BOULDER - University of Colorado head football coach Dan Hawkins held his weekly press luncheon Tuesday at the Dal Ward Athletic Center. He recapped last week's game against Texas A&M and previewed Saturday's showdown against the Iowa State Cyclones. The following are quotes from the session:

Coach Hawkins

Opening Statement

"Well, it was a great day Saturday, I'm proud of our guys; I think we showed tremendous resolve, did a great job of coming back and I thought our defense in particular had a great day. Those guys [Texas A&M], offensively are as potent as anybody in the Big 12 this year and we did a very nice job against them. It was one of the few times this year that we have won the turnover battle and we always talk about that and how it is a key thing but you win by one and it obviously comes down to a few things. We were good in the red-zone; [Aric] Goodman made both of his field goals, and in general we played pretty well. We were glad to see Markques Simas get going, we've always known he is a very talented and good player. It was great to see Tyler [Hansen] kind of mature for the first time since he's been here, he got in a groove and played with a little confidence and played like the game was really his, and so I thought that was really good. It was a spectacular day, weather was great, crowd was great and it was awesome to get Coach [Brian] Cabral a win on his 300th game here, which I think we are still all trying to grasp, that is quite a monument. We've long since flipped the gears and are getting ready for Iowa State and again, I've said this before, but just playing well on the road and being able to win a road game. They [Iowa State] have certainly played well this year and have earned their stripes. Our backs are still against the wall and they are trying to get bowl-eligible, and a lot of things are on the line for both football teams. Hopefully we take this win and get a little confidence but also with some understanding to clean some things up, working on turnovers, on penalties and continue to start fast. Like I said, I'm really proud of our team, Texas A&M is a good football team, they have good personnel and do a nice job with them so it was a nice win for us."

On Road Games

"We just have to bring more to the table, we really do. You have to have more concentration, more intensity, more enthusiasm, and more focus. When you go on the road there are too many things distracting you so you can't get caught up in the travel and the other stuff. There has to be a heightened sense of focus and energy.

"You just know you're going to have limitations in what you can do communication wise, a lot of it is just growing, gaining some experience and understanding emotionally and physically what it takes to win the football game."

On Leadership

"They definitely have to set an example, they really do. It's how you carry yourself and just make sure you have that right mentality when you're on the plane, in the hotel and when you're at the game. There is leadership in terms of making plays as well."

On Iowa State

"They are similar in nature, in terms of what they do offensively and a little bit defensively. They really play hard, they really do and the things they do give you problems on both sides of the ball."

On Iowa State Running Game

"Well they've got a great scheme, they have a quarterback that can run, they have a solid offensive line and their running backs are solid so all those things combined makes it tough on you. They can move the pile, they've got guys that can carry it and then when you have a quarterback that can run it adds another dimension to it. Both in scheme and talent and with the pieces they have put together there, they can stick with it and keep getting after it."

On Iowa State Pass Rush

"They're good; they are a zone-blitz team like a lot of the other teams we see. They are primarily a four-down group but will play odd, but they will pressure you, they've got some guys that can come off the edge."

On Establishing Consistency

"You know, you always want to take confidence from it [wins against KU and Texas A&M] but I think there should also be a heightened sense of 'look at what we are capable of, lets push it a little further,' and I think that's the main thing."

On QB Tyler Hansen

"I think just the way he handled everything and reacted to everything...I just thought he was much more in the flow of it. He'll tell you he's not perfect, he made his fair share of mistakes, but just the way he handled it the whole thing was a different feel than we have had in the past."

On Protecting the Quarterback

"We just have to keep emphasizing and keep working on it and again part of that is physical, part of it is mental, part of it is communication, it is something we are well aware of and also getting Tyler tied into that as well and getting all those guys on the same page.

"It's a problem when you give up as many sacks as we have in the past two weeks, that's a problem. But it can be a combination of many things, it can be a vision thing, a communication thing, a physical thing, it can be a combination of all those things so we just have to continue to work on all of that and clean it up."

On PK Aric Goodman

"He's always been a tough nut and I think given what he has gone through and everyone doubting him, for him to continue to hang in there and stay with it and for the team and the staff just stay positive. Keep working, keep working through it, but clearly, the Kansas game and the A&M game if we don't get one of those kicks we don't win the game, so he's been big."

On Kickoff Returns

"A lot of it is every team kicks a little bit differently and what you can do and can't do. I think we're finding that unlike old-school football, every team has a little different strategy so sometimes your returner has to have a little bit of different strategy. It's not where they will punt the ball or kick the ball down the middle of the field and put your best guy back there that can catch it and run with, everybody has a different strategy to what they want to do, so sometimes we have to adjust our strategy as well."

On WR Markques Simas

"I thought it was great, what he is capable of, but we also talk about things that happen in the game that he can do and do better. That's just kind of the approach we take with him, but it was great for him to break-out a little bit. Again, it's just like beating Kansas or A&M, you have the confidence you can do that but you have to go back and make sure you have the resolve to replicate that performance. Having a game like that is not a guarantee that it's going to happen, but he can guarantee if his resolve is strong."

On Running Back Pass Protection

"They are just as important as anybody, as well as the tight end. They have to do a good job there, sometimes they miss an assignment, and sometimes an offensive lineman misses an assignment, so they are a part of the full package, they have to be able to see it and get it done."