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Colorado-Hawaii Quotes

Courtesy: CUBuffs.com
Release: September 18, 2010
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Colorado Head Coach Dan Hawkins

"It was good for these guys to get a little confidence and get a little wind underneath their wings. The ball came off of Toney Clemons and you know Scotty (McKnight) got it and you know why not, we haven't had a whole lot of luck. So it was good for them to get a little of that. It was a tough start we turned the ball over, we had some penalties, that kind of stuff. I thought our defense was absolutely stellar; once again they made some tremendous stops. They got a missed field goal, a stop on the goal line and a safety. It was fun to see their hard work rewarded and it reinforced the stuff that I have been talking about."

On Colorado's Offense
"I thought we established some offensive continuity, we missed some opportunities to be sure."

On team's play after halftime
"We did a good job in doing the no-huddle. We felt it was definitely a key to it. We just got a little tempo going. We talked about hard work and passion and you have to have a little of it to get going. But you also have to have results to keep feeding that. It is hard to just stay passionate and you are not getting a lot of results. I thought that is just what happened, we came out and set the tone early on. The offense got a lot of confidence and got back into the full of it, and our defense made some big plays and got us back into the game. Once we got a little mojo going we were rolling and I think that has been alittle bit of the key to us not being able to garnish some of it. It has been very hard for those guys, we talked about last week's game and how we just couldn't get any momentum going ever and it became tough, and on this day they definitely showed up, offensively in the second half and defensively the entire game."

On adversity the team faced
"Lord knows we have had our share of adversity, again to their credit they have never bagged in and they have never quit. They have never doubted and they keep coming back. Those of you guys that are around them on a day-to-day basis, I'm surprised people say 'hey you guys are so fired up, you guys are so positive,' and they are a good group of guys that way. They had their backs up against the wall a little bit and to have that put on them and to have them answer, that is not only season changing but also life changing and it affects a lot of things. I told them earlier in the week that it is interesting of the teams that I have been on before that it seems like there is one play that really just tips off the whole deal and gets it going. Fortunately we had a couple such as the safety on defense and Toney Clemons with Tyler (Hansen) scrambling around a little bit and obviously the bounced pass. Like I said, you kind of need some of those breakthrough moments and we got them."

On the Hawai'i QB
"That kid is not slow, that guy can roll. I thought our defense played extremely hard the whole game. They got a couple plays, but when you fling it around like them they are going to get some plays and we talked about that, not really getting hung up on 'alright they got a first down, they got you on a play, ok just keep coming back, you got to keep getting to the quarterback, you have to keep hitting the receivers when he throws one up at some point.' For him (the QB) not to quit, neither did Jalil (Brown), that was big we obviously kept them off the scoreboard."

On stopping the run
"That was real big, that takes a lot of pressure off of the back end so they don't have to, people get things done up front and they can just focus on covering more and not having to do extra things with the guys in the back."

On using the no-huddle offense in the future
"We'll see, it was obviously a good tempo change for us today. It was great for our offensive staff to get that going, we talked about it a little during the week that this might be the time for us to get it going. But yeah we practice that every day. Part of the reason why we have been huddling up a little bit and even this year we have some newer guys on the perimeter. It is just to get all eleven guys in the huddle and on the same page to hear the same play and that kind of thing. They did a good job."

On two players with 100 yards rushing
"Our O-line just dominated, our O-line was moving the line of scrimmage. I thought our offensive coordinator Eric Kiesau did a good job of being patient with it and staying in there and our O-line did a good job of answering. We were dominating the line of scrimmage."

On similarities of schemes today compared to when he was at Boise State
"They were a little bit different because the guy is in the pistol, he is not in the gun any more so that kind of changes the stuff that you will do on defense. We are not exactly the same on defense as we were then but they are going to redirect everything they do based on what they see and that is always the same. They are always going to convert every route and make it the correct route based on coverage that you run."

On running the no-huddle because of the altitude
"We kind of felt that a little bit, even in the first half that they were breathing and our guys wanted to get going and throw a rock under the gas pedal and get moving."

On why CU used so many short passes
"Just trying to get him (Hansen) into a rhythm and get comfortable back there. We are trying to regain his confidence so I thought it was a good idea."

On why Coach Hawkins had a nose injury
"We got a little hyped up before the game but I'm an old fullback so I'm used to playing with a broken nose. I told Miguel to keep an eye on me but I was ready."

On if a game like this can erase the criticism from the previous week
"No, got to keep moving forward."

On Brian Lockridge
"Speedy is a good back but so is Brian. I thought Justin Torres came in and did a good job but Brian is fast and he is a guy that can get it up into the seam. He is not afraid to pour it up inside so it is great to see him get some opportunities. We are going to need all of those guys as the season goes on because it wears on you too much."

On how Lockridge runs downhill
"That is his deal, he kind of just bends over and smokes it. He is not afraid to pour it up in there. That is what makes him a good kick returner too, he is not afraid, he will just pour it through the smoke."

On if getting Paul Richardson more involved was part of the plan
Yeah we want to keep bringing him along. He obviously did a nice job on the two-point play. We kind of had a little bit of an issue because Toney Clemons was kind of hurt at that point so we had to sub out a little different then we practiced it and he did a good job in rallying it."

Hawai'i Head Coach Greg McMackin

"We had some missed opportunities, and we have to be able to capitalize on those opportunities. It's a difference of one inch and three inches. That was a key point in the ball game. We should have had 21 points.  The defense was playing well; I don't believe they scored before the second half. It should have been 21-0 at halftime. We didn't get that much done. We got the turnovers and things were going good for us [in the first half]. The second half, we gave up that first drive. We knew we had to hold them the first drive and not give them any momentum. I give Colorado credit.  I thought we won the first half and they won the second half. I thought they did a great job and made some good adjustments [in the second half]. They made the plays in the second half and we didn't. We couldn't contain the quarterback. We knew we had to contain the quarterback all week and we didn't contain him and they threw the touchdown pass that put it out of reach.  It was a close game; I thought we could come back until that play."

"I give Colorado great credit.  I think Coach Hawkins did a great job and made some fantastic adjustments at half time. He had his guys ready to play in the second half. As much as I feel we dominated in the first half, we didn't take our opportunities."

On Goal-line Offense
"We were going to run option. We went under center, and we don't go under center much, but we missed the snap. We had the option going in because their defensive line is physical. We ran against it and threw; but we were going to run the option and fumbled the snap on one of them. Give their defense credit, that's not much area. They did a good job."

On Being Away From Home
"We don't make any excuses. We just got outplayed in the second half. In the first half I thought we played as well as we ever have, without getting those two touchdowns.  I just didn't feel we finished very strongly. And it's not necessarily because of us; I think we got outplayed by Colorado in the second half."

On Colorado's Run Game
"[Rodney Stewart] is a good runner, number one, and what you have to do is stop them at the line of scrimmage. If you let him out in the open field, he's very dangerous. In the first half it worked and in the second half it wasn't as good."

Colorado Players

OL Ryan Miller
ON SECOND HALF ADJUSTMENTS -"We wanted to really come out and run the ball and show we could run the ball. That's what we did; we came out and we ran the ball. So next weekend, I think we should come out and run the ball."

ON THE RUNNINGBACKS - "It feels awesome. Just to have B-Lock [Brian Lockridge] and Speedy [Rodney Stewart] and [J.T.] Torres, too, get in there, just pounded it up in the holes. It's an awesome feeling, and thanks a lot to those guys."

"The runningbacks, they followed the blocks and that's always a huge thing."

ON FIRST HALF STRUGGLES - "We were killing ourselves. We weren't firing on all cylinders. We know we're a better team than that; we're better than the penalties and the turnovers. Then we came out and we proved that."

ON COLORADO'S DEFENSE - "That's huge; our D has been playing awesome lately."

ON WINNING THIS GAME DESPITE RECENT CRITICISM - "I think we've taken a lot of criticism that we've earned, but then we came out and we ran the ball. So, I'm sorry, haters."

RB Rodney Stewart
ON FIRST HALF STRUGGLES - "We were making little mistakes. Our team has a lot of confidence and I don't know what made us show it, but in the second half we were better than those guys. We knew we were better than those guys so we came out and executed and did the little things we needed to do. I was playing well which made everyone else play well."

ON BOUNCING BACK AFTER FUMBLE - "Stuff happens. We were playing well and then I think we were unlucky. It happens to a lot of teams. We needed a spark and that's what I wanted to do in the second half."

ON THE OFFENSIVE LINE - "I think our offensive line is good. We might have a bad game, but a lot of teams might have a bad game. So I don't think we should talk about our offensive line being bad; they just had a bad game [against Cal], and today they had a good game. The more good games they have, the more successful we'll be."

CB Jalil Brown
ON STOPPING THE DEEP PASS - "We knew eventually that short yards wouldn't end up winning the game. So we were concentrating on stopping the deep pass first then coming up on the short routes and making plays."

ON GOAL LINE STAND EARLY IN GAME - "That was a big drive to show we're a good defense. To be down at the two- or three-yard line, for the defense to come through and hold them it shows them that the defense is ready to play."

ON HAWAI'I TEAM FATIGUE - "In the second half, we saw a lot of their guys bent over and grabbing their knees, breathing hard."

ON WINNING - "It's great, it's awesome. Especially coming off last week. It shows that we're still ready to play and we still have confidence."

OL Nate Solder
ON BOUNCING BACK AFTER CAL - "We had to. We had to come back from last week and responded in a positive way. That's what we did all week in practice. That was a lot of energy and a lot of hard work. I think the second half was just a reflection of what we've been told all week. It's going to come down to us as the O-line. We've got to step up and impose our will on the other team. It's something we hadn't done and I think it's something we did at times today."

ON HAVING TWO 100-YARD RUSHERS FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 2002 - "I was extremely proud of that. We can do that every week because we have the guys that can do that because we have great players."

ILB Michael Sipili
ON STRONG DEFENSIVE PLAY - "We just stayed poised and were patient. We kind of knew something was coming and we did our job, knowing that everything should fall into place."

ON HE AND BJ BEATTY PLAYING AGAINST FORMER FRIENDS - "It's a special game because it's something we can talk about after college too, playing against your old teammates and also enemies from high school. It's a good win for the Colorado Buffaloes, but it's a lifetime win for us island guys."

TB Brian Lockridge
ON HIS GAME - "It doesn't do much for my confidence.  I came in with high hopes of what we can do as a team, which you saw in the second half.  They gave me the opportunity to run the ball and that's what I did."

OLB B.J. Beatty
ON THE FIRST HALF - "Defensively, we were holding up.  Our offense came on the second half and you saw what they did.  They were running up points and we said we have to do something on defense and we took it upon ourselves to stone them in the second half."

ON THE DEFENSE IN THE FIRST QUARTER - "They hit that long play, we huddled, we said 'We'll bend but not break, they're not going to get out to a huge lead like their other games, 21-0 at Army,' we took it upon ourselves to take that moment and make a statement.  The crowd was behind us, we looked at each other in confidence and we said 'This is where we'll win this game, they want to get in the goal line, we'll show them what we can do and make a statement.' 

ON PLAYING AGAINST HAWAI'I - "I was excited playing my good friends, old teammates. For me it's great because I can brag for the rest of my life on them.  Now I can say I beat them all in college.  It's exciting for my teammates, seeing how they came out and played.  I loved the atmosphere."

QB Tyler Hansen
ON THE FIRST HALF - "It was just one play here or there killing drives.  Speedy had a fumble, the snap went through my legs, a penalty here or there.  We had things that were working, just one play that would kill a drive."

ON TONEY CLEMONS' TOUCHDOWN - "We practice scramble drill every week, he did whatever he was coached.  Scotty was about the same place, but I had Clemons behind him so I choose him to throw the ball to.  I think Scotty was kind of mad I didn't throw to him."

ON THE OFFENSIVE LINE - "This week they had a fire, a little something extra to them.  They played great all week, not just today.  Mike Iltis playing center, he has some fire and we need that.  They were embarrassed last week, they wanted to have a good showing and they did that."

ON HIS CONFIDENCE IN THE FIRST HALF - "It wasn't that bad, it was stuff we were doing.  We were executing, completing the ball, running the ball well, it was just one play here or there.  It wasn't that frustrating, I knew we could clean that up and we did.  It's just frustrating. We need to take this momentum into Georgia.  We have a bye week.  We need to use it, use this win, get people healthy, prepare for Georgia and get a win.  We need to use this, it shows we can be explosive, we need to keep it going."

WR Scotty McKnight
ON WHAT HAPPENED AT HALFTIME - "All of our position coaches got into us and then coach Kiesau got us together as an offense.  We knew what we were doing on offense was unacceptable.  The defense was playing great.  It was a lot like in the past.  We know we have a lot of potential, and you saw that in the second half with 31 points. If just gives us the confidence that if we put two halves together, that's 50 or 60 points. We know we have the ability to do that, so Coach Kiesau and our position coaches put a fire under us it transitioned onto the field and we played better."

ON ALTITUDE BEING AN ADVANTAGE - "It was pretty noticeable, when after their first drive, they need oxygen carts brought on the field.  It's tough.  Coming from California, I know, it's tough.  That's what we can use to our advantage, we're all in great shape and have been running at altitude.  You'll see that more in the future, it was to our advantage today.  They got gassed and our offensive line was blowing them 6 or 7 yards off the ball.  Not taking anything from the backs, but they were opening up huge holes for them.  It's nothing against Hawai'i, you just can't train like that at home."

ON TONEY CLEMONS' TOUCHDOWN - "At first, I saw the ball in the air 'What is Tyler doing?' and then I saw Tony and said 'OK, great decision, he's really fast, then Clem took it to the house and scored.  It's so refreshing to see somebody take it 70 plus to the house, that hasn't happened a lot.

ON HIS TOUCHDOWN - "I understand why it happens. It's good karma.  I treat people so well, I'm such a nice guy, it just comes back to you at some point, lucky for me it's just happened on the field a few times.  On that play, I'm a decoy.  I'm not a read, the ball just popped up, I said 'thanks bud,' I caught it and scored.  I told everybody in the lockerrom why I thought it happened and they don't believe me either.

ON THE STUDENT SUPPORT - "We just have to keep winning.  Everybody will keep supporting us if we win.  It shows if we do what the coaches tell us to do, we can be explosive on offense and great on defense.  We have full confidence in this coaching staff.  We can be a great team.  If we keep winning, people will respect and understand that."

Hawai'i Players

WR Kealoha Pilares
ON OFFENSIVE STRUGGLES- "We couldn't put it in. I don't know what it was. It was just one of those days. You just have to learn from this. We left too many points out there. They are a good football team and we have to learn from this."

ON THE IMPACT OF THE WEATHER- "I'm not going to say the weather didn't have something to do with it, obviously it's going to have some type of impact. There are no excuses, really. We defiantly came to play in the first half; we just didn't in the second."

ON 80 YARD PASS- "I was definitely tired after that long run. I think the elevation had something to do with it, but it's not an excuse. Obviously I was tired."

ON FIRST QUARTER OFFENSIVE STRUGGLES- "We definitely should have had more points in the first quarter. There's a lot of things we could have done. Now we just have to watch film and get better."

QB Bryant Moniz
ON TWO FUMBLES IN FIRST HALF- "The first one was just a miscommunication with me and the center, while I was trying to call the play. He ended up snapping the ball before I actually called for the snap. The second one I just took my eyes off the ball, trying to read the defense. We had to go with a silent count today. It was definitely a big game and the crowd here. So it was a little different trying to wait for the ball, while reading the defense."

ON LEAVING SO MANY POINTS ON THE BOARD- "It definitely was an issue. Two times, within five yards of the goal line, they stopped us, and that really hurt us. We put points on the board one of those times; it would have been a whole different ball game."

ON CU'S GOAL LINE DEFENSE ON FIRST TWO DRIVES-"They really just out-toughed us on that. I was pretty much handing off the ball and just trying to get into the end zone. We were only two or three yards away. It didn't bother us, but we were discouraged that we didn't get any points. We just kept playing offense, but in the end it really hurt us."

ON CU DEFENSE- "We were able to move the ball nicely. We put together some drives; throw the ball here and there. But in the end they could hold us. We would have long drives but we couldn't finish the drives. That's what cost us."

ON EFFECTS OF ALTITUTDE AND BEING AWAY FROM HOME- "I didn't really feel any effects from the altitude. I felt pretty comfortable out there, we just got in a hole because we didn't put up any points in the beginning of the game. We dug ourselves a big hole."

OLB Paipai Falemalu
ON THE DIFFERENCE IN SECOND HALF- "They pretty much gave us the same game plan in the second half, our defense just came out flat. We need to capitalize on the plays when they come to us. Like our coaches tell us, 'when the plays come to us we need to take advantage.' We had some missed assignments, that was the difference in the second half."

ON CU'S NO HUDDLE OFFENSE- "It wasn't too bad. I think we just had issues getting lined up and getting the plays from the sideline. It wasn't that big of a deal for us."

ON SHUTTING DOWN CU IN FIRST HALF- "It was a really good half. I don't know what happened to us in the second half. We need to finish."

ON BEING TIRED NEAR THE END OF GAME- "We weren't really warn down. A lot of people think it's the elevation, but it's not. It feels the same to me as playing in Hawaii. The road trip didn't affect us that much either. Like our coaches say we just need to finish. That's the main thing for us."

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