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Hawkins' Monday Press Luncheon Transcript

Courtesy: Grace Brown, Student Assistant SID
Release: September 28, 2009
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By Associated Press
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BOULDER - University of Colorado head football coach Dan Hawkins held his weekly press luncheon Monday at the Dal Ward Athletic Center. He previewed Thursday night's showdown against the West Virginia Mountaineers.  The following are quotes from the session:

On Taking Advantage of Bye Week-"We did I am sure as much as the same with them.  The younger players have had a chance to get more reps and that's always good for them.  The guys who have been a little banged up have gotten a chance to heal up and I'm sure it's probably the same for them as well."

On Changes in the WV Team since Last Year-"They still have a ton of talent and a ton of speed. I don't know if they are hugely different than they were.   They are still ranked nationally and have a quarterback who can run and hurt you in that way as well."

On WV Quarterback Jarrett Brown-"He is little different than Pat and I think they are both very difficult in their own way that's for sure.  I think you have to run a little more with him throwing it down the field a little more. He can run and he's a big guy too, you have to really tackle him, you can't just arm tackle him he'll run you over.

"Speed.  He has great speed he is very hard and you saw that last year. You give him a little bit of crease and he is going to roll.  He is going to find it and hit it so you have to make sure you are gap sound and try to keep it in front of him if you can because if you don't the band will be playing and it won't be yours."

On Adjusting for Bye Week-"It's just the nature of our existence around here.  The way we do it is we just try to push everything back when you have that bye week it probably doesn't affect you as much because you have the ability to slide everything forward, for instance today is a Wednesday for us, you just have to try to adapt to it."

On Practice Schedule-"We did today because normally on Monday we don't have practice since they have classes and seminars and things during practice time, so we are going later tonight.

"The night game, the time wise is going to be very similar to our situation.  The time difference I think effects you guys and us more than them because they are used to getting rolled in at night."

On Improved Defensive Play-"We will see. Consistency over time will bear that out. Hopefully that continues but clearly last week that was a huge step in the right direction."

On Expectations for WV Play-"They definitely have juice at every spot. All of their guys can run. Last year was a close game and we were fortunate to win that game and hopefully we can do the same things this year."

On Reviewing Tape and Making Changes-"You just have to make sure you just keep adding with subtracting. Particularly in football, one of the most heavily coach dominated sports just because the schemes you're doing. There is always a possibility for excessive change.  It takes execution looking at your tape and looking at what we have mastered and what we have too much of."

On Possibility of a Healthy Running Back-"Yes I think so.   We will see how it bears out on Thursday but we feel like everyone is getting back to how they need to be."

On Growth in the Defensive Tackle Position-"Yeah they are, and I think scheme wise it has helped them as well. Clearly for those guys it has been a little trial by fire but I think they are coming around."

On the Dynamics of RB Darrel Scott and Rodney Stewart-"Demetrius [Sumler] is very effective and Brian Lockeridge does some nice things back there as well so when you get all those guys healthy it gives you a lot more things and you can create a little more flexibility there too."

On Brian Lockeridge-"We still keep moving him around he is playing wide out and running back at the same time-he can really run.  So we are trying to put him in a spot where he can use that but we also have to put  him in sometimes when he has to block and do that as well so we keep trying to mix that up. He is smart enough that he can handle those things , so we keep trying to move him around and get him in those spots where he can use those skills."

On Higher Confidence Level after Win Against Wyoming-"A little bit, but again we are just so pragmatic really on how we operate. They are great about Sundays; you sit in there and evaluate what happened and you work on getting better and you come back out on a Tuesday and you start all over.  They are pretty good about that.

"Yeah it makes you feel a little bit better.  It's funny though I always move in the other direction I always sort of hedge the other direction. The better it gets the worst I am, the worst it gets the better I am."

On What needs to Improve-"Everything- system details, flexibility, adapting,...all of that."

On steeper learning curve for WR Position-"Offensive lineman and quarterback probably a little bit harder in terms of that but there can be some flexibility. It's not just lining up in a spot and running a route because there can be changes from that and there can be changes off what kind of look you are getting from the defense.  When you're really starting to get into the details of a route that's what it comes down to. And whether the quarterback tie his feet in the route and throw on time knowing you are going to be somewhere based on that and that's when a ball that is two feet off come in to play so the level of specificity can be pretty high."

On LB Jon Major-"He is really coming around, he is a really smart guy he can run and he is not afraid to hit and I have been really happy with his attitude the whole time I think he has stayed really positive when he hurt his knee that year and early this year when he knew he was not 100%  I think he has continued to battle and keep working and try to gain improvement each day and not worry what happened before. He is a talented player."

On Playing at West Virginia-"Before we go to a place we talk about a lot of teams about what the road is like, what the locker room is like, and what the getting back and forth form half time is like.  It's one of those great places in college football that you want to go to.  The fans are very passionate and they get after it there, and it will be a night game with a lot of excitement and they will be chomping at the bit to get back on schedule.  It will be a lot of fun."

On West Virginia's 3-3-5 Defense-"Yeah but again that can be a little misleading because they can have other guys with their hands on the ground so they will do all versions of all of that.  Very seldom do you see a team these days that are straight even or odd. Everyone is playing some version of that."

On Boise State vs. Cal Davis-"That's a hard one.  Tear at my heart strings there. I'll root for a tie I guess. 

We are kind of coming from the same tree-the more people say that you are that great, the more you tend to temper that way and the more they get the other way you tend to temper that.  That's other peoples' opinion sand that has nothing to do with the season.  No other teams care about it.  It's great for their programs but as we saw last weekend all that could change in a hurry so you just have to take care of business at hand."

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