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CU-STAN Quotes

Courtesy: CUBuffs.com
Release: January 24, 2013
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Colorado Head Coach Tad Boyle

"The thing about coaching college basketball is sometimes after a win it is a sense of relief rather than joy. I was really proud of our players tonight, they really responded well to the challenge we gave them. When we talk about defense and rebounding and we do what we talk about and you look at the numbers on the stat sheet tonight, and you play together offensively and you have five guys in double figures, the result takes care of itself and there isn't really a lot to talk about. I think our players took a step forward tonight, understanding that and executing it." 

On This Game Being Revenge
"No not at all, what's sweet about it is I have a lot of respect for Stanford, Johnny Dawkins, and their players and so from that standpoint it is sweet. But relative to what happened last year, no, I'm just proud of our guys because Stanford is a good team and they have some good players. It is hard to win in this league and we are going to have a battle when we go back to Palo Alto and our players know that. It is just one game and our players know that, take it and move on, we have to turn our attention to Cal."

On Andre Roberson
"I thought Andre was a beast, and he came out from the get-go he had eleven rebounds at halftime. You could just tell when he is dialed in, and he plays with energy; and you see this on his offensive rebounding, which he started early and so I knew he was going for it. But he had seventeen defensive rebounds, the guy gets everything, it was incredible. He was dialed in, he played like the Andre we all know and love."

On What Prevents Andre From Being Dialed In Every Game
"I think it is maturity, sometimes his frustration on the offensive end leads over to the defensive or rebounding end. But the thing about Andre is that he is so talented he can be disinterested and still be a helluva player and rebounder, but he is not as effective as he was tonight. But when he is dialed in mentally and emotionally and that comes with maturity, and Andre expects more from himself, as long as he takes pride in that and brings the intensity, our players will continue to feed off of him.  Andre is one of the leaders on this team, when he plays like that the other players feed off of him, like they all did tonight."

On Askia Booker
"When I think of Askia Booker tonight I think of one thing; efficiency, he was very efficient offensively. When he makes simple plays and simple decisions and shoots it when he is open, he is a good player. I still want him to take a charge, he got zero charges tonight and I want him to take one, and that is something he can get better on. We didn't play a perfect game tonight but I think we took some great strides. Finally I thought the ball was moving well offensively, that was the challenge tonight and they made that happen."

On Play Of The Backcourt
"I thought we had great guard play tonight, when our guards (play well), we are very, very good. I had to give Askia [Booker] props at Washington State he had seven rebounds, he equaled Andre, he went up and got it."

On The Energy Xavier Johnson Brought
"Xavier was big time energy tonight; he had a couple dunks which got him going and our crowd going. His tip dunk at the end of the first half was incredible. I told Xavier, there is not one time in your career here at Colorado where I am going to ask you when the shot goes up to get back on defense for a fast break. I want you to do what you do, which is rebound the ball, when he gets those tip dunks, because when he does it consistently he is going to get more rebounds. He really helps us because he gives us an extra score and an extra guy that can shoot the three, put the ball on the floor and attack the rim, so not as much pressure is on the other guys. He frees things up for Andre because he creates help. I love that we got five guys in double figures tonight, that is a great balance."

On Team Leadership
"I thought they all did. One of the things we talked about which goes back to the Navy SEALS exercise we had in the fall; one of the things we put up on the board was one team, one heartbeat. When we play together, and we have multiple guys leading we are great. I wouldn't point out the one guy, it was a great team effort but I do think we fed off of Andre tonight."

On The Tempo
"We have been running on misses, and tonight we wanted to run on makes. Even whenthey scored we wanted to get the ball out quick, and try and jam it down their throat and keep them on the defensive side all night long. They are not as deep as they were last year, I thought midway through the second half they started to get tired and we designed it that way. We need to do that more when we are at home and we have the altitude, it doesn't mean we have to shoot quick, but let's sprint it up the floor, get them on their heels and make them work, and keep the pressure on them, and I thought we did a good job of that tonight."

University of Colorado Student-Athletes

Askia Booker, So., PG

On If Revenge Was On His Mind
"Without a doubt. These past three days Coach [Boyle] has really been emphasizing how badly they beat us last season, especially on the rebounding game. They outrebounded us 85-51, I think it was. So, we definitely kept that on our mind throughout the game."

On If They Thought They Would Be This Successful In The Rebounding Game
"I give credit to our big guys. Coach [Boyle] made us hit the weight room really hard these past couple of days. Xavier Johnson started tonight and made a big impact. Josh Scott was making some great post plays. I can't even really speak on Andre Roberson, I mean 20 rebounds is ridiculous. I think the inside players were really our weapons tonight."

On How Much Better The Team Is When Xavier Johnson Is Clicking
"I think we are great, especially on the defensive end. If he can guard his man and not give up easy layups, it will work on the offensive end for him. The thing with Xavier is you don't want him to get his head down after being scored on, because it really shows on offense. But, when he gets it going, it's great for the team."

On His Eight-Point Run In Second Half
"I was in foul trouble early in the second half. So, when Coach [Boyle] put me in the game he told me to make something happen and he ran a play for me to get things going. Coach just believes in me, and I thank him for that. Sometimes I get down on myself but it's a confidence booster when your coach tells you to make something happen."  

On If He Is Relied On To Make Things Happen 
"I hope so. Sometimes when we need a bucket I am the person that is called upon and I love those moments because that's when I can shine most. But, at the same time, my teammates have to execute the play; it's not just me, it's a team effort."

Andre Roberson, Jr., G

On If They Improved From Last Season
"I definitely feel like we had a lot to prove. Last year they gave us the business there (in Palo Alto) and here (in Boulder). Fortunately, we came out tonight and were able to put it on them, so I tip my hat off to the guys."

On Guarding Dwight Powell
"Coming in, we wanted to be aggressive with him and limit his touches. It wasn't just me that guarded him, I feel like I had help from Josh [Scott] and Xavier [Johnson], as well. We just had to dictate. Put him where we wanted him to go and not where he wanted to go. I feel like everyone, collectively, did a good job with guarding him."

On What He Is Most Happy About, Statistically
"The win. I don't really look at numbers after the game. What really matters to me and the team is the win. When we were on a slump, I told our team we were going to be on the rise again and I think you've seen that these past couple of nights. We started to play together as a team and we kept fighting. Hopefully we can keep it going."

On Xavier Johnson
"He is our X-factor. He came out and gave us a lot of energy, especially with those dunks. He really stepped up tonight."

Stanford Head Coach Johnny Dawkins

On Colorado's Quick Start
"We talked about that from the start. The first four minutes set the tone of the set. We had a great job of trying to respond. We were able to cut the lead to single digits in the second half. We had a couple of opportunities then and didn't finish. We need to make the plays and cut the lead a little more. Colorado did come out and play a terrific ball game."

On Getting In Foul Trouble
"You have to prepare for those kinds of situations. We have been in that kind of situation before and we've had to make some adjustments. Some guys have stepped up for us and gave us some energy off of the bench. Today we missed Josh (Huestis). He is a great rebounder for us and a great defender. Unfortunately he got caught in foul trouble. This is a beautiful game. You have to play without fouling. Pick up one. You have to be able to play without getting yourself in foul trouble."

On Colorado's Defense
"They did a good job. I thought they played with terrific energy and they moved well. They just defended well. I thought a tone was set from the beginning. Our response was in that second half run. We couldn't sustain it. They built a lot of momentum and it was tough."

On Andre Roberson's Performance
"My impressions of Roberson are pretty much the same every time. He is a great player. I thought he was outstanding tonight, especially on the boards. What can you say? When a young man gets 20 rebounds in a forty minute game-that takes effort and a lot of energy. It says a lot about that kid."


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