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Hawkins Press Luncheon Quotes

Courtesy: Greg Sorensen, Student Assistant SID
Release: October 13, 2009
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By Associated Press
BOULDER - University of Colorado head football coach Dan Hawkins held his weekly press luncheon Tuesday at the Dal Ward Athletic Center. He talked about last week's game against the Texas Longhorns and previewed Saturday night's showdown against the Kansas Jayhawks.  The following are quotes from the session:

Coach Hawkins

General Comments
"I'm really proud of our guys. I think the last two weeks going on the road in two pretty hostile places I think we're getting better, but unfortunately it doesn't show on the scoreboard. I think really, in my mind, for the first time that I have been here, I think our guys were not deterred at all. I don't think they were not surprised when they were ahead, I don't think they were surprised when they were doing well and I don't think they were fazed when we had a big play go against us and just a whole lot of emotional maturity and how they handled the whole trip, the surroundings and the game, all that."

"I thought it was an extremely physical game. We did great; we held our own in there. Our defense played great against a very high powered offensive team, those guys continue to make great strides. I thought we did a great job on offense; unfortunately we had the one play that hurt us really bad and the two special teams plays. We just need to keep plugging, but I thought they did a great job."

On QB Cody Hawkins' New Role
"He's great, he's great about it. This is one instance where it's not good to be the coach's son. He made some great plays in the game and he got hit a bunch. Really on that play, it was a combination of things where I expect more of him in that situation, if that's Tyler [Hansen] I probably don't take him out, if it's Bernard [Jackson] I probably won't take him out, but when you're Cody I expect him to make that [play]. He's [Cody] still going to have a role and I think there is a very good chance you could see both of them, they will both be ready to go. Cody knows, he has handled this whole thing great, and so has Tyler for that matter. I think those two guys exemplify selflessness. They have always put the team before themselves."

On QB Tyler Hansen
"He's very competitive and again he's another coach's kid. I think he's a very tough guy. He's a baller, you guys saw him last year, he has a strong arm, he can run, he's a good player, he is. Tyler is the guy right now."

"Well he's just a lot more experienced. He's got a lot better handle on reads, protection and checking things. He is a lot further along now than he was a year ago."

On Possibility of Using Two Quarterbacks
"I think there is a chance that both those guys will play. It's funny, Michigan State is using two quarterbacks and they're starting to make a little run and seems to be working out okay for them and  I think a lot of it is both their guys handle it pretty good."

"There are positives to it, you have two guys ready, you can kind of go with the hot-hand theory. I do think sometimes for a guy to step away and look and see the game from another perspective gives him a better angle of the game. You lose to some degree the continuity thing, but like I said, I've done it before, and it probably causes me more stress than it does those guys. I had a big discussion with them and they looked at me like "Why are you wasting our time? We're good, let's just go!"

On Finishing Strong
"We definitely talk about that, getting on a role and getting hot. Certainly teams have done it before, can do it before. Again, you can't put the cart before the horse; you have to start at today's practice and build toward the game on Saturday. A lot of things can happen, I think anytime you can be undefeated at this point or not have a win at this point and either way you have to keep plugging away and keep getting better."

On Kansas QB Todd Reesing
"He's got a lot of talent around him, he's very talented himself, and he's a competitor. He can run, he's got a good arm, I mean all of the above. He's got some good tools to work with and a good scheme to work with as well. They have some got some experience behind what they do and he [Todd] is very comfortable with what they do."

"Sometimes you just need something to happen and a player emerges and your team can gain momentum. He [Reising] came in when they were struggling and I think he really helped spark their team."

On Getting The Colorado Receivers More Involved
"We're working on that, it's interesting, we are pulling together a ball of wax of young guys and trying to figure out where they can fit in, what they can and can't do, keeping them healthy and keeping them at practice. We're trying to cut the margin of error so these guys can get more consistency in their performance."

On Playing A Difficult Schedule
"I don't know if it gives us an advantage for this week. I know ticket sales have been going well; I want our fans to pack in, I want them to be loud, our students and fans have been great and we need them to show up. You look at our schedule and we have been on the road three of our five games and some tough travel there. I really want to make sure Folsom Field is really an advantage for us."

On The Upcoming Game against Kansas
"No they are not the same [as Texas], I think everyone tries to lump everybody's spread into the same category and they are dramatically different. There are much more multiple formations. I think they are probably more multiple than Texas in that aspect."

On Young Defensive Line Play against Texas
"It's interesting, I looked out there a couple times, and it was freshman, then sophomore, and the whole game they're battling. They were playing physically and again I think it's the confidence factor. I think coach [Romeo] Bandison has done a nice job and coach [Ron] Collins has done a nice job too of working them and getting them in situations where they know what to do, and be able to do what they do well. I am looking at some of the plays being made, and thinking yeah that's a good play by a freshman, and a good play from a sophomore."

On Tight Ends
"I think those guys have been playing well. I think [Riar] Geer dropped one against Toledo but by and large they have played well. We have had a few batted down by good coverage but I think they will continue to play hard."

On Defensive Resurgence
"Again, I think it's the young guys up-front. We all say that's where it starts, on both sides of the ball. The whole scheme starts up front and we only have two upper-classmen out there starting and the rest are young guys. You are seeing a number of our guys re-emerging a little bit, in all areas of our defense."

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