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Our reason for being is our student-athletes.

We develop competitive excellence in our student-athletes by providing, through an ethically-based program, a premier academic, athletic and social experience that equips them as graduates of the institution to excel and achieve success in their lifelong endeavors as highly productive members of society. 

Guiding Principles

  1. Will value the student-athlete first and foremost
  2. Will operate with integrity, honesty, transparency and fiscal responsibility
  3. Will comply with the letter and spirit of all rules, regulations, policies and laws
  4. Will honor all promises and commitments
  5. Will value the student-athlete’s educational aspirations and requirements
  6. Will promote teamwork to support the growth, development and potential of all who comprise the community of intercollegiate athletics
  7. Will protect the physical, mental and emotional health of the student-athlete
  8. Will provide an atmosphere of respect for all regardless of status, sport, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs
  9. Will engage and collaborate with campus, community and conference constituencies
  10. Will prepare and compete to the maximum of our ability with a dedication to excellence and accountability