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Colorado-California Quotes

Courtesy: CUBuffs.com
Release: September 11, 2010
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Colorado Head Coach Dan Hawkins

"We got off to a bad start, and it got worse from there."

On dealing with Cal's strong start:
"We were trying to get our guys calmed down and into a little bit of a rhythm and get some things going a little bit."

On the team's mood at halftime:
"I think they were good. We kind of regrouped and got a few things together. We just tried to look at the second half as a game in of itself and try to get a little bit of flow going."

On playing on the road:
"I don't know so much it was necessarily the road. I think it was just us and the way Cal played. I don't think [we] were intimidated or any of that type of thing."

On CU's defense:
"[I thought we did] OK. It's hard to walk around away from that kind of score. I thought they did a good job. We just couldn't back them up on the other side. After awhile, that gets to you. You give them 14 points when they're not even on the field."

On Cal's separation of the defensive backs:
"Yeah, we were having a hard time in the protection area."

California Head Coach Jeff Tedford

"The defense played excellent. Down within the 5-yard line they were very stubborn and knocked them back. I thought we did a very good job. I wasn't too fired up about the two drives coming out after halftime; we had to keep the pedal to the metal there. But for the most part we played pass defense really well and we stopped the run. (The defense) played really hard, and you like to see that."

On Cal's Defense
"The defense was very stingy today. I thought in the first half Colorado had really poor field position. The defense did a really nice job not letting them out of there. I was concerned when we went for it on fourth down that we gave up the field position battle. That was critical coming into the game, but our defense got a turnover and took care of that."

On Cal QB Kevin Riley
"He is pretty sharp in practice. He missed one early that he should have had on a third down, and under threw the long ball. Besides that he is pretty sharp. He isn't making bad decisions or turning it over. It is hard to complete every single pass, but for the most part he is doing a nice job of decision making, running the team and being accurate throwing the ball."

On Cal's long plays
"We didn't even take any shots in the first half; everything was pretty controlled. There were a couple nice ones in the second half. The one to Marv (
Marvin Jones in the fourth quarter), with Kevin (Riley) keeping it alive and Marv keeping going (to the 2 yard line), that was a nice play. We weren't really trying to do anything that stretched them out in the first half. We were trying to keep it controlled and moving the chain."

On Colorado
"They were competitive; they are a good football team. I knew that on tape coming in. They are a good football team. They have a big offensive line; their defense is solid and it was competitive. The score just got away. Any time you pick off a pass for a touchdown - we did that twice today - (the score) looks a little lopsided."

On Cal's offensive line
"We missed some things; we let them get in the backfield a couple of times, but you have to look at where that occurred and why that occurred. They were solid for the most part; Kevin had pretty decent time to throw the ball."

On the impact of big defensive play
"It gets everybody fired up and into it. The way we practice now, we practice against each other all the time. So they see each other all week long. I do think they feed off each other."

On practicing against the first team
"I think because we practice with a lot of speed they play hard. In the first two games they played fast, they played hard. I don't know if that is the sole reason. I believe the way you practice carries into the game."

Colorado Players 

Tyler Hansen, QB
On California: -"Their D-line and linebackers are really good. They did some things defensively that confused out O-line a little bit, but we'll clean that up for next week."

"Cal's a lot faster and more athletic than Colorado State was. We knew that coming in, but their speed surprised us a little bit. We underestimated how fast they were. I think that was the biggest key."

On the game: -"We just didn't execute. It's disappointing. We had some good drives. We moved the ball well at times. In the redzone we shot ourselves in the foot. We had a few turnovers, some of those were on me. We just can't do that if we want to win."

"We know we're good, we just got to go out there and do it."

"We have more mature guys and older guys. We should have played better on the road but we didn't. There's easy stuff that we're just not doing."

On joining the Pac-10 and this game: -"The future of our program is playing in the Pac-10, and they're a Pac-10 team. It's disappointing to think about that, but we can't think about that now. We're still in the Big 12 and we still got our conference games left. We are optimistic about them."

Scotty McKnight, WR
On California's defense: -"Defensively, [we saw] a lot of what we expected and what we saw on film. I think they ran a little more cover three and brought a little more heat; zone blitzes and stuff like that. Nothing we weren't prepared for. We practiced against it. We just played terrible."

"There were a couple times I could have had some big plays, and I think that could go for every receiver. We felt like we had a mismatch at the wide receiver position and we couldn't get the ball out.... We didn't have time."

On Colorado's offense: -"I can control what I can control. I play wide receiver, I'm not going to act like I know everything about offensive line play or quarterback play. All I need to focus on is keep getting separation and keep getting open and as a receiver unit, that's what we need to work on. We need to do better on offense. We were killing our defense today. You might take a look up at the scoreboard and see we gave up so many points, but as an offense we killed them. Whether it's turning the ball over or not creating any field position for ourselves, we were killing those guys. We need to come together as an entire team and hit it on all cylinders or its going to look like that again. We have a ton of work to do."

On the game: -"This is the most embarrassing game of my life. I don't even know how to handle it. We did not show up to play today. We have the players. We have talented guys, but we just executed terribly today in all phases of the game. We didn't all show up today. We need to. Cal is a good football team. They've got some great players.... That doesn't say that we don't match up against them though. We have some great players as well. We beat ourselves most of the day. We didn't give them a chance to beat us. We continuously got penalties and turned the ball over. That's stuff we can control and we didn't. That's why the score looks like that."

California Players

Jarred Price, LB
On how the defense played: -"It was a whole team effort. The coaches preached all week about getting to the quarterback and bringing him down. They were hyping him up, saying he was a first-round draft pick, so I wanted to put him to the test to see if he was really worthy. Overall, we had a good day as a defense."

On the coaches stressing getting more pressure on the quarterback: -"When Coach P (Clancy Pendergast) came in, right off the bat, we knew it was going to be an aggressive-style defense. Coach Tedford wasn't the only one preaching to us to get to the quarterback, So that's been installed in every defensive player on the team to try to make him throw passes like he did today. Getting pressure on the quarterback helps a lot."

Mychal Kendricks, LB
On Cal's defensive game plan: -"I had total faith in it. We harped on getting to that quarterback and it ended up working. I think it was a good rotation. We had all of our linebackers going full tilt 100 percent. If one of us got winded, we would rotate."

On whether it was strong play by Cal's defense or poor execution by Colorado's offense: -"I wouldn't say they were out of sync. They're a good team. The penalties helped us out a little bit here and there, but, for the most part, they're a good team. We just played good defense."

Marvin Jones, WR
On the way the offense played: -"They were very physical in the first half. We didn't capitalize on all of our opportunities, but in the second quarter, we kind of felt it out and we started being successful."

On his touchdown reception: -"It was basically a play action. I just evaded the defenders going the other way, and Riley saw me early and hooked up with me."

Kevin Riley, QB
On the big plays in the second half: -"We only ran six plays in the third quarter, and that's putting a lot on the defense. I was telling people that game would have been a shutout if we would have sustained a drive in the third quarter and given our defense a rest. It was nice going out in the fourth quarter and getting some real drives together."

On his performance: -"It was average. I made some plays, did some bad things. The fourth quarter was better, but I just have to be a little more consistent throughout the game and keep drives rolling."


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