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Colorado-Arizona Quotes

Courtesy: CUBuffs.com
Release: January 20, 2013
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Colorado Head Coach Linda Lappe

“Obviously really happy about how that game turned out, I thought our players came in ready to play both offensively and defensively. Defense spurred our offense, it normally does that but I thought it did it a little bit more tonight. We made very few mental and physical errors in that game, and that was really fun to see. It is pretty rare that you have both of those things happen on the same night. Tonight everything was really clicking, it was a challenge that we gave to our players before the game to be consistent and I am really happy that they showed that tonight.”

On Brittany Shutting Down Davellyn Whyte
“I thought Brittany did a really good job on her tonight, staying down on her face. Davellyn Whyte is a very talented player she has some great offensive skills and I thought Brittany stepped up to the challenge. She wanted to guard her from the start but you have to credit our entire team tonight, Brittany did a great job on her tonight but we guarded inside out tonight. Arizona had very few easy points in the paint and outside you have to credit our entire team for that. I think Davellyn had their first nine points and shutting her down early was a huge part of it.”

On Great Offensive Possessions
“That was one thing we wanted to get better at; we left a lot of points out there for the past few games. I thought tonight we left very few points. I like how we shared the ball, twenty-one assists is really good. We just hit the open player and when you hit the open player and they step up and knock down open shots was just fun to watch.”

On The Bench
“I thought our bench did a great job tonight. We didn’t slow down at all, in fact we pushed the tempo, and we pushed the lead. It is important to get better when you come off the bench and we did that. I thought everybody who came off the bench did a great job and had great energy. There was no disruption of the flow and you really have to credit our players for that.”

On Having A Good Balance
“We have a lot of players who can score and you saw that tonight and I thought our passing was crisp and sharp, we handled the ball well, we attacked. In transition I thought is where we got a lot of our points, by attacking in transition we were able to keep Arizona on their heels, and that allowed us to set better screens and to attack the rim. It was definitely the best offensive game we have had in conference play.”

On Lexy Kresl
“Lexy knocking down open three’s early really helps our offense, it helps our post players, our other guards. She had her feet set, she had some great passes from her teammates who hit her right in her shooting pocket, and she was just ready to knock them down tonight.”

On Ashley Wilson
“Ashley is doing better, she is trying to get more into the swing of things. I thought she did a great job on the glass tonight rebounding and getting in there and fighting and just doing the things that Ashley is known for. I thought her defensive intensity and rebounding is something that she brings and she did those two things today.”

On Improvement From This Game
“Probably our early rebounding was something that I didn’t like how laxed we were with the ball, when we did pull down a rebound we weren’t putting our elbows up and they got some hands on it. But other than that I thought we were pretty solid on both sides of the ball.”

Colorado Players

Lexy Kresl, So., G
On Completeness of Game
“Yeah, it was definitely good overall, all around by every single player on offense and defense.  I don’t think there were many mistakes made on our part. It was awesome.”

On The Ease Of The Win
“You definitely don’t expect it in the Pac 12.  Every team is really good and Arizona is a good team.  We just came out ready to play and that is really all there was to it.”

On Second Half Play
“We were preparing for Cal and Stanford in the second half.”

On Playing Against Well Against An Arizona Team
“Yeah [it was fun] and especially just going back to ASU, we didn’t beat them at all last year so that was wonderful [to win today].  This year, we just pulled a little bit farther away from U of A when they were closer games last year.  It is definitely great to know you have made the right decision.”

On Coach Lappe Challenging The Team To Push Themselves Harder
“She was really happy with the way that we all played together because tonight it was definitely a team effort and not one person was trying to get their points or steals or anything.  It wasn’t about statistics, it was all about the win and trying to play together.”

On Player’s Getting Quality Minutes In The Middle Of Conference Play
“Yeah I think it was really good for our freshmen, especially.  We got Ky (Kyleesha Weston) a lot of point guard experience in that game where normally she plays the wing, so that was good in itself and Jamee (Swan) got to play some good defense.  And I mean not just freshmen, but everyone got a lot of good minutes.”

Arielle Roberson, Fr., F
On Taking Control Of The Game After The First Six Minutes
“Yeah, I think dialing in on defense and completing our assignments and following the game plan [helped us control the game].  I think that allowed us to stop there scoring and key in on the important players, such as Davellyn Whyte, and knowing what she wants to do and be able to shut that down. And then going on the offensive end and running our pace, like on fast breaks or steals or whatever it may have been, and just hitting shots.”

On Momentum When Up By That Many Points
“I think it kind of just carries for itself like when you are on a roll, you just continue to stay on that roll.  You have to continue to stay focused.  In the timeouts, coaches say stay focused and I think that helps.  Just knowing that it is not just for this game but for the rest of the conference, not just to stay in the present but look ahead to the future.”

Jamee Swan, Fr., F
On Performance Against Team Grew Up Watching
“A lot of my friends go to school there and they texted me saying that I wasn’t going to do very well so it was very nice to be able to know that I did my best.”

On Playing Hard From Start To Finish
“No I don’t think it was a surprise.  I think we expect ourselves to do the best that we can 100% of the time, so I think we expected.”

Arizona Head Coach Niya Butts

“There’s no better way to say it, they beat us in every category on the stat sheet. They played tougher and we weren’t physical. To be honest with you, I haven’t seen this team in quite some time. I was kind of surprised that we showed up today like this on the floor. We didn’t do anything that we game planned for. We didn’t battle.”

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