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Colorado Head Coach Mike MacIntyre


 General / Opening Statement
“We had our team banquet last night and I thought it went really well.  I don’t know if you saw the different awards we handed out but, we had 16 seniors we honored.  We are very appreciative of what they’ve done and how they’ve bought in to everything.  I thought it was a neat night.  I was really exciting to see and to send those guys off.  I think the future looks bright and that’s what I told them.  They are part of that legacy and they set a standard because they bought into what we were asking.  They trusted us and we trusted them.  They have helped set a standard for the younger guys as we keep moving forward.  It’s all about the process.  It’s all about perspective and perseverance and how you just keep doing it over and over and over.  So, I’m excited for those young men to see where they land and what will happen with them in the future.  I told them whenever we go to our first bowl game, that they’re welcome there.  I’d love seeing them there. It’ll be exciting to see what happens in front of those young men.  I think all of them will be very successful in whatever field and endeavor they go into.

I’m excited for Paul (Richardson).  Of course we would love for him, to stay and play another year.  He understands all that.  But, in this situation, I’ve been through it a lot, it’s what he and the family feel like is best.  He’s put in four year here.  It’s not like he’s leaving after his third year.  So, he’s put in four years.  He’s three classes away from graduating so we’ve got a plan working on that.  And so he’s stayed on track and done a great job there academically.  So, we definitely wish him the best and we’re very thankful for what he’s done at Colorado in previous years.  I’m very thankful personally for what he did this year being a team captain and his competitiveness and how he played.  Even when he was banged up a little bit he still went and played and I appreciated that.  He leaves here with 29 records which is really good.  One thing I tried to entice him on was that he could leave here with about 60 if he stayed another year that would probably never be broken.  But, I’m excited for Paul.  I really am.  I’m also sad for us at the same time.  But, knowing at this time too is good.  (Because it’s) right during recruiting and (as we are) moving on in the future.  Now we can keep going forward.  I appreciate that he has left a great legacy for us and a great work ethic for the receiving corps and showed a lot of leadership qualities for a young man who was getting a lot of recognition.  But, he came to work every day and he showed the younger guys how to work.  That’s very important for our future.

So, as the season went along …… Bill Parcells used to always say and I agree with him, ‘you are what you are.’  And we were 4-8.  I do think though we truly improved.  That’s not just a think that I say, I see it all the time in everything that we’re doing from on the field, to off the field, to in the weight room, to meetings, to how our kids treat each other, to how handle the locker room, how they do all of that stuff.  I have seen things change drastically.  We have a long way to go, but we have started.  We’ve gone from, the valley to the foothills.  So, we’re headed in the right direction and we have to keep working and keep climbing.  So, I’m excited about what we’re doing in the future.  Our kids are now getting ready for exams and working for all that.  We get a little break at Christmas and then we’ll be back here working hard when they get back here and report back on January 12th to get ready for winter workouts and everything that way.  So, on the season I thought that we started out fast.  I thought the kids came out of camp prepared and ready and showed a lot of improvement.

I think two areas that show improvement and that showed kids were listening and care about it and show that’s it important to them were: Number 1, we had the least amount of fumbles in the history of the school.  We reiterate ball security and that you carry the hopes and dreams of your team when you carry the ball.  We also had the least amount of penalties in the last three decades.  To me, that also says that they’re listening and they’re caring. I t shows that they’re getting good coaching.  So, those are areas that show that if you cannot hold onto the football or protect the football, you have basically no chance of winning.  If you’re killing yourself with penalties constantly then, you stop drives and you help keep other drives alive so that gives you another chance of not being able to win.  So, if we can definitely keep that going and then keep improving our size and our speed and our athleticism with the kids that we have here through their work ethic and our weight program and add some more young men to it …. Then, the guys that have played quite a bit and our younger guys, they should be more improved next year just by the way of playing.  I saw a lot of them improve as the year went along.  So, I feel like that will help us keep improving.  Also, you have to keep working, working, working. You can’t rest on anything you’ve done in the past at all as a young guy for sure.”

On His Meeting with Richardson in Which They Discussed Richardson’s Decision to Go Pro
“Paul’s conversation went really well.  We talked about a lot of different things.  With me being in the NFL for five years, I have an understanding of what that world’s all about.  We talked about that some too after he kind of let me know that that was what he kind of wanted to do.  So, I definitely wanted him to stay.  There’s no doubt on that side of it.  But, like I said earlier, the coach really has no say in it.  You can all think that you do, but it’s the kid and the family and what they think works best for them.  With him putting four years in and nine units from graduating, he’s right on the verge of doing everything that he’s wanted to do.  He’s put in a lot of hard work here and I’m pretty sure we talked a little bit about how he had a knee injury earlier in his career and I’m pretty sure he’s thinking he didn’t want to have another one, because he’s already had that happen.  So, I think that that is a smart choice by him on that side of it.  He was very professional and he did everything the correct way and I wish him the very, very best.  I am thankful for what he did for us here.”

On Receiving Corps after the Loss of Richardson
“Devin Ross can run.  Bryce Bobo can run. Elijah Dunston can run.  We’re recruiting some other guys that we feel like can really run.  So, we’re working on all that and the thing is they have to go do it on the field like Paul did.  That’s our job to coach them well.  That’s our job to get them in the right position to be able to make some plays.  As Sefo (Liufau) gets better and better and Connor Wood gets better and better, and our understanding of the offense gets better and better, we’ll execute better.  So, we’ll have opportunities to make other plays.  Nelson Spruce is pretty good too.  He had some big plays this year.  So, we’ll keep working at it and just go from there.”

On the Number of Scholarships He Will Have to Work With This Off-Season
“Well one more now.  It’s all up in the air a little bit right now.  But, we see right around 19-20 at this point in time.  So, we’re looking at all ……. There are always a million different scenarios that go into that.  We’ll see how everything unfolds after this semester.”

On Other Possible Personnel Losses This Off-Season
“I don’t know.  I haven’t had anyone else just come by like in Paul’s situation or anything like that.  I don’t foresee a lot of attrition.  There’s always going to be a guy or two that maybe isn’t playing as much as they would like and decides to transfer down and play.  That’s natural in today’s football.  There might be an old or young guy that goes through spring practice, like maybe a fifth-year senior that doesn’t see himself playing as much as he would like.  We’ve always had guys come in and just say ‘hey coach, I’m just going to go ahead and graduate.’  So, those different situations happen as it goes. It just seems like that’s always kind of what happens.”

On the Offense’s Outlook as They Move Forward without Richardson
“Today, it really hurts our offense if we had to go play a game tomorrow because we’re not as prepared.  But, good players leave everybody’s team every year.  Of course, he’s an excellent player.  We just have to find a way to fix it and move in.  I think we have guys that can step up …….. Maybe not just one person, but a couple guys ….. But, then again, there could be one person that steps up and does it too when they get the opportunity to do it.  We’ll keep seeking that out and keep looking at it.”

On the Program’s Needs at This Point in His Tenure
“I think one thing that someone asked me the other day was ‘What do we need to recruit?’  I think we need to recruit a little bit of everything.  That’s not just a cliché. I think we see that we need to get better all across the board at different spots.  I think that we need to keep improving both lines, they need to keep improving.  I thought that Josh Tupou and (Justin) Solis and those guys the last part of the year really started playing better and better.  I mean, Josh had a bunch of tackles and a bunch of tackles for loss.  He created havoc in the backfield Saturday and I think he did also in a couple other games which he hasn’t been doing and he has the ability to do.  I think he’s kind of turning over a new leaf.  He’s in better shape.  He doesn’t get tired as quick.  He can react.  

We need to be able to ……. Losing Chidera (Uzo-Diribe) is going to be a big loss pass rush wise.  We have a few guys redshirted and a couple young guys that have played some that have started to make some plays and are athletic.  They’ve gained thirty pounds and we’ll see how they look coming out of spring practice.  Hopefully, they can step up and be able to do some of the same things that Chidera was able to do. Offensive line: we need to keep improving along the offensive line.  We get Jeromy Irwin back and he’s gained another twenty pounds.  He’s a blessing in disguise because he didn’t redshirt as a freshman.  He played just a little bit.  So, he’s gotten bigger and stronger.  He’ll be a good addition back that’s played.  We redshirted some other freshmen so I think that should help us right there.  You’ve got to always keep getting speed in this league.  I think that’s obvious to everybody.  We’ve got to keep getting speed and we’ve got to keep getting guys that can make plays in open space.  I think some of those young guys got better as the year went along doing that.”

On Goals between Now and the Start of Spring Practice
“I talked to them last night and we’ve talked to them today (about that).  One of our goals is that when we go home over Christmas break, the guys that are gaining weight that need to gain weight don’t go home and lose weight.  And I know this is elementary but, the guys that were keeping their weight down, they can’t go home with mom and gain 25 pounds. Then, we’d have to start back over all over again January 12th.  It’ll take you three to four weeks to get them where you want.  So, that’s a key ingredient.  That’s kind of what I’ve talked to them about with the bracelet they wear.  When they look at that, do they care enough to do that?  Hopefully when they come back I see that that hasn’t happened.  That will be a tale tell sign to me to see if those guys do care. 

I think they do but, they’ve got to do it when they’re away from us also.  The goal is we have to get bigger and stronger.  I know it’s a cliché but it’s the truth.  We’ve got to start changing our lower body.  We’ve got to start being more powerful down there.  That’s one of the things I noticed in some of the games. We weren’t quite as strong as some of the upper-echelon teams.  We can get there.  There’s no doubt.  The guys that redshirted and didn’t play much have been working out three days a week all fall and I’ve seen a big difference.  So, if they can keep that cycle going all the way till August they should keep gaining a lot more strength and power.”

On whether he is Contemplating Making any Changes on his Coaching Staff

On the Intricacies of the Recruiting Process
“You all know how that works.  We’ll want to keep all those guys (that we already have commitments from).  You’re probably going to lose a couple guys.  That’s just the ……. You’re messing with 18-year old guys.  We’ll also find some more or get some that we’re working on now and we’ll kind of keep working from there.  Then, like I said, we’ll find out about more attrition or different things, over the holidays.  When we come back January 12th we’ll see how things will work and if we can add some more guys some more guys to that signing list or not.  So, we’ll just keep working at that and keep going from there.”

On How Important it is that Richardson Gets Bigger in Order to Succeed in the NFL
“Paul and I talked about that.  He definitely needs to get some more size on him for durability factors.  He can do that. If he puts the right type of muscle on, he’s not going to lose any speed.  He might even gain more speed and more power. So, he definitely needs to do that.  The other side of it is, there will be bigger men hitting him.  Holding onto the ball when they go up for jump balls and that type of thing …….. That’s something Paul and I talked about early in the year.  In the spring he really didn’t make those plays when he kind of got jarred and that’s something we worked on all fall.  We did drills where he was getting hit and he caught it.  He started making those plays this year and made some really good body catches and that type of thing.  So, he’ll need that strength, not only to stay durable but he’ll need it to hang on to the ball when they hit him continuously.  I know he’ll work at that and what he needs to improve on and hopefully he’ll be able to do that.”

On the Program’s In-State Recruiting Efforts
“We’re working at it extremely hard.  Right now, it hasn’t gone as well as I would like.  But, it’s way from over and we’re going to keep fighting and keep working and keep going.  It always seems like at the last minute there’s one or two kids that look at mom and dad the last couple nights and go ‘I’m not going that far away.  I’m staying right here.’  So, we’ll keep working on that and hopefully that will work out.  We’ll keep working at it as hard as we can.  We’ll keep pushing.  As we keep getting better, and everything starts evolving here as we hope they’re going to, then those types of things we will have more success in that area.  There really will. Like I’ve said, a lot of different schools that I’ve went to, as you started having more and more success and they started seeing that it was real and getting to know us and you’ve kind of had the kids in camp for two or three years and you get to know the kids, then you’ll start to get a relationship.”

On the Reasons Why CU has Struggled to Recruit Within the State
“I don’t think it’s the uncertainty of where it’s headed.  They’re being told a million different things by other coaches and while those kids have grown up, Colorado hasn’t been very good.  Since they’ve been in first grade they’ve never seen Colorado be good.  So, it’s hard for them to relish but, some of them are getting it.  I think as we keep showing more and more progress and keep working at it and keep getting to know them that it will happen.  It’s just that you can’t fret over the ones you lose, you have to make sure you get the right ones that you do get.”

On Recruiting Players Based on Their Star Ratings
“When I watch film on players, I don’t have a clue what star they have.  So, I don’t even look at that.  I don’t get a film and say ‘ok, put up all these guys that have four stars.’  We just watch the film and go with it.  Then, the star stuff usually kind of works itself out as that goes through.  So, that’s kind of how we look at it.  We just try to find players anywhere we can find them.  Every one of our players right now, we’re going up against top (programs) for.  Some of them might not be saying it but we know who’s calling them.  We know what’s going on and we know how it’s working.  It’s funny but, we were on a lot of kids early that nobody was on and then all of a sudden thee have five or six other Pac-12 schools on them that offered them after we offered them.  We didn’t know who they were.  So, we’ve just got to keep fighting and keep working at it.  It’s fun and it’s also frustrating.  It’s also exciting.  I love this time of the year going to get to know the parents and going to get to know the kids.  This is truly to me when everything meets the road and you find out if it’s the right 22 or not.  Some of the kids that we have committed: we know them already but we don’t know them real well yet to be honest with you because I haven’t been in the home, haven’t sat down in front of the parents, haven’t had them in for an official visit.  So, there’s a lot out there left to do.  There really is.”

On What Went Wrong over the Course of the Season
“A couple of the games when we were right there: I would have liked to have finished those games off.  We had some opportunities.  It seemed like the last couple games, and we talked about this as a team, we were right there then we had a fumble or we gave up a big pass play when we were right there to make the plays and we don’t make the plays.  Then, the game goes from a 7 point game to a 17 point game and then we never get back into it.  The last part of the season though, especially the last three games, that really wasn’t the case but in the middle of the year that was the case.  I felt like at the end of the year that wasn’t the case.  They kept fighting and kept believing that they could win.  We’ve got to find a way to …… Late in the season we weren’t moving the ball as good early in the game as we had been.  Then, we moved the ball better in the second half.  We’ve got to be able to move the ball in the first half.  I thought that in some of the games we tackled pretty well and a couple of the games we tackled poorly.  But, I think that overall we really, if you look at the whole body of the season, I do think we improved in that area.  But, we’ve got to do it consistently in every game.”

On What Went Right This Season
“One of the things you’re always uncertain of is, when you came in would the kids buy in to what you’re asking them to do? Would they trust you?  Would they do the things you’re asking them to do?  Would they show up like they’re supposed to?  Would they stay in on Thursday nights?  Would they commit themselves?  And they did that.  To me, that’s the very first step.  If we weren’t doing that right now and I was still having a lot of issues in those areas with concentration and not talking back and all that kind of stuff which we didn’t have any of …… That shows me that they truly do care.  They truly believe in us.  It shows you that our coaching staff is relating with these young men and they’re helping improve and get better and the work ethic is there.  It’s really all about the work ethic.  It’s all about the perseverance. It’s all about the effort they give daily and the focus they give daily in order for them to keep getting better. I see that in their eyes.  I see that when they look dead at me.  They’re listening to what we’re saying. Listening is discipline. If they don’t listen to you they you have no discipline.  If they listen to you, then you have all the discipline. They’re doing that and they’re buying into it.  So, to me that gives us great hope as we are going forward in the future.”

On Whether he Use the Promise of an Upgrade in Facilities in His Recruiting Pitch
“Well, I’m able to use it and we’ve got some big meetings this week and all the things going on with that.  Hopefully, we’ll get all that nailed down then I can use it tremendously and then we’ll have everything ready to go.  That’s something that will help us here as we’re able to get into homes today for really the first time.  So, we’re in the process of doing that.  So, as I get in the homes and I’m able to go tell all to everybody, that will help us solidify some guys and it will help us also get some other guys.  So, I’ll be excited about that.”

On Fighting Attrition
“Well, I think limiting attrition is important.  But, if you look around any college football program, any of them, even the national championship team, they’re going to have a little bit of attrition.  You just want to make sure that the reasons for it are good.  There are situations that are better for the kid or that type of thing.  You definitely don’t want to have a ton of attrition.  I don’t foresee that at all.  If I sat here and said ‘well, nobody’s leaving,’ …….. I don’t know that.  So, if good about everything that’s going on with our guys and we’ve met with them all individually and we’ve talked to them.  There are some kids that have been here for a few years that aren’t getting to play much and it looks like …… I’m pretty sure they’ll go home over Christmas, and I’ve talked to them, to decide if they want to come back and play or they want to transfer down.  There are always those types of situations but you’re looking out for the best interest of the kid when it goes with that.”

On What Qualifies as a Ton of Attrition
“I would say 10 or 12 guys …… That type of thing.  I don’t foresee that whatsoever at all.”

On Steve Sarkisian Taking the Head Coaching Job at USC
“I heard about it a little while ago.  I didn’t know what to think about it to be honest with you.  Him being there before makes a lot of sense and he knows the landscape. I think from what I understand, he and (Ed) Oregeron coached there together so there’s an overlap there.  So, I’m happy for Steve if that’s what he wanted to do and it looks like that’s what he wanted to do.  To me, he had it rolling at Washington.  I think they had a good team.  I thought they were extremely talented.  They’ve got a brand new $490 million stadium and he had a lot of young guys that it looked like to me he had a lot of young guys that were good players playing. I think he was going to be pretty good again next year.  But, he is a California kid.  I remember watching him play at El Camino Junior College.  I was recruiting junior college a long time ago. He had played a bowl game against College of the Desert.  We talked about that a couple of times.  I was recruiting another kid off his team.  He was going to BYU. I was at UT-Martin, a I-AA school.  I remember going out there to watch them play College of the Desert in a bowl game out in the Palm Springs area.  But, he’s a California kid and that’s where he wanted to be back at.”

On What he is Proudest of After his First Year at the Helm of the Colorado Program
“I’m definitely proud to be the head coach of the University of Colorado. I really am.  I think that I’m proud of the way our players fought extremely hard.  We upset one team this year and beat the other three teams I guess you would say, we were supposed to beat.  We had a couple of other chances to win some games but, I think their overall fight and their overall desire each game to come out and play …… I see that and I think a lot of people see the effort that was given by the kids.  We just need to keep trying to work to get more results on the scoreboard and that will come as we just keep progressing.  So, I’m really proud of their effort and the way they fought and the way they really cared about each other as teammates.”

On Pac-12 Postseason Awards
“I’m glad they picked Paul Richardson first team.  I thought (linebacker) Addison Gillam would’ve had a chance to be freshman defensive player of the year.  I really did. He had the stats to prove it.  They gave Myles Jack offensive and defensive player which is good for Myles.  Maybe they wish they would have shared the wealth a little bit and gave him just one of them.”

On What he is Looking Forward to Most Next Year
“You never start off where you left off.  You go back to ground zero.  So, we’ll go back to ground zero and we’ll start right back from there working at it.  The thing I do hope with the guys that played a lot is that they need to understand the things they need to improve on.  That’s not to just throw it out in mid-air.  We go through and do a cut up for each kid individually with good plays and bad plays.  If it’s just a neutral play we don’t really put that but, good plays and bad plays …… We sit down with them and show them the good things that they did and the bad things that they did and give them a blueprint of how they need to improve and what they need to do.  Not only in the weight room, but in the agilities and also in practice field when we go out there and do that so they know how they can improve.  So, there’s a visual that they can use to do that. So, we’ll sit down and do that with them right when they get back off of break and explain that to them.  Then, just with the overall attitude, we need to keep going in the right direction.  We need to keep believing that when we step on the field we can beat anybody that we play.  I felt like most of the time we did that this year.  I think there was a few times that we might not have.  That’s my old slogan that ‘you can’t just stick your toe in the pool.  You have to go ahead and dive in.’  I think most of our kids are starting to understand that.”

On Potential Athletic Facilities Upgrades
“I believe wholeheartedly that Rick George, Phil (DiStefano) and Bruce (Benson) are all on the same page and I believe wholeheartedly that they’re going to get that done.  We love it here and we want to keep making this place successful. This is a great place to live.  It’s a great place to raise kids.  The history here is awesome.  I know you always talk about the history but history does repeat itself and we will repeat it eventually.  So, I’m excited about what they’re doing and how hard Rick and those guys are working at it.  I just keep believing in them that it’s definitely going to happen.”


Wide Receiver Paul Richardson


Opening Statement
“Well, I’m guessing everyone saw my twitter account, but I am going to go through with entering next year’s NFL draft.  I had a great experience here at Colorado.  I went through a lot of coaching staffs but, I’ve had these same teammates, a lot of them, for the past four years.  It’s been awesome.  I want to thank coach (Mike) MacIntyre for coming in and bringing in such a great staff that has been helping mold us into great young men.  I’ve talked to him about this process and he’s going to help me as much as he can .  I told him there’s nothing I’m going to do that he’s not going to be a part of.  He said he feels comfortable heading me in the right direction.  I’m just grateful for that.  I’m grateful for coach (Troy) Walters and everything that he has taught me.  I’ve just been trying to follow in his footsteps and accomplish the different things that he’s accomplished.  I just appreciate being able to have a Biletnikoff winner as my receivers coach and to help me be prepared for this next step into the NFL.”

On the Timing of the Decision
“I made the decision after our last game.  Of course, I’ve been talking to my family a lot about it during the second part of the season and we decided that we didn’t want to be a distraction to the team and a distraction to our program with what we’ve been building here and it turned out for the best.  We didn’t get the results that we wanted this season but they’ll come in the near future.”

On the Decision’s Deciding Factor
“Just the position that I’m in right now and the position of my family ……… I just felt that it would be a great time for me to take that next step and for me to have that support from my head coach, coach MacIntyre, and my position coach, coach Walters.  That helped me make this decision.”

On Whether he Met with Coach MacIntyre this Morning to Discuss the Decision
“Yes, I met with coach Mac today.  It wasn’t spur of the moment.  We had this meeting planned and he reassured me how much I meant to this program and what I helped do here.  I told him that I appreciate him as a coach and as a man and that I think that this program is still going to be going in the right direction under his control and that we will successful and we will get to a bowl game next season.

On the Differences Between This Year and Last for the Program
“The level of pride and attitude and courage that my teammates have played with this season (is the difference).  Last season, we couldn’t put a second half together to save us and it reflected a lot in how we played.  This year, in our best games, we played our best football in the third and fourth quarter.  That says a lot about our program and the strides we’ve taken forward.  Now, they’re just going to work on putting those full games together and coming out on top.”

On How Much He Thought About Coming Back for His Senior Season
“I thought about it a lot.  It’s a tough decision.  Like coach MacIntyre said, you don’t want to be in the NFL wishing you were in college and you don’t want to be in college wishing you were in the NFL.  It was a tough decision. I thought about it a lot but, from speaking with my family and speaking with my coaches and getting that guidance that I didn’t have, I was just making sure I was doing the right thing and I was being steered in the right direction.  We came to the conclusion that this was the best decision for me to make at this time.”

On Where Scouts are Projecting He Might go in the NFL Draft
“You never really know.  There have been guys that weren’t on anyone’s boards that ended up going first and second rounds.  There’s guys that are projected to go first round and they go in the later rounds.  So, I don’t really listen to my projections.  I just listen to the things I need to work on to be able to move up in the draft and those are the things I will be focusing on during this period of time.”

On How He Can Improve as a Player as He Eyes the Next Level
“I can get faster.  I can get stronger and I just can get bigger overall.  I made it through the entire season to show my durability and I never had a problem with my knee again and that was a big factor.  Now, I just need to put on a little bit more weight and more strength to be able to be used more in the run game as well as in the pass game.”

On his Sales Pitch to NFL Scouts
“I just want to look physically different.  They’ve seen me on film this past season and I want to show how much I’ve grown and how much I’ve taken pride in my training and getting to that point to be in front of them  at that time.  Then, I’m just going to tell them ‘hey, I’ve been putting in the work to show them that I’m ready .’  I think my sales pitch is just going to be my performance, my times and my numbers.”

On His Tweets on Sunday that Might Have Hinted That he was Leaning Towards Leaving
“It was this coaching staff’s first year here and I just wanted to show my appreciation to those coaches and my appreciation to Colorado as a university for allowing me to chase my dream again and giving me the opportunity to get a college education, play division I football again, my appreciation to coach MacIntyre and then my appreciation to my position coach.  I wanted to pay my respects because we did have a good year this season.  They came in and showed how the culture is changing here and I really appreciated that.  I did the same thing for our other coaching staffs.  So, I’m consistent and it came from the bottom of my heart.

On Whether he Will Attend an NFL Training Center to Get Ready for the Draft
“That decision hasn’t been made yet.  That’s one of the things we’re working on figuring out.  Like I said, I’m going to have coach MacIntyre helping me with these decisions and we’re going to figure out the best plan for me.”

On Whether he Will Finish His Degree
“That’s going to be part of our plan that we’re working on.”

On the Importance of Getting that College Degree
“It’s very important.  I’m almost done.  I have a lot of credit in another degree as well.  So, I plane on taking care of my first one in communications which I only have three classes left in.  Then, I plan on taking care of that other degree as well.”

On the State of the Offense Minus Richardson
“I don’t think this is a loss for our program at all.  I think in a way it’s kind of a plus.  It gives guys that were behind me the opportunity to show their talents as well and show what they can do for this program.  They won’t have a guy starting off the year being double and triple covered.  That took away from our offense.  So, now you have guys that are going to be getting single and man coverage and they can display their talent.  So, it’s going to help us a lot.  We have a lot of receivers on offense that are ready to fill those shoes and will be able to take over this program.”

On What He Will Miss Most about the University of Colorado
“I’m going to miss my teammates the most.  Like I said, I’ve been here with a great group of guys. I love each one of these guys.  I love this coaching staff.  I love Boulder, Colorado.  To leave is very upsetting.  It’s hard.  I’m still trying to cope with it but, it was the right time.”

On His Favorite Moment at CU
“The blackout game where we beat Georgia ……. That was great. I didn’t have any stats in that game and we won.  That was the best one right there.”