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Hawkins Press Conference Recap

Courtesy: Nick Bernal, Graduate Assistant SID
Release: October 30, 2007
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By CUBuffs.com

BOULDER University of Colorado head football coach Dan Hawkins held his weekly press luncheon Tuesday at the Dal Ward Athletic Center. He recapped last week’s game against Texas Tech and previewed Saturday’s showdown against the Missouri Tigers. The following are quotes from the session:




ON HIS WIFE MISTY BEING MIKED UP FOR SATURDAY’S GAME—“Well, one they talked to me and I said don’t talk to me, talk to her. That’s up to her, if she wants to do it. A lot of times she doesn’t like to do it. She is so saintly that she is never going to say anything bad, so she was at ease with that part of it. I guess you have to trust their discretion, but like I said she would never say anything bad so it is not a problem with her.”


ON CU’S PERFORMANCE AGAINST TEXAS TECH—“They did a nice job. Obviously, offensively we had pretty good production in the first half and it was alright in the third quarter, but with the turnovers we were getting in the fourth quarter you’d like to get some points out of that or get some more drives. We picked it up special teams-wise but again, early on we missed a field goal and didn’t punt it very far and at one point we kicked the ball out of bounds. So, overall we were OK, but we still have plenty of things to improve on.”


ON SATURDAY’S GAME RHYTHM—“I just thought there was some stalling, particularly in the fourth quarter; just with those turnovers I was just thinking ‘gosh, we could drive and get a touchdown here.’ Then again, they (Texas Tech) are one of those teams, that because of the nature of their offense, that you’re never able to relax. I mean there could be 20 seconds left in the game and you’re up by 21 and you’re thinking ‘Can they score three touchdowns in 20 seconds?’ You always have that going through your mind, and you’re never really at ease that way.”


ON MISSOURI’S PASS DEFENSE BEING RANKED LOW NATIONALLY—“To some degree it is because other teams are trying to stay in the game; they don’t give up a lot of big plays. It is more because teams are trying to get back in the game from a scoring end.”


ON PLAYING A HIGH SCORING OFFENSE—“It’s funny sometimes how games transpire and people used to always say the same thing when we’d play Hawai’i when I was up at Boise. We’d score 60-70 points and we’d end up being OKy that way, but these guys are pretty darn effective.”


ON MISSOURI QB CHASE DANIELS’ SCRAMBLING ABILITY—“It’s the same thing we kind of tried to do with Kansas, you have to mix it up, keep him off balance, keep him in the pocket and sometimes you have to spy the guy. You have to be able to account for him with everything you do, both with rush-lanes, blitzes and coverage packages.”


ON LB JORDON DIZON SPYING TEXAS TECH QB GRAHAM HARRELL—“It was part of the plan a little bit, but again he isn’t a big runner; he isn’t a post but that isn’t what he does. Clearly in some of those coverages and stuff, which are typical for most people, you’ll have a free defender who has his guy block or something and you basically become an extra guy either in coverage or watching the quarterback.”


ON POTENTIALLY SPYING CHASE DANIELS—“Again you just have to mix it up, you have to mix it up.”


ON MISSOURI WR JEREMY MACLIN—“He’s fast, he’s fast. Very talented, they’ll get the ball to him in different ways, a little different then Texas Tech does with (WR Michael) Crabtree, they’ll hand it to him and he’s good in the return game as well. He has speed.”


ON THE TEXAS TECH GAME BEING A POSITIVE STEP FOR THE OFFENSE—“Yeah, I think generally we have been pretty good coming out of the gates. It was great to get them stopped, and we’re always talking about starting fast and finishing strong and how critical that is. I would have loved to get a touchdown coming out of the half but we managed to get a field goal and that was certainly something. It’s interesting with our offense because again you have a lot of young guys out there, and every game and every series can be a little different in those ventures.”


ON BIG 12 TEAMS PLAYING MAN COVERAGE—“Everybody runs a certain amount of man free, that is the predominant man coverage that you’ll see. You’ll see a decent amount of two-deep man under in passing situations. Teams over the years have minimized the amount of zero that they run because of the threat of the big play and people blocking that up. But invariably you’ll see some man free and then you’ll see a lot of teams that may not necessarily be a two-deep man under team, but there will always be some of that in there.”


ON LETTING THE CORNERBACKS PLAY IN ISOLATION—“They (CBs Terrence Wheatley and Ben Burney) don’t get on an island that often because we’ll play somebody over the top. We play a lot of man under in that way. We’re probably unique from the standpoint in this conference that we don’t do a lot of fire zone stuff. We’re not a typical fire zone team; a typical fire zone team will do a lot of three deep, three under kind of a package and bring the other guys. That is where we would be unique.”


ON THE DEFENSE MAKING PLAYS—“You know it’s not just the defense, you look at the Kansas game we missed a field goal, we fumbled the ball, we threw a couple of picks, we dropped a couple third down conversions and somewhere in there you have to equalize that a little bit and make some plays. Clearly, we’ve been talking about trying to generate some turnovers defensively and I think we were able to do that. A lot of times that just comes from experience and confidence and getting out of your comfort zone a little bit and trying to anticipate some things. Again, you look at Florida State, you look at Kansas and you get a play here and it becomes a whole different scenario. No game is ever going to be perfect, but your margin of efficiency has to improve.”


ON OFFENSIVE EFFICIENY AGAINST TEXAS TECH—“Actually, our printer was broke so I haven’t seen all of those exact numbers yet. I would bet that it’ll be somewhere in the middle.”


ON QB CODY HAWKINS HAVING HIS FIRST GAME WITHOUT AN INTERCEPTION—“You know there is always going to be room for improvement, but when you don’t turn the ball over that is big.”


ON OG EDWIN HARRISON—“He is doing a great job in there, he really is. I think it is more his natural position being inside there (instead of at tackle).”


ON MISSOURI’S TIGHT ENDS—“Well they’re tough; last year [CB] Cha’pelle Brown was on them and they just kind of out-muscled him...it’s like rebounders. Those guys can run, it’s like the big receivers in our conference, even when you’re in great position a lot of times they are going to out-body you and get the ball.”


ON MISSOURI’S OFFENSE—“They are doing a great job with what they do, I mean they have full command of that thing. The way they do it, no huddle, the tempo of it, [QB] Chase [Daniel] knowing where to go with the ball, having guys who can catch it, who can run with it. They are very talented and you can tell they are very well versed about it. You just have to try to do the best job you can against it, get lined up and get in the right gap and communicating and proving your level of efficiency.”


ON MOTIVATING THE TEAM WITH A WIN MAKING THEM BOWL ELIGIBLE—“No. Nope, we are playing Missouri, we’re playing Missouri.”


ON OVERCOMING OUTSIDE ELEMENTS—“A lot of times you get too trapped in that, either you have success there or you don’t have success there. You just have to develop this mentality and philosophy that it’s not about the weather, the officiating, the crowd, the travel, the time of day or whatever it is, you just have to become this person who is able to do what you do. All the external elements don’t have a lot of barring on that and that takes a while, that takes a certain level of maturity and experience in that category. One of the things that happens is there is always so much outside influence that some of the less experienced, less mature minds will let those things creep in there. I think we’ve had experience doing those type of things and you just can’t get into those external elements that much, you just have to focus on doing what you need to do.”


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