BOULDER – University of Colorado head football coach Dan Hawkins spoke Tuesday at his weekly media luncheon, updating those in attendance of the status of a few injured players, wrapping up the Missouri game and looking ahead to the Baylor contest. 

GENERAL – “Well, not to open on a sour note, but Anthony Perkins did tear his ACL, so he’ll be out. On a positive note, he basically played the whole second half with a torn ACL, which shows you something about his character. He is a warrior. He is a great kid, so we will miss him back there physically and emotionally. We’ll see, it will be between Deji [Olatoye] and Terrell [Smith] and Jarod Bell. We’ll see how that goes with the safety spot back there. We’re also going to operate on Brian Lockridge’s ankle. We knew it was kind of significant. Brian’s great; he was trying to get through it, and  [Head Athletic Trainer] Miguel [Rueda] was trying to work with him. It has been bothering him too much so we’re to go ahead and operate on him. We’ll try and get Will Jefferson some pops at tailback, which he actually played in high school. It’s not a foreign spot to him.”

ON WILL JEFFERSON FILLING IN AS A RUNNING BACK – “He is so darn explosive. We like to try and give him the ball anyway and we’re trying to find ways to get him the ball. He played in high school and he is a very smart guy.  He has been good the whole time. It’s been really hard for him because Toney Clemons has played really well. Will is a good player, he really is. Se we’ll take advantage of getting the ball in his hands a little more. “

“He was great about it, and I really like the guys on our team, and we have had a lot of guys that have had to subvert themselves to the will of the team. I think he is a good player, and he has shown that and proven that. Again, when you’ve got that many good players, there’s not that many balls to go around. It’s an opportunity to get him the ball in the backfield there.”

ON UTILIZING FRESHMAN RUNNINGBACKS – “We’re actually working Tony Jones in a little now, but you know what’s funny, and I’ve said this before, is that how do you make that judgment and know when a freshman is ready to go? There is a physical, emotional and mental component to it. You never know exactly how that goes, so we’ll see. Cordary [Allen] was a back-up emergency deal last week, and we’ll probably have Tony in the same spot this week.”

ON THE DEPTH OF THE SECONDARY – “I’m always concerned about the depth of the secondary. We’re kind of thinking that Travis will be able to go next week, and hopefully Paul Vigo will be somewhere in the neighborhood too. Hopefully we’ll get one or two of those guys back next week.”

ON THE PASSING GAME BEING MORE VERTICAL IN THE FUTURE – “It’s all got to revolve around your protection. There are a lot of elements there. I love to throw the football as much as the next guy, but you kind of have to play off of where your team is at and move from there. We have taken a few shots and we haven’t hit them. “

ON THE LOSS OF SCHOLARSHIPS AFFECTING THE PROGRAM – “That’s why you have 85. You want to be at 85. I’m sure they’ll rally, they’re still SC, and they’re in southern California. There are a lot of players there that want to stay close to home. It’s not an easy deal to be sure. You have got that many less players on scholarship and that many less players to travel, to practice and all that."

ON BAYLOR QUARTERBACK ROBERT GRIFFIN III – “He is extremely talented. You guys saw, we played Seneca Wallace one year, and he’s kind of that same sort of guy that you think ‘Oh this guy is a runner’ and then you put on the film and watch all the great throws he made and he is very talented and they’ve got a lot of good guys to give it to. I don’t see any limitations on him. When he wants to go, he can go. He has been very productive and they do a nice job with him. When he takes his shots, he is either throwing it where they can get it or you can’t get it. He has done a nice job.”

ON WHO WILL ASSUME THE PLACEKICKING DUTIES – “Right now, Marcus Kirkwood is at the front of the line. Those guys have competed all fall and it is very close between him and Justin [Castor]. We’re just going to roll him in there and see how he does. He’ll be the first guy to attempt a field goal. It’s kicker by committee right now.”

ON ARIC GOODMAN – “He’s a fighter. He’s not a quitter, that’s for sure, so we’ll see.”

ON ADDRESSING SPECIAL TEAMS PROBLEMS – “Yeah, we’ll continue to work on it. If you took every special teams coach in American and put them in one room, I guarantee you that he could clinic most of them. He is very knowledgeable. It’s obviously frustrating when you don’t execute like you want to execute or like you prepare to execute. We continue to tinker with everything from practice to reps to meetings to personnel, everything.”

ON BAYLORS DEFENSE – “They are very solid. They are big up front and hard to move around. They are aggressive on the back end, and they’re athletic.”

ON BAYLORS TALENT LEVEL – “We’ll see it up close and personal. Obviously Robert Griffin is a tremendous athlete at quarterback, and that has helped them out a bunch.”

ON SATURDAY’S MATCHUP WITH BAYLOR BEING A MUST-WIN GAME – “We kind of look at every game like that, whether it’s the start of a season or on the road, or whatever it is, we try to scratch and claw every week to get one more point than the other team. “

ON PREPARING FOR A BIG 12 SOUTH TEAM THAT IS NOT AN ANNUAL OPPONENT – “It may be just a little more difficult in terms of personnel, because we haven’t gone against them. You’re obviously going to watch film, but I don’t think you’ll get a total read until you get there. Obviously, schematically you get it on film, but that’s not an issue.”