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Colorado-Missouri Quotes

Courtesy: CUBuffs.com
Release: October 31, 2009
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Colorado Head Coach Dan Hawkins

"I think that we just settled down. It was interesting how the momentum and the emotions were today. We had a little confidence and got a little rhythm in the second half that helped us get back into it. We got off to a little bit of a slow start in the first half and hard a hard time offensively getting going."

On This Week's Practice
"I think we had a great practice on Tuesday. They were ready. Their meetings were good and their prep was good. It's hard to tell with guys what they're mentality is going to be. We couldn't get any momentum going in the first half."

On Being In The Game
We were only two scores down for a long time. We had a couple drives stall on a fourth down and an interception. If we got one score we could have kicked it onsides and gotten the ball back and we would have had a chance to do something. I was really proud of their effort in the second half and the way they came back. We had opportunities to go seize the day, but we didn't go do that."

On QB Tyler Hansen
"It was a struggle out there for him today, but he made some plays. I told him afterwards to not beat himself up. Everyone walks into the valley of death, but he made some very good plays. But as I've said before there's eleven other guys and they have to do the right thing to give us an opportunity to be successful."

On Trying To Start Too Fast
A lot of it is a momentum thing and guys making more plays. We always start practice with a start-fast period. But again I think it is part of them growing up and learning."

On Missouri
They are a really good football team even though they were 0-3 (entering today in Big 12 play). They are very talented. If you look at them physically, they are really good. When they spread you out and you don't get things communicated, they are going to do some things. Other than the one long play today, we weren't as victimized by the big plays that we've had in the past against these guys. Any time you spread things out and have great people, they are going to do some things."

On Second-Half Adjustments
We cleaned a few things up, but it wasn't massive. Towards the end of the first half we were able to stop them so we went to some of that stuff in the second half."

On The Running Game
I think they are very good up front (defensively). They are big and physical and run and they have a good scheme. And when the game gets like it is we have a hard time slamming it in there. You can't take a lot of zero plays or two plays or three plays. We need to have a lot better plays than that."

On Offensive Line Changes
We haven't been doing that as much the last couple weeks so they have been together for a while so I don't think that's an excuse."

On The Season
You talk about your options every week and the tangible is that you have to win out to go to a bowl game. The intangible is that people always talk about sports building your character and I think that's part of it. Having some resolve and battling it out counts for something. Regardless of what's on the line, we need to show up and put our best foot forward and give it our best effort."

Missouri Head Coach Gary Pinkel

"We have three losses.  The psychology of trying to win again, there's a lot of things that lay on you.  We played a really good first half, third quarter they got back in it.  Certainly, it's a great win for us and I think our defense played the entire game with turnovers and big plays.  A couple turnovers we got gave us good field position.  Offensively, we were outstanding in the first half and third quarter we were struggling.  We have to fix that.  You can't be that good then have to shut them down in the fourth quarter. What I am going to do is get this game over with.

On Fake Field Goal
"That was huge, that was something I have been working on for Texas, but we were never in position.  We were figuring out who we were going to use in that tight end position.  We felt that Jacquies Smith would do a heck of a job.  Some of the staff said that this guy hasn't held on or seen the ball too much, but it was very well executed and it was big for us momentum wise.  We had a lot of big plays in there."

On Offensive Holding Call Around The Goal Line
"We have seen that a couple times down there-same thing in Nebraska and once again here.  They do what they do." 

On Play Of Defense
"We were playing pretty good defense.  We were not getting the sacks but we were pushing the pocket a lot.  We keep working at it and it popped today.  Field position with the turnovers changes (the game).  All of a sudden you have a short field for your offense.  The defense did a lot of things well and we were encouraged by that."

On Play Of Offense
"I thought we did a lot of good things.  When we were going well, we were pretty good.  When we get stuck, we can't get out of it and we have to fix that.  We have to fix it-players, coaches, everybody."

On Recent Games Against Colorado
"I just feel fortunate we won the football game.  They always talk here about their great pride and I feel very fortunate.  We have guys going through this three game stretch that try to stay positive and encouraging.  I can't tell you how good it feels to win again."

On Kenji Jackson's One-h\Handed Catch
"I just kind of shook my head.  I didn't really get a chance to see it because I didn't want to awe it, I wanted to stay focused. I heard it was a tremendous catch; he will be a great player."

On Play Of Danario Alexander
"Danario Alexander can change a game.  As long as he stays healthy he will be okay.  They doubled him a lot in the half, they were pretty smart.  They put a safety right on top of him.  We have got to go to some other people.  He can touch the football and change the game.  We have a guy, just like the last two years, who can do that."

On Play Of Blaine Gabbert
"Physically I thought he came out much better today than before.  Some of those times when he is running, I know he was healthy.  Talk about pressuring the defense, we're missing a little bit of that.  But I thought he did some good things, but he had that pick.  He tried to make two tight throws.  A quarterback has got to learn in those red zone opportunities, you've got to throw the ball away.  We'll get a field goal, or we'll go to the next down.  His accuracy looked better.  He'll get better at that.  He did a lot of good things, but he's got to learn that when we give him the ball that he's got to make the right choices.  He's very capable of doing it."

On Momentum
"It's funny with momentum; I just want to keep it.  I just thought we did a lot of good things.  Second half they tightened it up a little bit. It's amazing that momentum change; you can feel it man, especially on the road.  Grant [Ressel] making that field goal, that stops that game.  It makes it a three score game, and that was huge."

"When your back is against the wall and you don't know how to handle it, don't get here.  Don't get three losses in a row.  It was a tough week for everybody.  But you stay positive.  A lot of people stepped up and made some plays."

On Three Previous Losses
"I could give you every game (speech) following three losses.  This is my 19th year of files of talks that I give on Thursday.  I know every talk for every situation.  We as a staff, and the leadership on the team kind of draw on that.  It takes a lot of courage for the team, and positive attitudes and perseverance to get out of that."

On Defensive Adjustments
"I think it worked out pretty well.  We only had a week to practice.

Colorado Players

TB Rodney Stewart

GENERAL- "They made some good plays early. They got ahead. They made it hard to come back."

ON MISSOURI DEFENSE- "Their defensive line played great. We had some chances. We fumbled the ball a lot, and they took advantage of it. They stuck the holes. They had some good swim moves. They just played better than us today."

ON DIFFERENCE IN SECOND HALF- "In the second half we had a lot of opportunities, we just didn't take advantage of them. We had a couple good chances to score in the red zone, but we gave it up."

OT Ryan Miller

GENERAL- "We got behind early and it's hard to dig yourself out when that happens."

ON MISSOURI DEFENSE- "We knew they were going to run a lot of boundary and field, but we just didn't execute properly."

ON DIFFERENCE IN SECOND HALF- "We played as a team. We were all on the same page."

WLB Jeff Smart

GENERAL- "We started off too slow. We didn't play very well in the first half. We came out in the second half and played up to our potential, with some heart and passion, and we played well"

ON MISSOURI OFFENSE- "They just made plays; they're a good team over there. They made plays and we didn't."

LB Josh Hartigan

GENERAL- "We didn't come out very strong in the beginning. We need to get better everyday, getting stronger on all sides of the ball. We came out firing in the second half. We came out on both sides, hitting them. We need to start doing that all game. It's rough that we didn't get this win.  We really needed and wanted it. We need to come out and get ready for next week."

ON RECENT POSITION CHANGE- "I'm loving it. I love that I'm getting a chance to help my team, help my team do some things on defense."

ON REASON FOR SLOW START- "It's just one of those things. We have a young team. We practice coming out fast, but we just can't seem to find what it takes to come out fast."

ON OVERALL PERFORMACE- "We just need to get everyone to do their job, get in our right gaps, and get in where we are supposed to be to make these tackles. We have to make a lot more plays. They just came out better then us today."

QB Tyler Hansen

GENERAL- "We could've played a lot better, those four turnovers killed us. We came out slow in the first half, played a lot better in the second half. You can't play poor in the first half and win."

ON GAMEPLAY- "They weren't doing anything different, we weren't doing anything different. I think we just came out too relaxed and we didn't have that fire in the first half. In the second half, we wanted it more."

ON MISSOURI - "They were definitely bringing the heat and they were doing some things on defense that worked for them. But we've got to clean that up."

ON TEAM - "As an offense, you have to go out there and make plays from the first snap of the game and not wait for someone else to make something happen just to fuel you with energy."

ON THE 4TH AND 1 STOP - "That was huge. That killed us. We got to take that personal."

WR Scotty McKnight

GENERAL - "People are waiting for other people to make plays."

GENERAL - "The clock worked against us because we didn't do our job in the second half."

CB Benjamin Burney

GENERAL - "Now our backs are against the wall. That's what happens when you put a buffalo against the wall, its got to charge out."

ON TEAM - "We are a trapped animal and we have to get out. If we play to our full potential, we can win games."

LB Marcus Burton

ON TEAM - "We're practicing great, and that's what makes this so frustrating. It doesn't feel like guys are losing focus but in the game we need to make plays and we need to do a better job of just focusing in general."

GENERAL - "We need to get clicking on the same cylinder, and that's just not happening right now."

Missouri  Players

WR Jerrell Jackson

ON HIS ONE-HANDED CATCH- "All I had was just a simple drag route, had the defender on my back.  Blaine [Gabbert] could have just led me in and it would have been an easy catch.  I guess it probably slipped out of his hand and it went real far behind me.  I had to go in my Jerry Rice box and just stick one hand out there and bring it in.  I didn't see the replay I didn't realize that it was behind the defenders head too."

WR Forrest Shock

ON THE FAKE FIELD GOAL- "When they called the fake we had practiced it a couple of times over the past weeks so we were prepared and just went and got it off quick so they didn't catch on."

ON MIND SET FOR THE FAKE- "Nervous? Not really.  I was kind of looking forward to it.  Jacquies [Smith] made a great run that's for sure."

RB Derrick Washington

ON FIRST HALF EFFICENCY- "I think we came out motivated.  We had lost three in a row and a lot of our guys were like it's time to get a victory.  Everybody came together.  We said we wanted to sing the fight song at the end of the game."

ON THE RUNNING GAME- "We've been saying all year that once we get it going it's going to get so many more things up for Blaine [Gabbert] and our pass game.  We ran the ball extremely well all the backs did and we contribute that to the O-line."

ON THEIR FAST START- "We were clicking on all cylinders in the first half.  We scored three touchdowns on the first four possessions and that's incredible.  When our offense can play like that it's going to be hard to lose that game."

DL Aldon Smith

ON SECOND HALF DEFENSE- "We are a team, and that is when the team actually came in.  Offense did their thing and when they froze the defense came and helped out everything."

ON SACKING THE QB- "We believe in ourselves and our coaches.  If they tell us the assignment and we get it right then we will get to the quarterback."

ON DEFENSIVE TOUGHNESS- "That was a big deal, like you said 'bend and not break.'  You can give some things up but you have to step up and make sure that you get everything under account."

WR Danario Alexander

ON OFFENSIVE OUTBURST- "We just executed.  We had a great practice this week and we came out and executed, everybody blocked.  Blaine [Gabbert] delivered the ball like he should."

ON COLORADO'S SECOND HALF- "They played with high intensity.  As an offense we had to step it up.  They came out and played good.  They didn't really do anything different to us."

ON CHA'PELLE BROWN- "He's a great athlete, pretty fast.  I wanted to take advantage of that [his height] when I saw it on film.  He was on me, I kind of got off his jam and it was wide open.  It was cover one actually so I just had to break his tackle and I got there."


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