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State Farm Women’s Basketball, Friday, January 22

Stand Shoulder To Shoulder with Colorado Basketball and State Farm on Friday, January 22 when the Buffs take on the Oregon Ducks.

Game time is set for 6pm and State Farm will have free giveaways for early arriving fans, so don't be late. Visit these local State Farm agents to get more information on how to obtain ticket vouchers for this game.

Andy Rutledge - andy.rutledge.l03a@statefarm.com 

Austin Domsch - austin.domsch.pgpe@statefarm.com 

Bill Mahaffy - bill.mahaffy.nywn@statefarm.com 

Bill Tutt Tutterow - bill.t.tutterow.b2px@statefarm.com 

Brad Hughes Brad.Hughes.pgmz@statefarm.com 

Corinne Hawkins corinne.hawkins.r79u@statefarm.com 

Dan Kelly - dan.kelly.b40g@statefarm.com 

Dave Chrisman Dave.Chrisman.b68g@statefarm.com 

Dave DiOrio - dave.diorio.u5zi@statefarm.com 

Don Jaramillo - don.jaramillo.l8kk@statefarm.com 

Erik Bartush - erik.bartush.mv05@statefarm.com 

Helen Wagner - helen.wagner.jrn6@statefarm.com 

Jim Plane - jim.plane.tb3x@statefarm.com  

Joe Adams - joe.adams.ll6u@statefarm.com 

Joe Chrisman - joe.chrisman.tz4l@statefarm.com 

Joe Mejia - joe.mejia.rnou@statefarm.com 

Joseph Magoffin Joseph.Magoffin.dvc6@statefarm.com 

Mark Wehde - mark.wehde.b6zj@statefarm.com 

Melissa McDonald - melissa.mcdonald.t2jn@statefarm.com 

Mike Gibbs mike.gibbs.nglh@statefarm.com 

Miriam Lawson Miriam.Lawson.uwjx@statefarm.com 

Nese Sahin Nese.Sahin.d020@statefarm.com 

Patrick Smith - patrick.smith.un9s@statefarm.com 

Rick Emerson Rick.Emerson.dygq@statefarm.com 

Rick Hayes - rick.hayes.g1d7@statefarm.com 

Sean Slater - sean.slater.p2uq@statefarm.com 

Susan Boynton - susan.boynton.lcfc@statefarm.com 

Tammy Sandoval - tammy.sandoval.jpbl@statefarm.com 

Vickie Blasingame - vickie.blasingame.b9sz@statefarm.com 

Tony Schwappach Tony.Schwappach.d91h@statefarm.com 

Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there and we'll see you at the Coors Events Center on January 22, GO Buffs!

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