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Stefan Hughes

Throughout Stefan’s career at Colorado he has displayed the attributes of a top Division I skier.  In the weight room, Stefan continued to improve from his freshman year right up and through his Senior season.  Stefan not only showed the strength staff that he deserved this award because of the numbers he posted in the weight room, but also because of his exemplary leadership skills in other aspects of his life.

Allie McLaughlin

Allie had one of the best freshman seasons in CU Cross Country history in 2009. Incredible performances kept coming as she continually turned heads on her way to nationals, where she placed 5th overall. She surprised many, but not herself, nor the strength staff. McLaughlin is a very hard worker both on and off the track, and does everything she can to be as fit as possible. Examples of all-around fitness are her testing numbers from last season, with 71 push ups and 58 situps done each within a minute's time. She is undoubtedly the hardest female worker in the weight room and she continually surprises onlookers with her feats of strength and coordination. If you want to see what I'm talking about, just try a single leg hip-to-ankle med ball squat next time you are in your gym. Just make sure there's plenty of padding on the floor, and that you have good insurance. Allie you exemplify unwavering effort and we appreciate all your hard work.