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  Colorado Head Coach Mike MacIntyre

 General / Opening Statement
“Last week’s game was tough.  I knew that Washington was a very good football team.  I still feel like I did going in.  I would’ve hoped we would have played a lot better, but we didn’t.  So, we’ve got to get back to the drawing table and keep working.  We need to keep getting better.  Washington was what we thought they were on defense, very athletic and very good.  I still feel that the best corner in the league is #21 (Marcus Peters).  I think he’s a very good player and I think they have some other very good football players.  Offensively, (quarterback, Keith) Price has played a lot of football.  He’s had a lot of great football games and he had another one the other night.  (Bishop) Sankey is a great running back and we made him look even better with the way we tackled, which was probably the most disappointing thing.  We just haven’t done that.  We’re going to have a hard time stopping anybody if we miss 37 tackles.  It’s something that we’re working on all the time and we worked on hard again today.  We hadn’t had that really creep up that bad.  We’ll rectify that better next week and do better in the game this Saturday with that.

So, talking about this Saturday’s game: Cal offensively is not putting up a lot of points but they’re moving the ball.  Their quarterback is throwing the ball well.  He can make all the throws.  I saw him play in high school and I think he has a bright future in front of him.  They have some really quick wide receivers that have good numbers.  They moved the ball good last week.  I know the score was kind of lopsided but, they were moving the football and doing some things.  They just didn’t get into the end zone.  (Cal Head coach) Sonny (Dykes) does a great job offensively.  He had the most prolific offense in the country a year ago at Louisiana Tech.  So, it’s going to be a tough battle for us defensively.  They’ve had a lot of people get hurt and some different things on defense that’s hurt their defense but, they’re playing extremely hard.  They blitz you a lot.  Their defensive coordinator (Andy Buh)  was at Nevada for long time when coach (Chris) Ault had all those great teams and he had great defenses.  So, he knows exactly what he’s doing and he’ll have a good game plan for us.  It’s going to be a tough, tough contest for us.  I’ve had the question asked to me by a couple different people: ‘Ya’ll ought to have a good chance of winning this weekend.  Your kids ought to think they should win.’  If our kids aren’t thinking they should win every Saturday then, we’re doing the wrong thing and not getting the point across.  This game is no different than any other Pac-12 game to us, period.  Or any other football game we play for that matter.  So, we need to make sure every game we show up the same exact way.  We didn’t do that as well Saturday as I felt like we have all the other times.  I wish I could put my finger on it but, I thought we had a good practice today.  Of course the weather helped.  It was really a gorgeous day out there.”

On Tackling More in Practice
“We tackled more.  Well, we do every Tuesday. Wednesday we’re going to tackle more this week.  As the season gets going on, you’ve got guys with blue shirts.  You’ve got guys that have had stingers in the game.  Some guys can’t do it as much to make sure they’re ready for the game on Saturday.  We’ll keep working on being physical.  Two long road trips back to back usually you change up your practice routines a little bit.  We’ll change it up this week again.   If you keep doing the same ‘old, same ‘old and getting the same results ….. If you don’t change something, that’s not very good coaching.  So, we’re changing it and we’re working at it and have done that.  If not, we’ll change again and try to find another way.”

On Missed Defensive Assignments in Saturday’s Loss
“It wasn’t as astronomical as the missed tackles if that makes sense.  It didn’t cause a lot of the missed tackles.  I think that might be what you’re asking ….. Out of position type thing ….. We just didn’t close and didn’t make the plays like we needed to.  They made the plays.  So, we just have to keep working on that.  They spread us out good and got us in open space some which is what this team will do Saturday.  They’ve got some quick athletes so, you’ve got to be able to tackle in open space and know where you’re leverage is.  Everybody’s got to close on the ball and have eyes on the ball and do those types of things.”

On Defensive Mistakes
“I think it’s probably a combination of everything.  You’ve just got to play solid football all the time with the way the offenses are in our league.  Outside of our league, we’ve done pretty good.  All of the offenses in our league are putting up good numbers most Saturdays.  Every once in a while there might be an aberration but, most days they’re putting up a lot of good numbers.  So, we’ve got to get better and more consistent.  We’ve got to coach things a little bit better.  Kids have got to play a little bit harder and a little bit better.  So, it kind of all works.  If there was one answer then we could fix it.  So, I think there’s kind of a multitude of different things that we have to fix.”

On Whether the Team Has the Necessary Speed on Defense to Keep Up with Pac-12 Offenses
“That’s kind of an insinuating question there.  I think that we just have to keep working harder and keep playing harder. We need to keep coaching better and keep trying to move and fit things.  Try to figure out what we can’t do.  Also, the offenses in this league change from week to week to week.  It’s a difficult situation and we’ll just keep working at it.  That’s all you can do.”

On the 37 Missed Defensive Tackles vs. Washington
“I’ve never been a part of that, ever.  The most I’ve even been a part of is probably like 20.  If you get above 10 you’re in trouble.  So, you just think about it.  There’s differences between three guys are there and it’s just a hit in the backfield and the guy still gets a yard or two.  It’s when you miss them out in the open field and a five-yard catch goes to 30 yards.  There’s a huge difference.  We had one run the other night where we had had five guys that missed the guy on an outside run where we were in good position.  He gained 57 yards and it was with their back-up (running back).”

On Sefo Lifuau’s Comment that he Doesn’t Think he has Reached his Full Potential Yet
“I don’t think you ever reach your full potential.  Sometimes you might score more or do that and you go ‘Wow!’  You did something good but, you could’ve caught another pass, you could’ve made another throw.  I think that’s what is going to make Sefo (Liufau) good and that’s what has prepared him to here.  He’s able to have confidence but at the same time, be critical of himself.  That’s a great quality.  I think that’s what he’s saying.  He’s kind of looks at it and says ‘We can do this better.  We can do this better.  We did this ok but, we can do this better.’  That’s kind of what Peyton (Manning) does I think. I’m not comparing the two but I’m saying the guy s at the quarterback position that can see all the picture and still have all the confidence but know that ‘this guy can improve, or ‘I can improve, or we can do this better.’  I think that is what Sefo is saying.”

On the University of California’s Interest in Hiring MacIntyre as Head Football Coach Last Winter
“We were right in the area so, they called.  Sandy Barbour is a great (athletic director).  They have great facilities.  It’s a great school. Sonny (Dykes) is a heck of a coach who is a good friend of mine.  We both grew up in coaching together.  His dad was a coach.  My dad was a coach.  So, Sonny will do a great job there.  He wouldn’t be there now if it hadn’t gone down a little bit.  You’ve got to build it back up and he will do that.  I saw him do the same thing at Louisiana Tech.  He did a great job there.  I talked to (University of California) but, it wasn’t anything big time or significant or anything.  It’s a great school and a great area.  We love the area.  We liked it at San Jose.  I mean, those are crazy times when you’re a coach.  One night I had five phone calls from five different schools in one night.  So, it’s just kind of the way it goes.  You don’t know who’s serious when they’re talking to you or not, if that makes sense.  It’s kind of like when I was in high school. I never had five girls talking to me, so I wasn’t used to it.”

On Team’s Ability to be Both Critical and Confident in Themselves
“I sure hope so.  If we are, and I feel like we are, then we’ll keep getting better and keep improving.  There are some plays that look really ugly and there are some plays that look really good.  We need to get a lot more that look really good than look really ugly.  It’s all a process.  I kind of snicker sometimes when I walk around and see people and talk to people and they act like somebody has died.  We’re going to keep getting better.  You can’t fix it in one snap of the finger.  It’s always a process.  If you walk around like everybody has died then, you’re definitely never going to move forward.  I truly believe that.  Now, am I satisfied, am I happy?  No.  But, am I at peace with what we’re doing and how we’re doing it and how we’re going to go about it and how we’re going to keep working?  Yes.   Would I love to have quicker results? Absolutely.  So, we’ll just keep fighting.  It’ll be another good Pac-12 team playing here on Saturday.  I know their record is not that good but, neither is ours.  So, we just have to keep pushing along.  If we get this one, then we’ve got another home game.  Then, we’ve got the rivalry game with Utah and anything can happen.  So, I’m excited about Saturday and I know our kids are too.  I know Cal will be excited about Saturday just like Washington was excited about last Saturday. So, it was a lot of fun.  What a great place, Washington’s facility and stadium… Wow!  That’s something else.  That’s really nice.”

On Cal’s Red Zone Inefficiency on Offense
“Well, they’ve got a couple young receivers and a true freshman quarterback and I think sometimes it kind of takes you a while to kind of get everything clicking.  If you turned on the film and watched it you’d go ‘Wow, they are scary looking. Wow, they do make plays.  Wow, that guy’s fast.’  It’s not like they don’t have players.  It takes a while to get it all going and they are moving the football.  They’ve just been off a little bit here and there in the red zone and we need to play better red zone defense.  We need to get better in the red zone.  Most teams that aren’t winning, you usually say their red zone offense isn’t very good.  So, I think that’s an area that they need to improve on.  And they’ve had some fumbles down there that has kept them out of the end zone a couple times in some games in games that I think they probably would have won for sure.”

On the Difference in Playing Styles between the Top Two Cal Quarterbacks
“They run the same offense.  They don’t change anything.  If (Zach) Kline looks like he runs a little better then (Jared) Goff is a little bit more accurate passing and can make a few more throws.  I’m not saying Kline can’t but, the little bit I’ve seen on both …. I mean, I’ve seen a lot on Goff and a little on Kline …… That’s where I would say he’ll pull it down and run where Goff will stay in the pocket and pass.”

On the Status of Paul Richardson’s Ankle
“We kept him off (the field) today and he should be able to go tomorrow.  So, we’re just making sure.  After the games it’s usually just sore and playing on field turf even makes it more sore.  Field turf people probably wouldn’t like me to say that but, it does I think.”

On How the Richardson Injury Situation was Handled Last Week
“I wouldn’t have put him out there if he hadn’t come to me and said ‘Coach, I want to try it in warm-ups and see if I can go.’  I said ‘Well, I’m going to let (trainer) Miguel (Rueda) watch you and (wide receivers coach) Troy Walters watch you and they’re going to watch you all through it.  I’m going to takes some looks at you but, I’m looking at the whole team and we’ll see from there.’  They said ‘he looked good moving around and he was cutting on it.’  He did good out there.  It was a little bit sore on him at halftime and when they went ahead and went on up I said ‘Just get well. You’re out.’”

On Whether This Game Could be Considered a Trap Game for his Team
“First of all, I want to go back and I don’t mean this as a coaching cliché but our kids need to go back and look at everything as a must-win game and if we’re not there yet then we’re surely not there yet.  I would think Cal looks at it the same way.  I watched Cal’s kids play their rear ends off against USC hard and they were right there in the game.  Then, they got the punt blocked and things kind of unraveled on them.  I saw their coaching staff coaching it up as hard they could.   I saw people intense.  I saw trainers and managers cheering.  So, everybody is into it just like we are.  So, in no way, shape, or form do I see this as a trap game or anything like that.  Every game we play is going to be a battle one way or the other.  They’re definitely good enough to whip us good.  We’ve got to go play.”

On Liufau’s Performance
“Sefo did some good things.  The one interception he threw on the slant: the corner made a great play.  He tipped the ball up.  We’ve got to try to get better separation.  Usually a slant is a bang-bang play.  Unless they roll to a certain coverage, you’re throwing that slant and everybody knows that.  You’ve seen those plays made so, the kid got his hand in and it popped up and they went off for the run.  The other play was a fourth down play that he threw the interception on.  It was fourth down.  Our first option was covered so, he stayed alive and he couldn’t really run for it so the tight end has a chance.  He can throw it out of bounds or he can give the guy a chance to catch it.  Well, he gave the guy a chance to catch it and the (defensive back) kind of got it.  To me, to be honest with you, I thought it was a pretty good play.  If you throw it out of bounds on fourth down then, why are we even going for it on fourth down?  Does that make sense?  They didn’t even get it back to where we were stopped for.  Now, if they had went for a touchdown maybe that’s a little different but then again, we’ve got to stop them too.  So, the fourth down play I really don’t …… I mean I think he was trying to create and to me, wouldn’t you create on fourth down?  So, I thought that was a good try on his part.”

On Kicker Will Oliver’s Struggles in Recent Weeks
“I don’t know (what’s wrong).  He needs to make them this week.  I talked to him about it.  We need him to make field goals and he can kick them and make them.  I’m pretty sure he will.  He kicked well today.  He’ll make them Saturday.”

On Liufau Learning from a Particular Play against UCLA when he Threw the Ball Away on Fourth Down
“We signaled it to him.  That’s when he got hit in the head and his helmet came off.  He had been hit like five times in a row.  He put his helmet back on and he saw the signal and he completely forgot what down it was.  Because the game is going fast and the clock was in a hurry.  He came off the field and I said ‘What are you doing?  It was fourth down’ And he says ‘Oh my gosh!’  So, it was a great learning experience for him.  Thank goodness the game wasn’t right down to the wire and he did that.  So, he learned from that.  He didn’t blame anybody and he didn’t think somebody should have told him.  He goes ‘Gosh, I screwed up.  I got it coach.’  That play to me helped me realize that he did understand it.  So, that’s progress.  Now, it was progress with a negative.  Other people would say ‘Oh, that was terrible.’  But, it was progress and you have to start somewhere.”

On Changing Their Strategy on Kickoff Returns
“(The Strategy is) to not to have return as many.  I keep waiting for (Ryan) Severson’s parents to call me for child abuse because he’s having to return so many.  We’ve got to stop him from having to return so many.  We’ve had a couple good ones and we’ve changed some people around on it for the blocking.  But, the main thing is we don’t need to return that many.  That’s the key.  We tried a couple different things the other night believe or not.  We just have to keep working at it and keep going.  We’ve almost popped a few.  We’ve been close.  We’ve had pretty good starting field position off of that.  We didn’t have any just horrendous ones.  But, we didn’t really pop any and I think if you watch us have to do so many kickoff returns after a while you go ‘Why can’t they pop one?  They’re getting a lot of returns.’  The main thing is to have not as many kickoff returns.  We’ve got to play better defensively.”

On the Persistent Struggles during the Last Few Minutes of the First Half
“When you look back at it, a couple of times we could have gotten a first down that would have completely eliminated that situation.  The other side of it, we’ve had them sacked a few times and made some plays then they’ve made some plays on us.  I don’t know.  We work at the two-minute drill and we do some different things.  I think one of the reasons we need to be able to create a little bit of a better pass rush with four rushers.  Because sometimes when you have to blitz in those situations, all of a sudden you’re thinking ‘Well, we can’t get there.  We better blitz to stop it because they’re just going to move it down.’  Then, you might give something up.  So, it’s just been a combination of that.”

On Parker Orms’ Injury Status
“Parker is extremely sore in his shoulders and neck area.  He had like a stinger.  So, we’ll just see if he progresses during the week.  Hopefully, he will.  Today, he was out there in a blue jersey.  That means we can’t hit him but he can do everything else.  So, we’ll see how he feels as the week goes on.  He’s got to get the strength back in it.  So, hopefully he does.  If he doesn’t have the strength back in it then, he won’t be able to go because in no way, shape or form do we want to put him out there when he can’t really protect himself as well as he’d like.”

On Woodson Greer’s Injury Status
“Woodson has the same type of thing.  Hopefully, he’ll be back.  Hopefully, he’ll be stronger tomorrow.”

On Whether the Team is Showing Signs of Improvement
“Well, we’ve won three games.  I think they won one last year.  We beat CSU who they didn’t beat last year.  We beat a team that is in the playoffs and we beat a team that was fifth in the nation in I-AA. So, I think we’ve shown some stuff there. I think we’ve got to get better in the Pac-12. I would say if we had played in the Pac-12 about three years ago I’d say it would be a whole different story. I think there is some really good football teams. I think we if we just keep working then, the tide will keep turning. So, I do see improvement daily. You only see the three hours on the field and you see bits and pieces of stuff that is good and other stuff that’s not so good, I understand. But, I do see improvement. Most people didn’t predict was to win three games this year going into the season and we’ll win some more before the year is over.”

On How to Get Better Next Year
“Keep recruiting, keep practicing and keep working and the process.  We didn’t break it.  We’re here to fix it.  And we’re fixing it.  And we’ll keep working to fix it and we’ll keep going forward and we’ll keep having the right attitude and the right positive-ness.  It does not get fixed over night with a magic wand.  It does not.  We’ve been down for a while here at Colorado and we’re going to be back.  In no way, shape or form does it happen like that.  So, that’s the process we’re working and we’ll keep working it.”

On Michael Adkins' Lack of Carries vs. Washington
“Michael, he came back last week after the concussion and did some good things in the game.  When the game kind of got out of hand I didn’t want to take a chance of him getting hit again.  Right there at the end when it was out of hand I wanted to see some other guys play too and to give them a chance.  So, that’s why and hopefully he’ll able to play and do better this week.”

On Comparing Addison Gillam to Other Freshmen Linebackers that He has Coached
“I think Addison has a bright, bright future.  We coached two guys at San Jose State that were both freshmen All-American linebackers and now they’re seniors there.  One is the leading tackler in the history of the school.  Addison, to me, has all the tools to be a great one in the future and to keep moving forward.  I think he has a great future.  As he gets bigger and stronger too I think he’ll have a phenomenal career here.  He has a lot of great tools.  He’s very intelligent, very sharp, and very committed.”

On Gillam’s Potentially Ideal Weight in Order to Maximize His Talents
“In the old days you would have said ‘Man, he needs to get to 255, 260.’  You can’t say that today.  He needs to be able to run and be as quick and as fast as he can.  To me, he doesn’t have to get too much bigger than he is but, he’ll naturally gain some weight.  He can’t lose any of his quickness or speed.  The game is just different.  So, I think that he’ll naturally get bigger and stronger.  He has wide shoulders.  He’s a tall young man but, he was a high school tailback and that type of thing so, his body isn’t prone to being a big, big guy.  So, I think 10-15 more pounds would be good.  And (he needs to) make sure its muscle.”

On How to Improve as a Defense against an Explosive Cal Passing Game
“I think it’s a combination of all of it.  We need to play the ball better when we’re right on top of the guy.  I can think of three against Washington where we’re all over the guy and he comes down with the ball.  We need to get our hand in there somehow and get the ball away.  It’s something that we work on and something that we’ll eventually make plays on more than we have.  And you need to harass the quarterback.  You need to be around him.  You need to make him have to throw off target.  You have to move his feet.  Those types of things …. You have to hit him some.  So I think it’s a combination of the two.  You can cover great in the secondary but, if you can’t get there then, they will actually find somebody.  Then, you’ve got to get to him and be able to cover a little bit so they have time to get there.  So, I’d say it’s a combination of both.”

On The Process of Improving as a Team
“You just keep trusting in them.  You keep believing in them.  You keep working.  You keep fixing the stuff and keep working and keep going and keep processing.  You stay positive with them and push them at the same time.  And challenge them and challenge them to challenge themselves to get better.  It gradually just keeps making increments. And eventually it definitely happens.  That’s the way it works.  I truly believe that you keep working, you keep working, you keep working, you keep being positive, you keep recruiting, you keep working in the weight room, you keep working on the practice field, you keep working with them individually, you keep working with them being better people off the field then, they just incrementally keep growing.  Then, when you have enough men there that understand what it takes to win, understands the focus, understands the practice habits, understands off the field, understands academically, understands what it takes when you walk out there and all the ebb and flow of a football game then it just happens.”

On Dealing with the Maturation Process of Young Talent
“I think it’s all relative.  We’re recruiting a lot of really good football players that we’re excited about and you have to just keep working with that.  You get to know their parents, and you get to know the kids.  I’ve always said you want to get the right 22 here and I felt like the class that we brought in this year is a good class as late as we started.  I think there are a lot of quality young men.  There were quite a few that we redshirted that needed to get bigger and stronger that will help us next year and then the process goes along.  You need 18 and 19-year olds to become 21 and 22-year olds.  Then, when you do that and they’re processing and they’re tough and they’re mean and they don’t take anything off of anybody and they understand what you want to do and they truly care about each other and they understand the sacrifice of a team, then you start winning.  You can’t make them go from 18 to 21 in three weeks.”

On Yuri Wright
“I just talked to him before I came up here.  He’s gained seven pounds.  The goal is he’s got to gain seven more for me. Academically, he’s starting to be a little bit more conscious which is really good.  Some kids, like a lot of you guys’ kids, kind of procrastinate a little bit when it comes to school.  I know Kyle Ringo’s kid will do that when he gets in high school probably.  But, I’ve been very proud of where Yuri is headed and what he’s doing.  I think this is a good year for him to redshirt. I really do.  When I got here he weighed 163.  I don’t know how you play college football at 163.  Now, he’s at 175.  He’s improving.  (The on-field improvement) will happen a little bit more gradually than probably the weight gain because he’s got to just do it, do it, do it. But, it is improving.  (Cornerbacks) Coach (Andy) LaRussa is doing a good job with him and they’re working extra and doing stuff.”

On How Far the Team has come since the Beginning of the Season
“I think that they’re working hard and going.  We’ve had some tough games here but, I would say we’re better than we were the first game.  We are better.  So, that’s encouraging to me.  But, at the same time you want to get those (wins) on the scoreboards and go from there.  When you play good football teams you’ve got to play well.  We haven’t done that as much as we would like to say the least.”


Quarterback Sefo Liufau

On Being Favored to Win This Week Vs. Cal
“It is neither [a good or bad thing to be favored]. It doesn’t really matter to me if we are favored or not favored in the game because we treat the game the same way. Like I said before, it is kind of like a championship game. You want to play your best with every game and with every snap.”

On Last Saturday’s Performance
“I would say that it was a pretty big step back. I would say that it is frustrating that we didn’t perform well, but you have to go back to practice – like we did on Sunday as well as today – and keep working hard and see what we can do to fix the mistakes that we made.”

On Cal’s Struggles this Season
“We don’t focus on record or what their rank is or anything like that, because every team is good in this division. You are not going to get an easy win off of anyone because you have to execute every play in order to win.”

On the Difficulty of the Loss at Washington
“It wasn’t hard at all. As I have been saying, it is really frustrating to lose like that and you never want to lose like that. If anything, it was a little easier because we put that game behind us. Once that game was over, we started working on Cal.”

On His Performance
“I was frustrated because I feel like I left a lot of plays on the field. After looking at the film, obviously you want things to go differently. I made a couple misreads and a couple of bad throws that obviously led to interceptions. You want to minimize those and take those out in order to win. Altogether, it was probably one of my worst games in my career. Even though it was really frustrating to me, all I can do is to learn from it and work on getting better for next week.”

On What He Learned from Last Week
“I learned that you have to stay calm and composed in there when everything is going crazy. Coach Walter’s father came in and told us that when everything is going crazy, you have to go back to your fundamentals because that is what you have. That is something that I didn’t really do last game, and I made a few bad reads, which led to points for them.”

On What Needs to Be Done in Order to Win on Saturday
“We have to be consistent, work harder than we have been in practice. Obviously I believe that we have been working hard, but there is always that little extra level that you can reach. I don’t think we have actually quite gotten there this year, which is kind of frustrating. It is not a one-person sport or team. You need all eleven guys that are in the play to do their part and [as Coach MacIntyre said] their three-by-three box and I don’t think we have done that together on a consistent basis. I believe if we can do that, then we will be able to get a win.”

On What is Holding Them Back
“It’s never the same thing every time. It is a mistake here and a mistake there. No one is doing it on purpose – purposely trying to sabotage the team – it is just us missing assignments and things of that matter. We need to clean them up and be more consistent on that.”


Linebacker Woodson Greer

On His Injury and Estimated Return
“It’s one of those injuries where it is day-to-day. I am working with the trainers twice, or even three times a day, trying to get back. It just matters how I feel on Saturday.”

On Colorado Being Favored to Win This Week vs. Cal
“It is really nice to be favored. I don’t think we have been favored too many times this year, so it feels nice that somebody feels that we should be the team to win. Lately, they haven’t had much belief in us, but just going into the game and being favored gives us a little more motivation to prove people right. That we can win a game, that we are getting used to the Pac-12, even though we haven’t showed it lately.”

On Being the “Hunted” vs. the “Hunter”
“I think that we are still just practicing the same way. We are constantly trying to improve, so that we can win a game and continue to be favored and continue to win.”

On Cal’s Offense
“They have very good receivers. Their quarterback is a freshman, but he does have the ability to give them the ball. They run a lot of deep routes. There are really fast, really talented, and young receivers that they are going to have for the next few years.”

On CU’s Defensive Struggles in the Pac-12
“You know, I am not really sure. There are just some things that we need to get better at, in every position. I don’t think there is really one thing that you can point out that has been a huge problem for us. I think overall we are getting better and need to get better because we just aren’t there yet.”

On CU’s Defensive Speed in Relation to the Pac-12 Offenses they Match-Up Against
“We are a pretty fast defense. I know that we have good linebackers that can run sideline to sideline. Our D-line is pretty fast. We have good DBs that keep up with the receivers. It’s not like people are running around us, or anything like that. We are keeping up with the offense that we are playing, so I think our speed is up to par when it comes to Pac-12 play.”

On Last Week’s 37 Missed Tackles
“Tackling is a mental thing. Sometimes you have to go in there with the right mindset. Coach MacIntyre was telling us the other day that tackling is 70 percent your mindset and 30 percent skill. That is the mindset we have to go in there with and it is just something we have to hold ourselves accountable with.”

On Defensive Coaching Staff
“Maybe because we haven’t been in pads as much our focus hasn’t really been on tackling, but it’s been more on getting into the right spot. Tackling is something that must be in your mind, it always has to be something that you are thinking about in order to tackle well.”

On Their Performance not Showing Desired Results
“Yeah, a little bit. It always hurts to not get off the field as fast as you want, or to even be on the field more than you would expect. It just something that we are working through and we know that it is just a part of the whole process of becoming a good team. You are going to have ups and downs sometimes. It is something that we are working through, and the offense is also working on it. Having their drives last longer, keeping the defense off a little bit more. The defense is working on causing more three-and-outs, being good on first and second downs to cause them to have long third down plays, etc.”

On Not Feeling Discouraged as a Defense
“I don’t think we have ever really been that down because we all know that it is good and it just a part of the process. We see ourselves getting better every day even if the people on the outside can’t really see it. We see it, which is encouragement. When we get onto the field and notice we are getting better at something we were messing up on last week, it is always nice to see that. We always want to stay encouraged, knowing that we do have a chance to compete.”

On Improving
“(We are getting better) everywhere. I think that the DBs are getting better on the deep block coverage. D-line is getting better on putting pressure on the quarterback. Linebackers are getting better on flowing, staying in their gaps, and being committed to doing their job.”

On His Anticipated Reaction After a Possible Win on Saturday
“It has been awhile since we have gotten a win, so it would be very exciting to get a win, especially at home in front of our home fans. It would be a very exciting day, but it is something that we think in our minds is possible, so I don’t think it would be too surprising since we all know that we can do it. It would definitely be a good win though, and a nice way to start off our Pac-12 winning streak.”