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CU-ASU Quotes

Courtesy: CUBuffs.com
Release: January 06, 2013
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Colorado Head Coach Tad Boyle

"Well, it's not how we prepared or came out of the blocks, we were ready to go tonight. What our guys need to understand is that it is a forty-minute game. I thought we might have learned that against Arizona when we played them pretty good for about 37-38 minutes, but tonight it was just 11. Our offense left us in the second half, we couldn't make a shot, they punched everything away at the rim, and we couldn't make a jump shot; we were 2-for-19 from three-point range. What that does is puts a lot of pressure on your defense and we're not good enough right now. We're not good enough defensively, we're not good enough at rebounding, were just not. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves when we can't score. But, this is a disappointing loss because this is a team we could have won against but we didn't, so we need to figure some things out."

On Facing ASU C Jordan Bachynski
"We have to take it to him, we need to challenge him at the rim, and when he is at the rim we got to finish. Now, if we can't finish at the rim against him, we need to get the ball moving to make the extra pass. That's what I thought Arizona State did better than we did tonight is when they drove and our big man came to help they made the extra pass and when we drove we sometimes forced it. But, we work on it in practice and you have to be able to score over those guys. We panicked in the second half I thought, and 'Ski [Booker] had a couple possessions where he just tried to go too fast and do it all at once; and he and Spencer [Dinwiddie] are very confident players but sometimes we need to work it a little bit more. But I thought our frustrations on offense bled over to the defensive end, and that is what we can't have happen, that is what young teams do and veteran teams don't do. When I told our guys, we scored 56 points tonight in 40 minutes and Utah came in here on Thursday and held these guys to 55 points in 45 minutes, so if we guard, we win this game 56-55, but we didn't." 

On Scoring Droughts
"It's half the ball game. I don't know how long we were stuck 43 (points), but holy cow, it felt like forever and that was the one where we got good shots, we got it to the rim, but they punched it. They blocked Josh (Scott's) shot, they blocked Andre (Roberson's) shot, they blocked Xavier (Johnson's) shot, they blocked Spencer (Dinwiddie's) shot, I mean you just name it. We turned it over, we had offensive fouls, we've got to play with more poise on offense. But, with that being said, with 56 points you have to figure out a way to win on the road. When you shoot 26 percent in the second half you put a lot of pressure on your defense. We did that tonight and we're just not where we need to be. This was a frustrating loss because, again, we came out of the blocks up 17-4 feeling good about ourselves but we have to handle adversity better and that is where we are not good enough yet. It reminded me a little bit of Wyoming there in the second half."

On Trying To Form Comeback
"You have to take it one possession at a time. What happens, though, is we have good shots but we missed them and our guys get frustrated. Then, down at the other end, they are getting fouled, they are taking it to the rim, they're getting to the free throw line, they are being efficient offensively and we're not. Bachynski did change the game, there is no doubt about it, I mean at the rim he had nine blocks and he was the difference in this game tonight. And, I thought the epitome of this game tonight was when (ASU forward) Carrick Felix got three offensive rebounds on one possession and kept the ball alive. He just out-worked, out-hustled, and punked our guys. When that happens, you don't have a chance because you are not competing, and that possession we didn't. We have to get tougher, mentally and physically, the thing about league is nothing is going to be given to you. These guys maybe have a sense of entitlement, I don't know, they played like it tonight, so we have to figure that out."

University of Colorado Student-Athletes

Spencer Dinwiddie, Sophomore Guard

On Where The Game Went Wrong
"We stopped playing defense. As a group, we stopped playing defense and we stopped rebounding. [Bachynski] had a great game and their defense is predicated on following them to the big guy, so he gets a lot of blocks. He's a great player and I'm not taking anything away from him. It had nothing to do with [him] really. We shot bad from all over the floor, we shot poorly from the three-point line, I know I personally did."

On What's Preventing The Defense From Performing
"It's a pride factor. Our team, as of right now, doesn't buy in to defense. Our principles are defensive rebounding and we go through spells and droughts were we stop playing with our principles and you just can't do that. That's why you let a team back in to this. There was no excuse for that. I'm very disappointed because we feel like we definitely came out on this trip and played well enough in the first game and this game we gave it away."

Andre Roberson, Junior Forward

On Jordan Bachynski's Impact On The Game
"I definitely anticipated that [Bachynski] was going to give us trouble. It was either him or the refs, but I feel like we didn't get a fair shot. It wasn't necessarily him, but we didn't play well. We just played terrible in general."

On The Emotional Result Of The Game
"It was very disappointing. We planned to be 2-0 right now, and certainly that's not the case. We just have to get back to the gym and work hard every day at practice. I feel like we started off well and I feel like we let them back into the game, and things started going south. It got out of hand and execution was a big part of that, too." 


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