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Colorado-Utah Quotes

Courtesy: CUBuffs.com
Release: January 08, 2013
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Colorado Head Coach Linda Lappe

“I’m happy with the Pac-12 win; it’s nice to get that first one. I didn’t think our team came out of the gates very well. We were behind for a lot of the first half, but the group that was in towards the end of the first half gave us some momentum into the second half. In the second half we were finally able to get stops and were able to pull away a little bit. You have to give Utah credit though, they don’t beat themselves; you have to really work hard to beat Utah. They are steady, they know their system and they are well coached. So, I am happy for the win and I thought we had a couple of really great individual performances tonight, as well.”

On Chucky Jeffery
“Chucky came out a lot more aggressive tonight than she did against Stanford or Cal. I told her in those games she was being really tentative and was passing up a lot of shots and drives. We needed more from her this weekend and I felt like tonight she responded well. She had a great flow offensively and took time with her shot while still being aggressive. Everything was in rhythm for her tonight. She took what the defense gave her and didn’t try to force too much. Rebounding wise, she was back in the double digits, which is where she needs to be.”

On Jamee Swan’s Rebounding
“Jamee is strong, she is really athletic and she can jump. When she boxes out it is hard to get around her and she is really explosive in getting off her feet and getting the ball off the rim. She is kind of a mix of all of our post players put together. Tonight she kept us in the game for a lot of the first half and was our spark in both the first and second half. She set the tone defensively tonight and played like she was an upperclassman. I think it was a breakout game for her; that’s something we need from her every night. She has the capabilities of doing that and I think tonight was a great confidence builder for her. In order to get consistent playing time, she is somebody that has to continue to know the system, continue to defend and not be a liability on the defensive end. She is rarely a liability on the offensive end, but just understanding our defense and being in the right spot and continuing to play hard for every minute she is in there.”

On Chucky Jeffery’s Leadership
“We still need that leadership from her as far as scoring goes. We need other players to step up as well, we would like three or four players to get into double digits. We didn’t have that tonight, but we had a couple players who were pretty close. I thought Chucky did a fantastic job of knowing when we needed to score and she wanted to take the shot tonight. I didn’t feel like she always wanted to take the shot against Stanford and Cal, even though it was there sometimes, but tonight she really understood her role. Her role sometimes is to just take the bull by the horns and just go after it. She’s going to have to put us on her back at times, mostly because she has the capabilities of doing that. She doesn’t have to do it for a full 40 minutes every single game, but there are going to be times where we need scorers or rebounds and she is going to have to step up. She has been in a lot of games and a lot of scenarios and she understands the flow of the game and big possessions. Tonight, when we needed to score, I felt like she put us on her back and got into the lane. You also have to give her teammates credit. There were some great screens set for her, everybody was moving a lot more on the outside and were able to get her the ball.”

On Playing Utah Again Next
“It’s different that we play them again so soon, but it’s also good because we know what they are going to do and they know what we are going to do. It comes down to who is going to execute better in their system. I think there will be some changes by both teams, but for the most part we know each other’s game. That is what is so fun about conference play. You know each other, you have the scouting report and eventually it comes down to who is going to execute better in what they do.”

On Guarding Utah’s Michelle Plouffe
“We stayed with her closer the second half. She got off way too many three’s in the first half. When she gets those shots off, she is going to make them. In the second half she just didn’t get as many opportunities. We threw a lot of different players at her and I thought that helped us to stay fresh on her. She is a good player. Her, [Danielle] Rodriguez, and their posts are all nice players and ended up doing the majority of the scoring tonight.”

Colorado Players

Chucky Jeffery, Sr., G

On Being Down By 7
“We just weren’t ready to play. Especially coming out of the gates in the first half, we were lackadaisical and not aggressive. We had to realize we weren’t going to be able to walk on the floor and just beat Utah. We had to be smart, and we had to be aggressive.”

On Starting Slow In Both Halves
“In the second half, we did a pretty good job of coming out better by being ready to score and ready to play. I think they came out and were thinking the same thing because we did go up on that run so we just have to step up and get more stops.”

On Stepping Up To Score Points
“[After] the past two games, I watched film with coach and we just were watching clips and I was tentative and wasn’t looking to score. She just wanted me to be more aggressive. She told me that when I’m more aggressive I make smarter and better decisions to create and help my other teammates score as well. So I just came out and I was being as aggressive as I could be and every time I had an on-ball screen and things like that I just looked to score first.”

On Needing Critique From Coach
“I guess badly because I bounced back and it helps the team because if I’m not creating it, we kind of are just stagnant on offense. So I just listen to what my coaches are telling me and I try to utilize that on the floor.”

On First Pac 12 Win
“It was really important. We knew we couldn’t go on a longer slide, and we knew at some point that every team in the conference is going to have to face those two teams back to back, we just had to face ours early on. It was tough for us, but we regrouped again and we came out and we played hard, and we knew we had to get this win. Now we have to turn around and go back to Utah and try to get them there as well.

On The Cause Of The Slow Start
“I don’t know. We can say we’re ready and things like that, but we need to come out with energy and intensity and actually be focused, and dive into the game, and I don’t think that was the case. We weren’t ready defensively at all. The posts weren’t playing that well, and we kind of got on each other and composed each other and we got back into it.”

On The Upper Hand In Sunday’s Game
“I don’t necessarily think there’s going to be an upper hand because we played back to back, and we know them and they know us. Neither team is going to do anything differently. It’ll come down to who’s going to be smarter and who is going to execute.

On Improving For Sunday
“Playing the post better, and defending their key players [Iwalani] Rodrigues, [Chelsea] Bridgewater and [Michelle] Plouffe. We have to focus on them more because that’s where all of their points come from. We have to force the other players to score the ball, something that they’re not used to doing.”

On Jamee’s Role Tonight
“It was huge. We were having a tough time and got in a bit of early foul trouble. They called Jamee’s number and Jamee came in and she knew what she had to do. Her job is to rebound and get us good stops on defense and she came and did an outstanding job. She had an awesome game tonight.”

Jamee Swan, Fr., F

On Rebounding
“My role on the team is to run the floor and rebound and for me, I just felt like I needed to get my work done for my team because I didn’t want to go out and just do nothing. I wanted to be in there to do something to help my team further in the game.

On Proving Herself
“I just don’t look to be a personal player, I look at it for a big game for the team. We’re down two in the Pac 12, and we needed this one. We needed to all play together, so for me it was more for the team rather than personal gain.”

On Her Role In The Future
“I hope to play enough of a role that I make an impact, but not all about me. I like being able to cheer on the team and play at the same time. I’d like to play enough of a role, but not too big of a role.

Utah Head Coach Anthony Levrets

“I am really pleased with our effort. We played a really good team and obviously Chucky (Jeffery) made a ton of plays tonight to beat us. But I am pleased with my team’s effort and we’ll keep working and try to get ourselves ready to go on Sunday.”

On Utah’s Shooting
“(Colorado) plays a lot of pressure and puts a lot of pressure on the ball. When that happens, (we) start to get a little more tired and we (start to) miss jump shots. I think we’ve got to make sure we get the ball down inside more. We lost our point guard (Danielle Rodriguez) to a concussion tonight so not having her on the floor kind of shortened our rotation and got us a little more tired than we normally would be. But that’s something that we just can’t control.”

On Utah’s Defense
“We feel like we can defend. One of the things that hurt us though was Chucky (Jeffery). (She’s) a special player and there were a few times when she just had the ball in her hands the entire possession and made a play at the end of it. We are going to have to figure out a way to not let that happen the next time around.”

On Opening Pac-12 Play Against Three Ranked Teams
“Our kids aren’t into moral victories. We’re happy with effort, but at some point in time, you’ve got to put a ‘W’ in the column. We’re going to do everything we can to get ourselves out and ready on Sunday to give ourselves the best chance to win.”

On Plans to Get Ready to Play Colorado Again on Sunday
“My plan first of all is to give our kids some rest. (Having) three games in five days doesn’t seem like it’s in the best interest of the kids, but we’ll get back home and get rested. We’re in class right now, so (we will) get back to class and then practice on Friday and implement a game plan that we feel like will give us the best chance to win.”




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