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The One-On-One With Colorado Women’s Basketball event is quickly becoming a program favorite. In its third year under head coach Linda Lappe, this year’s event was held Oct. 29 with around 300 fans, faculty and staff members in attendance.

The premise of the One-On-One event is to have each student-athlete pair up with a prominent female member of the university’s faculty/staff, and get to know them outside of a classroom or office setting. The pairs then introduce each other to fans in attendance for the main program.

A diverse group of campus leaders joined for this event, ranging from professors, to department heads, to vice chancellors.

Student-athletes and their “presenters” first sat down at a team dinner to learn about each other. Following the dinner, the public event began with a reception where players and presenters could greet the fans in attendance. Former head coach Ceal Barry, who held a similar event during her tenure, served as the event’s emcee and brought each player and presenter to the stage.

"This is our third year doing this event and it continues to be a night our fans don't want to miss," Lappe said. "We want to thank the women leaders from campus for agreeing to give up a night to spend with our team. The experience our players gain from spending time with them goes such a long way."

Each student-athlete introduced their presenter, their role within the university and what they learned about them, and vice versa. The presenter was then allowed to ask the player any question, touching on a wide variety of topics.

“We all get excited about this, as a team it’s our favorite event,” said junior guard Jasmine Sborov who was paired with CU Regent Sue Sharkey, representing Congressional District 4. “Just getting to know, and make new contacts around campus. You get to know them on a more personal level. We are making really special connections with people that have a huge influence on campus. So I think we all realize the importance of it and the opportunity we have.”

The presentations proved to be very entertaining, allowing both student-athlete and presenter to let their own personalities shine. The campus leaders certainly didn’t disappoint in asking the "tough" questions. Freshman Bri Watts had to match a dwarf from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to each of her teammates, while freshman Lauren Huggins had to match a cartoon character to each member of the coaching staff.

“This event was nice for me, being a freshman and not knowing too many people in Boulder,” said Washington native Haley Smith, who presented Frances Draper, Associate Vice Chancellor for Strategic Relations. “It was nice to make some new connections and see all the support that women’s basketball has here at Colorado.”

The experience also proves to be invaluable to the women’s basketball student-athletes, who now have another connection within the CU community.

“There are some very successful and influential women here tonight that we got to meet,” Smith said. “It’s really encouraging knowing, in my engineering major, to see these women and know you can too become successful.”

Here is a list of the campus leaders that participated and the student-athlete they were paired with:

Dayna Bowen Matthew, Professor of Law - Freshman guard Desiree Harris

Violeta Chapin, Associate Professor, School of Law - Senior guard Ashley Wilson

Elizabeth Collins, Executive Director, University Relations Office of the President - Senior center Rachel Hargis

Dr. Kelly Cronin, Executive Vice President for Advancement - Junior guard Lexy Kresl

Yvonne DiStefano, Spouse of CU-Boulder Chancellor Phil DiStefano - Sophomore forward Arielle Roberson

Frances Draper, Associate Vice Chancellor for Strategic Relations - Freshman guard/forward Haley Smith

Angela Farone, Senior Director of Development II - Freshman forward Zoe Beard-Fails

Nancy George, Spouse of CU-Boulder Athletic Director Rick George - Freshman guard Lauren Huggins

Joyce Kindle, Assistant Director, Office of Parent Relations - Sophomore forward Jamee Swan

Stefanie Mollborn, Associate Professor, Institute of Behavorial Science and Sociology - Freshman center Briana Watts

Jessie Polini, Office of Discrimination and Harrassment Investigator - Junior forward Jen Reese

Lisa Severy, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs & Director of Career Services - Senior guard Brittany Wilson

Sue Sharkey, Regent, Representing Congressional District 4 - Junior guard Jasmine Sborov