aspect of our defense. We work on free throw box outs a lot, but we obviously need to work on it a little bit more. To me, that was the difference in the entire game.”

On The Offense
“I thought we had some decent shots. You have to make some tough shots against good teams. Cal made some tough shots tonight. Their players had the confidence to step up and make shots that weren’t open. In games like this you’re not going to have a whole lot of openings so you have to make your opportunities. I think, tonight especially, the thing we didn’t do was go up and get offensive rebounds. Scoring off of offensive rebounds has been a huge part of our offense. Unfortunately tonight we didn’t walk away with too many. We need to be stronger and when things aren’t necessarily going the way we expect or hope, we need to find ways to still win.”

On Poor Rebounding
“We were getting shoved down to the rim. They were lower, more physical and quicker than us off the line. A lot of times they were getting inside position before we had inside position and then they exploded up. I felt like our guards could have helped out a little more. But, not getting those rebounds, I think, was the difference in the game tonight.”

Colorado Players

Chucky Jeffery, Sr., G

On Missed Opportunities At The End Of The Game
“We had more opportunities than we can ever expect. We have to bear down and box out. We have to box out and get a rebound. They gave us opportunities to rebound and we have to get tougher.”

On Defense
“Defense is the most important part of the game, and I think that was the main reason why we were in the game. There were a couple of stretches where we weren’t scoring but they weren’t either and I think it was a good thing that we realized that we weren’t getting shots, but we had to do it on the defensive game because it could have gotten out of hand. We were getting stops and that is what it takes. Once our shots start to fall, we can kind of get back in a little bit.”

On What The Team Learned About Themselves Over The Weekend
“We are a good team, you know. I know that we can compete with these top-tier teams, and I think we can compete but we have to know the things that are going to get us beat like rebounding, we are going to have to get better at that. Like coach said, we can’t do every thing well except something, we have to do every thing well when we play a top-tier team in the country.”

On Brittany Wilson And Rachel Hargis
“When Brittany is given an assignment, you know she bears down and gets it done. We knew that [Layshia] Clarendon likes to drive middle a lot and so Brittany was taking that away and giving her the baseline because in most of her [video] clips, all of her shots were in the paint, in the middle and that’s where she is good at. We wanted to force her baseline to see if she could get shots going that way and Brittany did an outstanding job. As for Rachel, I think our post did a really good job on [Gennifer] Brandon and [Talia] Caldwell as well. We bought off a little bit of help, but they made it tougher than to get ducks than they usually get in other games. They made it tougher and they made them shoot through them instead of munching and giving them easier shots to the bucket.”

Arielle Roberson, Fr., F

On Conference Play
“I think a lot of things we will base well in conference will be great for running teams, especially Stanford was a great example. We needed to get lower, we needed to get stronger.  We need to learn how to push back against bigger and stronger post players. I think that is what happened on the rebounds off the free throws. Down on the post was definitely a battle because they are a little bigger than us, but I think when it comes down to it, we have to put in a lot of effort and we have to find a way.”

On What The Team Learned About Themselves Over The Weekend
“We have definitely been harping a lot about boxing out and I think with Utah coming, they will kind of do the exact same thing with [Michelle] Plouffe and [Taryn] Wicijowski. So I definitely think that we have to work on that, but our confidence isn’t knocked. I think these great games are great tests and eye-openers for the rest of conference but we can only grow and learn from it. If we are hanging in there but we are not playing so great, I feel that when we are playing great against these teams, once again we can take them and we are very confident in that.”

On How Will The Team Bounce Back Mentally Before Utah
“If you want to be considered an elite program, you are going to have to learn how to do that. We just have to regroup tomorrow in practice and take our focus off these last two games and to go into Utah with at least getting a win from the first three stretch. I think with focusing on ourselves and not the past and focusing on the future, that is how we will do it.”

On Being Up Against Big Players Against Utah
“I know my teammates are doing a good job of penetrating and a lot of my defense to bite if I’m out of the link. I can do a lot more than posting so I think tonight people can see that I can shoot the ‘3’ if I need to do that than just being inside or if I need to drive. But as far as being down on the post, I think I just need to take my time a little bit more and see because I am getting double teamed, so I’ll have to see my open players a lot more. I think when guards start hitting their shots it will open a lot in the middle and post too. That is how we will all get it done.”

On Scoring Struggles
“The balls were definitely not falling in, and I think they were kind of rushing us a little bit, I don’t think we were focused on making a shot more so than we were getting fouled. So I think that has to change in Utah.”


California Head Coach Lindsay Gottlieb

“We anticipated this mountain trip would be really tough. Colorado’s an excellent team – legitimate top 20 team, very, very talented, and we knew it was going to be a battle. Obviously we’d like to score more than 52 or whatever it was, but a win is a win. I’m really proud of my team’s grit. Charmin, my associate coach, said in there, there were some championship plays there. It’s not the pretty ones that win you a championship. It’s when you take a charge and have to grind it out. We’ll get back to work and make sure that we’re able to score a little bit more than we were today.”

On Brittany Boyd’s injury
“It was a knee-to-knee. You know, Brittany goes in hard, and it was knee-to-knee, which obviously wasn’t good. We didn’t want anything twisting. She bounced back and just played through it.”

On Layshia Clarendon
“Well the first thing is, we really give Layshia the toughest defensive assignment all the time, and she’s guarding Chucky Jeffery, who’s you know, a terrific player. We expect Layshia to do everything for us, so her defense throughout the game I thought was tremendous. But I didn’t see exactly what happened, but we know going down the stretch that we either want the ball in Layshia’s hands on offense or we believe in her to get a defensive stop.”

On last minute defensive stop against Chucky Jeffery
“I mean there were so many small plays like that because it was such a close game, but yeah, obviously in a one-possession game, that was huge. It’s two great players going at it, and we’re lucky that we have Layshia. She’s just a really great leader and all-around complete kid on the offensive and defensive end.”

On missed free throws
”I said to them in there, and again, I credit Colorado for being really excellent team, but there were a lot of opportunities for us to push the lead in a lot of ways. We know that for us, we’re a physical team. We’re going to get to the line a lot. We’ve got to knock them down. But fortunately, we were able to get away with the win regardless of that.”

On Rocky Mountain road trip
“It is substantial, that’s all I can say. You know, last year, the first time these teams were in the Pac-12, and we left, I said to the assistants, ‘You know, I don’t think that any other teams, other than Cal and Stanford, will win all four because of how good they are and because of the difficulty of the road trip.’ And both teams are really better, so we’re very excited to get these two wins. It wasn’t easy. I think it made us better, stronger, tougher. We’re happy to go away with two. We’ve got some pretty games next week too, looking ahead a bit.” 




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