Colorado Head Coach

Mike MacIntyre


General / Opening Statement
“A bit about last week’s game: I thought we played really, really hard and came up short.  We stumbled a little bit in the first half offensively but USC (Southern California) made some plays.  That’s what happened.  I thought (Offensive coordinator) Brian Lindgren and the offensive staff went in at halftime and made a few adjustments.  I thought the play (safety) Jered Bell made on the opening play of the second half, where he strips the ball, picks it up and scores, was a gigantic play and it helped give us some momentum.  Then, we didn’t tackle as well on the next drive as we did in the whole first half and they got a score there.  But, the thing I saw was that I haven’t seen our team one time, quit all year…… Not one …….. Not even think about it ….. I’ve seen us kind of play as hard as we can but, maybe not win it when we got behind.  That was the first time I saw them say ‘We can still win this thing’ when they were behind.  If we would’ve gotten that on-side kick it would have been a tremendous amount of fun.  It was great execution.  It was just one of those things where it was kind of like a greased pig.  It went everywhere.  It was a great kick by Will (Oliver), and it was great execution by (Special teams coach), Toby Neinas.  It just went through a couple hands and they got it but, I was pleased with how they kept fighting to win not just to fight to play hard at the end.  

Then, we’re getting ready for Utah.  To me, they’re really good football team. Everybody will say ‘Well, they’ve only won four games.’  Well, they beat Stanford and they had Arizona State beat …… The best team in the south and the best team in the north.  So, I think they’re a very good football team.  They’ve had some issues at quarterback with injuries to their starter and to their backup.  Adam Schulz, their backup, I thought last week he had a tipped pass that was an interception for a touchdown.  Then, he had another one that the kid made a great play on but, he made some really, really good plays.  I was impressed with his athletic ability and what he can do.  Their wide receiver (Dres Anderson), number 6, is kind of like our number 6.  He can fly. He makes a lot of big plays for them.  Number 91, (Tenny Palepoi) their big inside tackle, he dominates.  In the Stanford game he was a force to be reckoned with.  He dominated that game I thought.  So, it’s going to be a tough test for us going down to Utah to play.  It’s a big rival game and it’s going to be a lot of fun for our kids.”

On Whether he Views Utah as a True Rival
“Yes, last game of the year and the Pac-12 made it a rival.  We’re close by.  I do see them as rival.  When you play a thanksgiving game like that the, there’s a lot of significance involved in it.  Hopefully, both of us will be playing for something more next year and that even makes it more of a rival.  So, I think once we kind of both get to that point …….. I think (Utah head coach) Kyle (Whittingham) has does a great job there.  I played him when we were at San Jose State when they were really, really good.  So, it’s going to be a fun game for our kids to play in.  It’s the last game for both teams so, it’s kind of one of those games where there are seniors in that locker room that will never play football again.  So, that’s an emotional time for those young men.  So, it’ll be fun for both sides.”

On Whether he Bans His Players from Wearing the Color Red in an Attempt to Further Ignite the Rivalry with Utah
“I do despise red but, I don’t know if I’ve gone to that far of a point yet.  Maybe that’s something that I need to do.  I notice our kids don’t wear red.  I don’t see them wearing red around.  So, I think they understand how it goes.”

On Tuesday’s Practice
“I saw us preparing and I saw us in practice today, for a little bit there, kind of have the Thanksgiving lulls.  We restarted a period and they cranked right back up into it and left off to where we have been before.  I thought that was good for them to restart but, I did think they hit a lull there for a minute.”

On Whether he Expects the Tempo at Practice to Pick Back Up From Now on
“I do.  There’s nobody around.  Everything’s going on here when we go to practice.  But, I did see them concentrate but, I just didn’t see the effort as much as I would like to.  Part of that is that we played a really physical football game too.  We had a lot more people beat up coming out of this game than we have any game we’ve played all year.  So, that has a little bit too it but, they can’t worry about being sore.  They’ve got to push through it.  So, they ended up doing that.  They really did.  The last half of practice was really good.”

On Injury Report for Utah Game
“Right now we probably won’t have Woodson Greer.  He won’t be back from the shoulder issues he’s had for a while. Everybody else is still in a stage where we’re looking at them to see.  Hopefully we’ll get more of those guys back to practice tomorrow.  We only had a couple out.  A couple of our guys were in blue shirts.  They were out there but, they just didn’t hit anybody.  But, they’ll be ready to go.”

On the Importance of Ending the Season on a High Note
“I think the last game is always big.  You kind of remember that game and you definitely want to win it.  So, that’s important to us. It’s not a do or die type of thing.  But, I think it does give us a lot of momentum going into recruiting and going into the offseason.  Then we’ll kind of push from there.”

On Whether his Experiences Have Shown That an End of the Season Win Often Creates Momentum Going into the Following Season
“I don’t know.  We‘ve had it work both ways.  But, I think the whole thing is when the kids that come back, the work ethic that we’ve established, the sense of responsibility, the sense of caring for each other and the persistent attitude has to keep going.  Any time you win a game it kind of validates what the coaches are saying if that makes sense.  So, when you win that I think it validates it a little quicker but, I still think you can get around it, doing it if you don’t win it.  But, I think it validates it a little quicker.”

On Techniques to Motivate Players
“I always find ways (to do that).  I learned a little bit of that from (ex-NFL head coach) Bill Parcells.  He was amazing at what I call ‘working the room, individually.’  And I would watch him do it with different guys on the field, in the weight room and different things.  I think you always have to do that.  You have to find a way to help a young man motivate himself.  Not only athletically, but academically, socially, all the things you’re trying to help him with.  So, I do that. I try to find little things.  I take little notes. ‘I’m going to talk to so and so after practice’ or this type of thing.  It’s not like ‘bring them into your office’ because then you’ll, always have a wall up.  That’s kind of like going into the principal’s office sometimes.  But, if you hit them in a normal day then, you can help them. So, I do that.”

On Motivating Players at the End of the Season when the Postseason is Out of Reach and it May Seem Like There Isn’t as Much to Play For
“You hope they’ve bought into the team conception enough that they care enough about playing every time because truly, it’s not a cliché it’s the truth, but you never know when your last game is going to be.  You really don’t.  Every time you get an opportunity to play, it’s time to go play.”

On the Importance of Having a Rival
“I think it is important to have a rival like that.  I think it’s fun for the fans.  I think it makes it fun for the media and that type of thing.  Right now, to me I think the way I see everything, of course we have the Pac-12 and everything but, we have to progress in the Pac-12 so our game really means something and I think that’s when a rival happens.  I don’t know if that makes sense or not.  I think our rival is Colorado State.  That’s a big deal to us here, a very big deal.  When my wife walks into a grocery store and we beat Colorado State, then that’s a good thing.  So, I see that as our main rival and it always will be.  But, we have to get better in the Pac-12 then, all of a sudden there’s going to be a big game that we win and all of a sudden a rival is going to start out of it.  That’s just kind of the way it is.  But, with both schools kind of being new, I like the idea because of where we are geographically.  I think it could be a very good rival but; both of us right now kind of haven’t done enough to really make it a really big national rival media deal.  I think both of us need to do that.”

On Potential Junior College Signings During the Offseason
“We are recruiting some.  We have some coming in for a visit over the next couple weekends.  So, we’ll know after those weekends just how many we will sign.  Well, we only have room for eight guys to come in in January.  I don’t think we’ll get to eight but, that’s all the room we have at this point because we have eight guys that are graduating in December.”

On Whether There is a Difference Between Recruiting at San Jose State Versus Recruiting at Colorado
“No, there’s really not any difference.  When I went to (San Jose State) they were loaded up with junior college kids.  I recruited high school kids and a few junior college kids and I’ll do the same thing here.  So, we look at …. You know, the junior college rules have changed which helps Colorado.  Now you have 48 transferrable hours with a 2.5 coming out of junior college.  Only two (of those hours) can be P.E. (Physical education) and in the past that wasn’t the case. So, now you have a lot more classes that can transfer to a university like Colorado and you have a very good student coming in. So, it’s changed a little bit on that side of it.  That’s opened up a pool for us to be able to look at a few more guys maybe than Colorado had been able to in the past because of the new NCAA rule.”

On the Changing NCAA Academic Rules on Transfers
“It used to be that kids could have a P.E. degree that had 20 P.E. credits.  Well, other schools could take that.  Well, now the NCAA says that you can only have two P.E. credits that count.  They have a lot more classes that are college caliber so to speak.  Not saying that those P.E. credits weren’t but, accepted here that is. It’s very good for the kid. They’re a lot closer to graduating and that’s the main thing we bring them here for is to graduate from college and then win football games. So, that’s what we’re doing.”

On Linebacker Derrick Webb’s Season
“I would take me a while to talk about Derrick.  I almost tear up thinking about it because he is a true, true warrior.  I know that word is used a lot but, if you watch him play, he runs and hits.  He gives everything he has.  After practice and after games he is exhausted.  He truly is the kid that you would say ‘empties the bucket.’  If we had a picture of a guy and it said ‘who empties the bucket all day?’  It would be Derrick Webb on the picture on the poster.  I’ve been very, very pleased with Derrick.  I love his accent because I’m used to it with him being from Memphis.  So, I endear that quality in him.  He graduates here this semester so I’m really excited about what Derrick has done and how well he has done. 

He is a true warrior.  We had a little bit there where we made some changes during the season and he came back and he didn’t bat an eye.  He played really well the last couple games. He made some big hits the other night in the Southern California game. I was really impressed.  And he’ll do anything you ask him to do.  (He’ll be in the top four of special teams points in Colorado history when he leaves here).  He hasn’t played as much special teams this year as he has in the past because he’s started so much. Maybe that’s my fault.  Maybe we would’ve had the record but he wants to start.  So, I don’t allow him to play on all four teams when he starts.  I just allow him to play on two.”

On Philosophy on Recruiting Junior College Players
“I think that you have to pick the right guys.  We had success with a few of them at San Jose State ….. Big time success …… If you just try and grab 30 guys then, yes there is a difference (in doing it the right way).  But, when you select them and you get to know them and work at it and get a select few at a few positions, then I think it can be very valuable.  I really try to get to know the guy.  So, that’s in the process of what we’re doing.”

On Whether he Shies Away From Junior College Players with Academic Issues
“No, because with the new rules if they get through it and they come out, then they’re in good shape.  It’s not like it was any more where you’re reaching in a situation.  So, they come in with a lot of hours towards graduation and they come in with good classes so they had to have good study habits.  So, therefore they’re prepared.  That’s why they changed the rule.”

On Which Young Players he Thinks Have a Chance to Turn Some Heads Next Fall
“There’s a lot of them.  There really are.  The young man, (Phillip) Lindsay, from Denver South, his knees are completely healthy now and wow is he tough and quick.  I think the fans are really going to enjoy watching him play next year.  Bryce Bobo has done really well at wide receiver.  He’s a really tall, athletic guy that can really run.  I’ve been pleased watching him progress.  We have Markeis Reed and Derek McCartney, two young defensive ends that are 6’ 4”.  They were 210 now I talked to Derek and he’s 238.  Markeis is 237.  They’ll be 250 by the time we start next fall and they can run and they’ve got four years.  Those are just a few guys.  There’s a bunch more but, those are guys on both sides of the ball that have kind of stuck out that I’ve been excited about.  The other guys are doing well too.”

On Utah Quarterback Adam Schulz
“I don’t think they’ve changed their offense at all really which is a credit to the kid that’s there, Adam Schulz.  It’s kind of funny because you look at Adam Schulz and you think he could run a little better than (Travis) Wilson can when you watch them on tape but Wilson ran more.  My thought is they’ll run Adam in this last game because I think he’s a good athlete, but they were worried about him getting hurt in the last few games so, they didn’t run him as much.  We’ll prepare for them to run him and I think he will run more because we got hurt a little bit with the quarterback running against Arizona and they run some similar stretch read type option stuff.  So, I expect him to run the ball a little bit more being the last game where they know if he got hurt, there’s not another one later.  I understand that they’re not trying to get the kid hurt but, you understand what I’m saying.  I think they kind of cut back on his running so, we’re trying to prepare for that.  He’s got a good arm and he can make a lot of throws.  He just hasn’t played a whole lot but, now he’s got a few games under his belt and that’s always scary as the opposing coach because you’ve seen Sefo (Liufau) kind of get better each game.  So, I think that’s what I see with Adam.”

On Utah’s Defense
“They’re aggressive.  Number 91, (Tenny Palepoi) he can play.  He’s a really good player.  They have big corners, really big corners.  They press you a lot and get up and try to beat up on you.  So, we’ve been trying to work on that about getting off the press and doing that type of thing.  They do a really good job in that area.  They’re aggressive.  They’ll bring blitzes from all over the place. Sometimes when you do that a lot, sometimes it’s feast or famine.  Hopefully, we get a little bit more feast than famine because of what they do and how they do it.  But, we need to take advantage of that and get some big plays off of it if we can.  It seems like the play with a lot of energy at home too.  It seems like to me on film.  We have to be ready to match that and pass it.”


Safety Parker Orms


On Whether he Sees Utah as a Rival
“I do because they’re a close neighbor and the last two games have been pretty good games.  We’ve both gone at it the last two years.  We went down there and won and they came here and won.  So, I think it’s a good rivalry starting off.”

On Whether the Team Mindset has Changed from When they Traveled to Utah Two Years Ago
“Yeah a little bit.  This time both teams have no chance of playing in a bowl game so, it’s going to be interesting.  I think when we went down there two years ago they were playing to go to the Pac-12 championship so it’s a little bit different. But, both teams want to leave this season with a win.”

On the Emotions Surrounding his Final Game in a Colorado Uniform
“Yes, I think so.  I mean last game was emotional but, we were playing to keep going to be eligible to play in a bowl game. But, now since we lost, we’re not thinking about the bowl game anymore.  We’re just thinking about going out there and competing and winning the game.  I think as seniors we want to enjoy the moment this time and just really go out there and play like it’s our last.”

On Whether the Intensity Around the Team Has Changed over the Last Few Weeks
“I think you have to pick it up a little bit now.  Obviously, after the USC game, people’s heads dropped but, I’m trying as a senior to pick it up and have them go out there, help us get a win and still focus this week.”

On Changes he Might Make When Looking Back on his CU Career
“I think I wouldn’t have run so hard on that first punt when I went down and tore my ACL.  I was just trying to get down there as fast as I can.  Maybe I would have broken down a little bit slower but, you can’t live your life like that.  You have to have no regrets and no excuses.  That’s one of coach (Mike) MacIntyre’s slogans and it’s all around the locker room and stuff like that.  So, I have no excuses and no regrets.”

On Advice to Younger Teammates as they Try to Turn the Program in the Right Direction
“I’d say, ‘Don’t expect it to just change.’  I remember as a freshman just being down there on the sidelines just wondering, ‘Why are we losing like this.  What’s the problem?  That’s not going to happen when I’m out there.’  Then, it happens and then the next year you think you’re going to go there.  So, it’s just not going to change.  I felt like I knew that at the time and I felt like I tried to do everything I could to change the program but, it’s a tough thing and these guys have to push it even harder than we did.”

On The Program’s Future
“I think we’re on our way up.  Just because of the talent that these coaches brought in.  I think you guys are going to see some amazing players that you didn’t even get a chance to see this year.  Also, a lot of the younger guys are maturing and growing up.  So, I think you’re going to see a way better team next year.”

On the Example the Seniors Have Set for the Underclassmen this Season
“I think that us seniors, we had something that lower classmen can look up to.  Just see that we gave it everything we got as seniors and I think that the underclassmen can see that.  They want to go there and win.  They hate losing and they can see how devastating it is for us to go five years without going to a bowl game.  So, I think that’s in their head.”

On the Team’s Underclassmen and their Development
“I’m talking about all the underclassmen.  I think from juniors down, they’re ready to mature and go to the next level next year.  I’m excited to go out and watch them play.”

On What he Has Learned During his Time at CU
“I take a lot of things just as a person.  Living by myself, I went through a lot of things.  I didn’t even really know how to change a tire until I got here and I have four flat tires right now.  I have to go up there after this and go out and call AAA. My dad’s not going to help me.  I have to go out there and do it.  So, it’s stuff like that.  Football wise, I enjoy the game so much more.  College athletes: I respect them so much because of what they have to go through.”

On Best Individual Moment of his Buff Career
“I think it was winning that Buffalo Heart Award.  That really summed up, I think, my whole career here. I went through a lot of stuff and could have given up but I didn’t.  I had a lot of guys help me through a lot of things and I feel like just winning that award, I feel like I have something to back on and say ‘I gave everything I had when I was here.’”

On his Best Hit on an Opposing Player During his Buff Career
“Legal?  That was actually called legal?  I guess the CSU one where I flipped the guy and he kind of did a cart wheel.  That was pretty sweet.  That was this year.”

On his Best Illegal Hit on an Opposing Player
“I guess the first one at Utah.  I was going for the pick that time though.”

 On the Possibility of Becoming a Coach After his Career Ends
“It is something I’m interested in.  It’s a lot of hard work but, if you’re interested in it you’ll put in that hard work.  I definitely have to go ask (coach Mike MacIntyre) for it.  Maybe I can get something on my résumé.”


 Running Back Michael Adkins II


On Whether he Grew up Hating the University of Utah
“I don’t think I did too much.  Obviously, since I didn’t grow up in Colorado I didn’t know much about the rivalry growing up in California.  But, now that I’m here it’s starting to come more alive.”

On Whether it Actually Feels Like Colorado has a True Rival
“I believe just based off of this year, this is my first year following and actually being on the team.  But, I definitely believe (Colorado State) is one of our hugest rivals just as far as people on campus and how they talk about it.  I feel like that’s definitely a rival for us.”

On His Development as a Running Back
“I think I’ve been doing fairly well.  Obviously, I’d like to be doing a little bit better.  My goals for the season were a little bit higher up than it was right now but, I feel like I’m doing a pretty good job as it is.”

On Progressing as a Team During the Offseason
“We came in here as a group of our freshmen class.  We wanted to change the scene of this program so we definitely have to push harder this offseason.  Well, we have to finish out the season first but, when the offseason comes we have to really work hard and we have to really push our older guys and also the younger guys coming up to strive to where we want to be next year.”

On the Future of the Running Back Position at Colorado
“I see a bright future for us.  (Running back) Christian (Powell) is going to be a junior next year so we’ll still be young and we’ll still be able to have that tandem.  Then, Phillip Lindsay is coming up and we’ll have another running back.  So, I could see the future (going pretty well) for us.”

On Running Back Phillip Lindsay
“I feel like his knee has heeled up and I think he’ll to play next season and contribute.”

On Lindsay’s Qualities as a Running Back
“I would say probably his shiftiness.  I feel like he’s a very shifty back and I feel like he can really help us out in that area.”

On How he (Adkins) can Improve Going into His Sophomore Season
“Obviously, (I can improve through) my catching ability.  I dropped some balls this year that I didn’t want to drop.  So, I’ll work on my hands.  I’ll work on quickness a little bit more and getting in and out of the hole.”

On how Difficult it Might be to Get Motivated to Play This Week
“It’s just another game.  It was on our schedule before the season even started so we just have to play that game like we played all the other games and we need to go out and practice the way we’ve been practicing.”


  Linebacker Derrick Webb


On Relationship with Head Coach Mike MacIntyre
“I feel like the feeling is definitely mutual, and that goes for coach (MacIntyre) and (defensive coordinator Kent) Baer.  I have a tremendous amount of respect to both of those coaches just because of how hard they pushed us as seniors going out of our last year and how hard they fought for us being that they could’ve just said, you know, ‘this is our first year, we’re rebuilding, we’re not going to try to get the best out of our seniors because we don’t really like it this year since we have a lot of younger guys.’  Which we do have a good, young talent.  They could’ve gone straight to rebuilding mode.  I think it shows their character and their passion for playing and just how competitive they are as coaches as far as how hard they pushed us this year, so I got a tremendous amount of respect for both those coaches, for that right there.”

On Defensive Coordinator Baer’s Rough Exterior
“I think that’s how he does get to us.  He does have a really rough exterior, like you said, and he pushes us really hard out on the football field.  He demands a lot out of his defensive players.  Then, once we get into the media rooms and we’re not out there in the fire, and we get to just kind of learn and look at ourselves on tape, man he is just more relaxed in the media rooms.  You can kind of feel what kind of person he is.  You don’t always get that out on the football field.  You get the, you know, fiery coach, and that’s how he is and that’s how coach (MacIntyre) is out on the football field.  They’re really intense, but you get into the media rooms and it’s more of a learning environment, more laid back environment, you get the time to feel for them as coaches, as teachers.”

On the Future of Colorado’s Defense
“The defense, this defense, is going to be a lot better.  There’s nowhere for us to go but up, and that’s not because we just did a bad job this year.  It’s because it was our first year running this system as a defense, and we did a lot of good things this year on defense, especially for our first year in this system, so two or three years down the road, I can only see the defense getting better, especially with the players coming back.”

On How the Defense Adjusted to the Coaching Change
“Some things were tough more than scheme that we had to adjust to was just terminology and just know different personalities.  It’s a big change in personalities going from (defensive coordinator Greg) Brown to (defensive coordinator Kent) Baer.” 

On Replacing Old Conference Rival Nebraska with Utah and the Importance of Rivalries
“It used to be, no doubt at all.  As far as right now, I would say our biggest rival would probably be Colorado State just because we are still new to the conference.  Maybe later down the road, our rival will be Utah or USC.  That’s why I can kind of see us going as a program.  They are trying to hype up the Utah games right now.  We’ll been playing them for the last game of our season, so that kind of sets them up as a fiery, competitive game, and the past two competitions have been that way.  We’ve only played them twice at this point, but there have been some very competitive games.  We keep going in that directions, I can see at least Utah being one of our big rivalries.”   

On His Message to Younger Players
“You know, I think I probably couldn’t say it any better (than coach MacIntyre).  The only thing I will add to it is 'don’t wait to change it.'  You can’t expect things to change, we have to change it ourselves.  Don’t wait until you’re a junior, don’t wait until you’re a senior.  We had some good players come in right away and make a big contribution to our offense and defense, and that’s the way all young players should think in my opinion even the ones who don’t play right away.  We had some great scout team players that really helped us.  That needs to be the mindset.  That’s how teams grow, that’s how players get better.”

On His Best Moment
“There’s been so many.  I wish I had one already thinking about coming into this meeting, that I expected that question and had one ready, but just off the top of the head, there’s so many moments.  It is hard to narrow and come down to one.  There have been some great wins, there have been some great plays that I have made, that I’m proud of.”

On His Best Hit
“That’s an easy one, my sophomore year against USC.  It was on a kickoff on a special teams play.  (I hit wide receiver) Robert Woods.”

On Staying Motivated this Week Going Into Utah Matchup
“You got to have high energy at practice.  That’s the only way.  You can talk to them and tell them certain things, but they know where the season is going.  We don’t have the opportunity at this point to play in a bowl game.  Talking can keep their heads up, but for the most part, when they see you still enjoying practice, still going hard, still staying committed it to the end, they’ll kind of catch on and say, ‘let’s finish this up.’  We got the older guys still competing, still playing hard, still working hard for the coaches.”

On the Next Step in His Football Career
“I definitely want to try and continue my football.  If not, I have a communications degree.  I’ve already graduated.  I plan on jumping into the work world right ahead and seeing what opportunities are there for me.  I like to go into news, I like to interview guys, get into that whole communication aspect of the job force and try my luck there.  So there’s a lot of exciting things for me, I just got to see where I land, and I will go from there.”

On Staying Through Two Different Coaching Changes
“I think I was just too committed to the program.  I loved every coach that came through here, from head coach (Dan) Hawkins who gave me my first opportunity, to head coach (Jon) Embree, to head coach MacIntyre.  I got a lot of respect for all those guys, but it never truly was about the coaches for me.  I came here to get an education and to play football at the highest level, and I did both of those, and I became a part of a family, a great family, here at CU.  From that point on, it was about playing for each other.  Ever since I put the black and gold on, it was about playing for those guys in the locker room, and it has been a long, hard four years, but I had those guys with me.  I didn’t go through it alone, and it made the experience that much better.”