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The newest addition to the Colorado mascot family is Ralphie V, who, like Ralphie IV, was donated to CU from a Ted Turner ranch. Ralphie V was born in October 2006 on the Vermejo Park Ranch in Northern New Mexico. She was named "Blackout" by CU Ralphie Handlers as she was the darkest calf in the herd. Ralphie program directors Ben Frei and Kevin Priola worked with Barney Coppedge, the Bison Manager at Vermejo Park Ranch, to bring Ralphie V to Colorado. They continue to supervise the housing and training of both Ralphie IV and Ralphie V.

Ralphie V, introduced to the public at "Ralphie’s Salute to a New Era" on November 17, 2007, weighing in at 450 lbs. She made her debut at the 2008 home opener, a 31-24 win over Eastern Washington on Sept. 6, 2008.