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Colorado-Arizona State Quotes

Courtesy: CUBuffs.com
Release: January 18, 2013
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Colorado Head Coach Linda Lappe

“Very solid (second) half defensively for us; both halves we knew the game plan and executed the game plan and we didn’t deviate very much at all from it. We forced them to take a lot of outside shots, which was the plan coming in. It was a physical game, you have to give Arizona State’s defense a lot of credit, they made it really tough to score. In the second half, we did a much better job of playing the tempo that we wanted to play at and that helped us score a lot more in the second half.”

On Controlling The Tempo
“Well, we had three days to prepare, so knowing how Arizona State likes to score. They score a lot of baskets at the rim, they make a lot of layups at the rim, we wanted to make sure that we gave up less than 10 layups, and I think we only gave up a couple of wide open shot; it was a huge key to the game. And, even when they started hitting some outside shots, we stayed steady, we didn’t panic, and I thought that allowed us to pull away in the second half. I also thought we did a much better job defending [Arizona State’s Haley Videckis] in the second half, she hurt us a lot in the first half, and we barred down and knew where she was. Arielle [Roberson] got the assignment of guarding [Videckis] for the large part also Jen [Reese] guarded her, and our guards understood where she was at in the second half as well.”

On What Allowed Team To Stay Steady And Not Panic
“Well, just the understanding of what we were going to see. I’m going to give our practice guys a lot of credit because they gave us a great look from the defensive end, they pressured all over the floor and I felt like our players felt confident that we could score against the sort of pressure that Arizona State was going to play against us. We were stagnant in the first half, we left a lot of points out there, a lot of good shots and in the second half we made those good shots.”

On Defensive Effort
“We knew it was probably going to be a low scoring game. I think we have a pretty good defensive team and we knew that we had to not let them go off on us, and I thought for the most part we did a very nice job of that and the other thing we did well was we rebounded well, we boxed them out. They got a couple too many offensive rebounds but they are averaging 18 offensive rebounds in conference, so a huge focal point of ours was to limit their second shots. And, if you can do that against Arizona State you have a create a great task for them.”

On Arielle Roberson’s Rebounding
“It was good to see Arielle rebound, yeah. I mean she pursued the ball, like Chucky [Jeffery] pursued the ball, you know the post had a huge task of trying to box out their post and I felt like our post did a fantastic job of doing that and that allowed Chucky to go in there and get some defensive rebounds. So, yeah it was good to see everybody rebound the basketball, we pursued it and got a lot of 50/50 basketballs which we knew was going to be important.”

On What Has Created Home Court Advantage
“Well, I think just our mentality and understanding. We have a better team this year, and that always helps, better players make everything a lot easier, so our players have stepped up to the challenge and come to practice hard every day. We can play a lot of different line-ups and a lot of different players. I think last year we would get tired sometimes in the second half, which doesn’t happen this year because we have so many great players off the bench that can contribute minutes whether it is in the first half or the second half and that allows us to pull away in the second half a lot of times.”

Colorado Players

Chucky Jeffery, Sr., G  

On CU’s Second Half Defense – “They like to score at the rim and what they gave us that we didn’t recognize was number 42 (Haley Videckis) hitting outside shots so we just made adjustments at halftime. We just had to recognize where the shooters were and know when to go out and know when to short close out.”  

On The Teams Interior Defense—“That was the focus. We’ve been working on that all week and we know that’s where they like to score at, the rim, and they’re really good when they get touches at the rim so when it went in we tried to double and make them pass it back out and they took like 26 threes or something like that so I think that was huge for our team to make them shoot outside shots. We practice gap help because we know they like to drive so it was pretty hard for them to get it into the paint.”  

On Arizona State—“They’re a tough team and that’s what they do—they defend. I think we’re one of the top defensive teams in the Pac-12 right now so I think that’s a pretty good staple to have as a team, to be a good defensive team, it’s going to be hard for teams to score against us.”  

On The Teams Energy—“I think we had great energy, we got beat to a couple 50-50 balls but other than that I think we were doing a great job defensively it was just recognizing the shooters, who was shooting outside, who was posting up and different things like that. It was just recognition at that point.”  

On Their Ability To Finish—“We have to start fast and finish strong we say that before every game. We kept going and once you attack them they’ll get on their heels and that’s what happened, they got on their heels and we kept attacking the rim and got to the foul line.”    

Arielle Roberson, Fr., F  

On Playing In The Post- “It was like any other Pac-12 game, it was very physical down there and a lot of the people are always bigger than me anyway so it’s always a battle down there.”  

On The Teams Ability To Rebound- “I guess just being aggressive on the boards, we knew we had to go box out and get the rebounds and not just let them come to us. I think since our focus was on boxing out we did a really good job as a team of doing that and then that allowed for whoever was close to the ball to go get it.”  

Arizona State Head Coach Charli Turner Thorne

General – “You have to know how to rebound. We didn’t rebound the way we needed to rebound. We got outrebounded huge. We didn’t get our paint touches. We talked at half time that ‘we played terrible and we are up by 4’. We can’t rely on our perimeter shooting. We talked about what we needed to do. Then we proceeded to go out and not do that. That’s what they are reviewing back in the locker room. They are down on themselves and they are frustrated, but they literally went out and didn’t do the things they needed to do offensively. The last thing we wanted to do was to come down and make one or two passes and fire up a perimeter shot, yet we did that then we didn’t make them. Obviously if we would’ve made them we could’ve won. That was just the absolute opposite of what we wanted to do. We kind of just took turns doing it. We are just a young team trying to grow up and become tougher and more disciplined in terms of doing what you are supposed to do even when it is a little bit hard and people are trying to take things away. We knew that they might play us that way. We still knew we could attack them from the top and move them a little bit. We didn’t work hard enough to do that.”

On The Offensive Play – “We didn’t get that far in the offense. Jenae wasn’t cutting. She played tired and she didn’t get it done for us today. She knows it. Joy didn’t step up either. A lot of people didn’t but we have other players than our starters. Adrianne didn’t step up and take care of her team. We could’ve had the ball inside and had one on one from the top. I think Jenae and Joy would’ve finished out great. They couldn’t guard us that is why they were slumming. It’s a challenge to our guards. We took some bad shots and other things, but at the same time our point guards are good shooters. They needed to move the ball around and look for their pull up shot. I can’t tell you how many times we have had this conversation with this team. They are good offensive players and they want to be aggressive but they don’t understand the value of patience and moving the defense before they take shots outside the paint. We are just continuing to try and grow up.”




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