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Monday Morning Blog

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Release: October 01, 2007
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By Associated Press
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Baylor, Baylor, Baylor. 


Stay off of the mountain and out of the valley. Just keep coming and getting better.  Learn from yesterday and move on to tomorrow!


In the big, bad world where the bottom line is the bottom line, you have to stay focused on the process.  We all know that everyone wants a raise, a promotion, or more wins.  The way you get that is to transform yourself into a vehicle of excellence, of doing things right.  Quit trying to win and just be a winner.  A world that loves to point out what is wrong, incorrect, and faltering usually focuses on the product.  A successful organization or leader must be committed to the process of improvement.  Avoid having a parade when something goes well or a funeral if you hit some pot holes along the way.


I knew we would win on Saturday.  Why?  Our guys had a body of work that they could draw from.  Their experiences had given them what they needed to form the proper frame of mind.  All that was needed was for us to go out and sing our song and do our dance!  Dance we did.


I will despise myself later if I look back on my life and realize that I had the talent and the ability to do great things but could not find the courage to try.  I know what I can do, and I know how little I have done.  I have flittered away my opportunities like children at the seashore who fill their hands with sand and then let the grains fall through their open fists.  It is not too late for me.  I can still fill my hands.  I can still shape a future of success and happiness.  I am capable of great wonders.

                                                            Og Mandino from “The Choice”


It was a glorious fall afternoon at Folsom—a little bite to the air, leaves letting go of summer and bleeding into winter, a low sun, and plenty of emotion in the air.  Competing against the No. 3 ranked team in the country, you have to feel blessed to be part of that!


Hats off to the Rockies—AWESOME!  Clint Hurdle is a special person—“Blue Twisted Steel,” as Coach Mac would say.  His saying, “Just keep pumping the pump.”  Boy, have they.  Good things happen to good people and Clint and the Rockies deserve the success they have worked for!


Took my wife to Red Rocks on Thursday night to see ABBA.  Why?  Well, it was for her birthday.  Now, I love music, but I can say I’m not much of an ABBA guy, but my wife is.  You stay married for 25 years by making sacrifices for each other. My wife is a saint and she has made MANY sacrifices for me.  Dedicating some time with her and doing something SHE wanted to do TOGETHER was a reasonable sacrifice I needed to make.  Red Rocks was stunning, the concert was fun, and the time spent with her was priceless.  Remember?  Focus on the process, just get better, quit trying to win and just be a winner.  Life, marriage, or football—it’s all the same.


Took in my son Drew’s game Friday night. It was a tough final score, but he and his mates battled hard.  Again, being a father means carving out time with your children, even if you have big events of your own going on.  Being part of your kids’ lives is special—and necessary for both parties!


Hey, I am sure you want me to go on about the game, but it’s over—long over and we have to get ready for Baylor who took it to us last year.  No time to look back, there will be plenty of those stories other places.


My point?  Good things happen to good people, quit trying to win and just be a winner, focus on the process not the product, and as Coach Hurdle says, “Just keep pumping the pump.”


PEACE - Hawk


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