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Colorado-Wyoming Quotes

Courtesy: CUBuffs.com
Release: September 19, 2009
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Colorado Head Coach Dan Hawkins

On Colorado's Offense
"It's easy to stand outside of the arena and say you're not good enough and be negative. But when you're in the arena and you're scraping, it's little things that decide the game. Until you've gone through it a time or two and done some things and succeeded and failed, people don't get that it's the little things. We got gashed a couple times on the defense the last couple weeks. It wasn't massive things. It was little things, just like in life. I'm proud of Ron Collins and the defensive staff and our guys of defense for hanging in there. They did an awesome job."

On the Feeling of the Game
"I am pretty much the same every game. We left a lot of points out there today. We had a couple penalties and a turn-over and some missed throws. So, I would like to see us get on track a little more and be a little more efficient. Speedy (Rodney Stewart) came on and did some good things. We can continue to get better and I think we will."

On Rodney Stewart
"He's a guy that doesn't need a lot of rhythm. He can be stone cold on the sidelines and go in there and get in there and play well. He is so dog-on powerful. He breaks tackles and he's a lot stronger than a guy his size ought to be."

On Media Speculation
"There was no speculation from my boss. There was no speculation from the big hitters. All that speculation came from [the media]. I love these guys and I've said that many times before. When you have kids you love them up. And you hang in there. When you're a true parent of teacher you hang in there and keep believing in them and keep working on things. And eventually it turns around."

On the Running Back Position
"We have some talent and depth at running back. He (Stewart) had a great game today. Darrell (Scott) was a little bit dinged up today. All of the guys that we have at that position are talented. I think when both of those guys (Rodney Stewart and Darrell Scott) are healthy we are going to be really good at that position."

On the Bye Week
"Our schedule is so whacky that you just deal with it. If you spend so much time thinking whether we're off, or it's a Thursday game, you are just going to drive yourself wacky. We have to get a lot of work done and get a lot better." 

On Fan Support
"I thought it was awesome to see 50,000 fans show up and fill the stands. For those people to show up and be supportive and enthusiastic, I thought that was awesome. The students were great and showed up early and we need that. This is a great place and we all need to hang together and go in the same direction. When you talk about feeling some loyalty, when you're 0-2, and you see that many people here to support you, that's big time." 

On Jon Major
"With the tempo of Wyoming's offense, we want to keep fresh legs to the best that you can. We all know that he's a great kid and a really great player. We are fortunate to have him on this team and think his knee is getting better and better. It's nice to see him get in there and run and hit."

 Wyoming Head Coach Dave Christensen

"We couldn't get anything going offensively in the first half. Our defense was playing pretty well, we had two big plays in the first half and we figured it was going to be hard on them. We played a well-coached football team. We had a lack of discipline, two personal fouls. I'll take responsibility."

"All losses are tough.  I know our football team's hurt right now. They're down.  We thought we'd come in here and have a chance to win this football game, and we didn't do it."

"I don't know if they're shocked, just disappointed we didn't play well.  But I thought they came back in the second half, and said all the right things at halftime.  We get the ball, and can't sustain a drive and put our defense back out there. We've got to do a better job on both sides and all areas including our kicking game. We've got to come up with answers offensively."  

"We analyze everything we do from the end of the last game until the start of this game. We'll look at that and see if there are things we need to do and get the kids prepared."

"I don't think this is the game that is going to show us how good we are. We didn't play very well today. I know one thing; we are going to be a better football team. We took a lot of steps forward, but we took a step back, unfortunately."

On Colorado's Defense
"They were playing man coverage. We figured that was going to happen. We tried to do something to get them out of it on every down and get some guys open and do something from that standpoint. You've got to execute, you've got to put plays together back-to-back. You've got to keep the offense on the field to give the defense a little rest.  We can create more turnovers if we can go out there fresh.

"We'll look at some things.  We've got to find a way to make these kids successful.  If something's being taken away we've got to find a way to get it back.  That's what our job is: providing them with answers, and do a better job with coaching obviously."

On Challenge of Season
"It's always a challenge.  We've struggled the past few weeks.  We'll have to look at the film.  We actually did some things better against Texas than we did against Colorado."

On Quarterbacks
"I'm not interested in switching off.  But nobody has really stepped up. We had three dropped balls and we're struggling when our receivers are dropping balls. We'll find a way to get some points."

"I thought he [Austin Carta-Samuels] does a great job from a leadership standpoint. He certainly does not come out and play like a true freshman. He made a few plays, he had to scramble a few times but he made some freshman errors too. You can't take a sack down inside the 10 yard line. You have to run the ball sometimes or you have to throw it away. I was pleased with the way he went out and competed. He put some footballs in the right spot in the first half."

"It's hard to tell right now, nothing was happening so we had to get something going offensively so that is why decided to go with him [Austin Cart-Samuels].

On Play of Defense
"I thought we did some things right. We had a couple of big plays although we had a lot of missed tackles. There were some mental errors; our players were out of position sometimes. We've got a lot of areas on this football team that we have to get better at."

On Red-Zone Offense
"That has happened to us a bunch this year. You get a turnover in the red zone and you can't convert that, it's going to be a long year. Our kids have to understand that too. We get that ball on a takeaway; we've got to put points up on the board. Our offense has got to find a way to put points on the board."

On Play of Special Teams
"There were some good things on our special teams. I think our punt team has played well. Our punt return team; we had some good returns. I am disappointed with a couple missed field goals. We'll look at the competition again. Our kicking game is not consistent enough."

On Injuries
"[Alex] Stover did not make the trip but he did practice all week. He tweaked his groin a little bit. On Thursday he ended up pulling it a little more so we didn't want to push him anymore at that point in time."

On Team's Confidence
"We've done some good things against Weber State. We moved the ball some on Texas. We did some things at times today; I don't think confidence is going to be a problem. We've got to continue to build the confidence on our offense. When you get shut-out you start wondering, but we'll stay the course, we'll get it fixed and we'll get it going offensively."

Wyoming Offensive Coordinator Marcus Arroyo

On Quarterbacks
"I just think we started out of rhythm and we couldn't catch a rhythm. We might have to deal with juggling quarterbacks, we'll have to go back and look at it but again it's just experience and getting in and starting fast."

On Colorado's Defense
"They played some man coverage, which we have to get better at around the perimeter to give us a chance. That loosened up their interior a little bit to put some pressure on us and with a young quarterback that's a smart thing to do."

"More than anything we have to do the little things, we can't kill ourselves. We have to be able to be more productive on first down so we don't get ourselves in third-and-long situations. It's about doing the little things and not killing ourselves with penalties. We had our first three personal fouls today. We lost our composure at times and we have to go back to the drawing board and back to work. We have a long way to go."

On Offensive Struggles
"I think we're all frustrated, if you're not frustrated you're in the wrong business. We're all competitive, that's why we're here. It is our job to get back to the drawing board and get these guys ready 

Colorado Players

ON THE DEFENSIVE GAME PLAN-"We made our game plan simple. We did the little things.  Guys were running around making plays, not worrying about making mistakes.  We were able to do a lot of things because guys were running around." 

ON PHYSICALITY OF DEFENSE-"I think we tried to set the tempo all week in practice.  We worked at attacking the gap and not letting them run on us.  I think we did a good job of that.  We still have a lot of areas that we need to improve on, but overall we did a good job."

ON THE SHUTOUT-"You never come in thinking you are going to shut out an offense like this. It's a blessing and we're glad that we did it."

ON GETTING SO MANY CARRIES-"You definitely get into a rhythm when you get the ball a lot.  You just have to think about the little things like holding the ball right, so you don't get stripped.  The coaches did a good job or reminding me to do that, so it worked out."

ON THE OFFENSIVE LINE-"They did unbelievably.  I'm proud of every one of them."

ON COMPETING FOR PLAYING TIME-"There's always competition; no matter what.   In college or the NFL, there is always someone out there who is trying to work harder that you are."

ON INJURY STATUS-"I'll be 100 percent by the next game."

ON NEGATIVE ATTENTION THIS WEEK-"There wasn't any negativity in the locker room.  I think all of our guys knew what we were capable of.  If you look at our strong points tonight, it was our running game and our defense.  Those are areas where we knew we were great.  Marcus is a great player and a great leader for an awesome defense. Unfortunately they didn't go out and play the way they wanted to the last couple of weeks, and we didn't do the things on offense that we wanted to.  We really emphasized this week playing with a lot of confidence and simplifying things a little bit and getting back to the things that we do well.  We came out with a lot of emotion, and I think that really showed on both sides of the ball." 

ON RODNEY STEWART-"Having a healthy 'Speedy' is really going to help your chances on offense. He brings energy, fun, playmaking ability, speed, explosion, swagger, and confidence to the field.  He is a great player for our offense, because he is a guy who plays football how you want to play it.  He's out there having fun, and he has a lot of confidence in himself.  He has given a lot of himself up for the team.  In the past couple of weeks, he hasn't gotten the carries that he wanted to, mostly because dinged up.  He is a tough guy though, and he wanted to play regardless.  Coming out and seeing him have some success today was great, because we have a lot of confidence in him.  He deserves to get those touches because he is a great player and he gives a lot to this football team."

ON MEDIA SKEPTICISM-"It's nice to know people care so much, but it's also nice to know that the guys around you care so much.  I thought there was a lot of confidence in the locker room in what we could do.  Just because we didn't perform the way we wanted to, there is no reason to slap a panic button and start freaking out.  College football is a long season, and we haven't even started conference play yet.  It's tough, because we do play a lot of great teams, but we're a great football team too. We just have to come out and play like it, and this week was huge for us because we got off to a fast start.  We were playing with a lot of emotion and confidence, and we got to show everyone what we were capable of."

ON PLAYING HIS FORMER TEAM-"It's the same as any other game.  I'm happy that we went out there and played up to our potential in all three phases of the game.  The offense went out and scored some points.  The defense kept them off the board, and special teams flew around and made a bunch of plays today.  We have been putting a lot of emphasis on effort and working hard on special teams.  Matt punted the heck out of the ball, and guys were down there making plays.  When that happens, teams are going to be successful and that's the most important thing."

ON MAKING HIS FIRST APPEARANCE-"It was definitely a big deal.  It was the first game for me, so it was definitely something I looking forward to and hoping for.  I'm very thankful and blessed for the opportunity."

ON HIS LATE HIT PENALTY-"I was freaking out.  I have to be smarter on things like that.  I definitely didn't want to hurt the team.  It gave them a first down and we couldn't get off the field."

ON THE WIN-"It was a big win.  We can only improve from here."

ON DEFENSE- "We simplified everything.  We came out there and played fast.  There were no complications and everyone knew what their job was.  With our guys out there playing fast, we made plays."

ON NOT GETTING TESTED-"Sometimes it's good, and sometimes it's just me doing my job.  Sometimes they try to catch me off guard."

ON WEST VIRGINIA-"We have to get mentally ready.  We have to try to get another win.  We have to go out there and play our game.  We are going to go out there with something to prove.  Our defense is going to step up."

GENERAL-"We came out with the same mentality today.  We just executed a little bit better this week.  We still have things to work on.  The penalties hurt us.  We have to clean those up and continue to run the football like we did today.  We have to be able to throw the ball too.  Once we start collaborating, things go pretty well. 

ON HIS TOUCHDOWN CATCH-"God gave me that one today.  I didn't know how that would play out.  I was just in the right place at the right time.  That's cool, but I'm really happy we got the win."

ON THE WIN-"We see it as a step forward.  We executed better today, and we have two weeks to prepare for West Virginia.  We have to treat it like we are playing them this weekend.  We have to focus, and hone in, and get ready.  We also need to get some rest and get our bodies healthy. 

ON DEFENSE-"Hats off to the defense.  Those guys played really well.  The defensive line and linebackers made plays.  B.J. Beatty and Marcus Burton were hitting people, and the defensive backs were jamming people.  Jimmy (Smith) and Jalil (Brown) were throwing guys out of bounds.  It was a great all around effort, and the defense carried us most of the way.  They shut them out, and Wyoming had a lot of trouble moving the ball.  They were playing physically and with passion. 

ON INTENSITY-"We definitely came out with a different intensity.  That's what happens when you're sick of losing.  Obviously, you never want to lose, and when you're 0-2, enough is enough.  We've been getting heat from outside people about Coach Hawk and his staff.  The truth is, we are doing the right things and the players are all in it together.  We have to see this as a step forward and build upon it."


Wyoming  Players

QB Austyn Carta-Samuels
GENERAL- "Today was a hard day, we weren't successful on offense. There are good things happening on offense, we're just a step away from being there. There are no excuses, but this is the first year in this system so we have to learn quickly."

ON QUARTERBACK COMPETITION - "I gave my best effort and hopefully the coaches liked what they saw. I know I'll work as hard as I can and you will never see a lack of effort from me."

ON THE OFFENSE - "These receivers and linemen have run the spread before. I didn't run the spread in high school. There has to be a quick learning curve and any extra time in the film room will pay off."

ON PENALTIES - "A problem I saw today was penalties, those were drastic. Coach Christensen preaches discipline. We don't turn the ball over much, but we need to fix penalties."

P/K Austin McCoy
ON MISSED FIELD GOALS - "Part of my job is to get momentum; if we can't convert into points then that's my fault."

WR David Leonard
ON THE OFFENSE - "It's frustrating as an offense if we don't score, especially if our defense is putting us in good situations. We have to come together as an offense and get it done. We have the athletes, talent, and coaching scheme to put it all together; we just need to get it done."

ON COLORADO'S DEFENSE - "They didn't show anything new, they just played well. We had to come back and match that, but couldn't do it."

ON WYOMING'S QUARTERBACKS - "Both quarterbacks have been doing a great job. I put it on the wide receivers, we have the capability to be great but need to step up."

DT John Fletcher
GENERAL - "We need to try to forget this and start preparing for UNLV."

ON COLORADO's OFFENSE - "They had big plays and we couldn't stop the run on their first series. We came out flat and they came out ready. We played better in the second half, but it takes two halves."

ON TWO STRAIGHT GAMES AGAINST THE BIG 12 - "It's good competition. We have to learn from all our mental mistakes. Especially big plays, we have to eliminate those."

C Russ Arnold
ON COLORADO'S DEFENSE - "They came out strong and played well. It was nothing unexpected, they just did it better."

ON THE OFFENSE - "We need to put points on the board and work on execution. All eleven of us need to work on executing."

ON THE QUARTERBACKS - "Whoever is in the game, we are behind 100 percent. Austyn (Carta-Samuels) played tough today."

CB Marcell Gipson
GENERAL - "We aren't frustrated. Things happen and you have bad games. We need to step up."

ON COLORADO'S OFFENSE - "The run was working for them and it set up the pass. We need to be more disciplined to stop that."

ON IF THE DEFENSE DID ENOUGH TO WIN - "Obviously not, because we lost. We could have pitched a shutout as well, but we didn't."

ON IMPROVING THE OFFENSE IN PRACTICE - "Most definitely, I will be in the receivers faces every day in practice and working as hard as I can to get them better."

ILB Brian Hendricks
GENERAL - "We really wanted to shut down the run, but you need to give it up them. They played well."

ON THE DEFENSE - "We need to start playing a full game instead of just a quarter here or a half there. We need to step it up. Third-and-longs, we need to correct and prevent those."


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