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PULLMAN-The Buffs got off to a strong start at the Pac-12 Championships on Saturday as at least four CU participants finished the day in position to make a significant move up the leader board going into Sunday.

Seniors Brock Emory and Jason DeWitt overcame the chilly and windy conditions in Pullman to finish the afternoon fifth and seventh respectively in the men’s decathlon event. On the women’s side, sophomores Abrianna Torres and Brittany Lewis also rode solid performances to seventh and eighth place finishes respectively in the women’s heptathlon. CU participants Mariah Slack and Ewelina Pena also competed well on Saturday.

“I have an amazing group of athletes to work with and I'm very impressed with what they have accomplished today and I'm looking forward to another day of battle tomorrow,” said assistant coach, Lindsey Malone.

Emory and DeWitt highlighted the day by each setting new personal records in the long jump. DeWitt shattered his personal best by jumping 22-03, well past his former best of 20-10.75. Emory’s 21-06.75 was also a career-best.

Despite their strong showings in the long jump, both competitors actually had their highest overall finishes in the high jump, where DeWitt finished third and Emory fourth.

“Brock and Jason are going against an incredibly talented field of decathletes and they are competing with courage, wisdom and the strength of five years of decathlon training,” said Malone.

Torres finished a strong second in the shot put event and with the long jump and javelin, two of her stronger events, still to come Malone thinks she, along with Lewis, Slack and Pena, have an excellent chance to finish well on Sunday.

“I thought we would have been a little higher after day 1 on the women’s side but I like our chances on Sunday,“ said Malone. “With all of them being so formidable in some of tomorrow’s events, I imagine their places will shift significantly tomorrow.”  

2014 Pac-12 Championships
Pullman, WA
Women‘s Heptathlon -CU Athletes Only

Points: (1. Alexis Walker, UCLA, 3345) 7. Adrianna Torres, 2907; 8. Brittany Lewis, 2877; 10. Ewelina Pena, 2732; 12. Mariah Stack, 2377

200-Meters: (1. Amalie Iuel, USC, 24.43) 6. Brittany Lewis, 25.76; 9. Abrianna Torres, 27.06; 10. Ewelina Pena, 27.28; 12. Mariah Slack, 28.07

100-Meter Hurdles: (1. Alexis Walker, UCLA, 14.23) 8. Brittany Lewis, 15.15; 9. Abrianna Torres, 15.30; 11. Ewelina Pena, 15.43; 12. Mariah Slack, 16.43

High Jump: (1. Alexis Walker, UCLA, 5-11.5) 4. Ewelina Pena, 5-03.25; T-7. Abrianna Torres, 5-02.25; T-7. Mariah Slack, 5-02.25; 10. Brittany Lewis, 5-01

Shot Put: (1. Daphne Chambers, 43-03.75) 2. Abrianna Torres, 40-07.5; 7. Brittany Lewis, 34-03.5; 10. Ewelina Pena, 31-10.25; 12. Mariah Slack, 25-02

Men’s Decathlon-CU Athletes Only

Points: (1. Viktor Fajoyomi, USC, 4181) 5. Brock Emory, 3743; 7. Jason DeWitt, 3638

100-Meters: (1. Alec Fellows, Oregon, 11.04) 5. Brock Emory 11.22; 11. Jason DeWitt, 11.59

400-Meters: (1. Mitch Modin, Oregon, 49.09) 5. Brock Emory, 50.65; 12. Jason DeWitt, 52.63

High Jump: (1. Viktor Fajoyomi, USC, 7-00.25) 3. Jason DeWitt, 6-07.5; 4. Brock Emory, 6-06.25;
Long Jump: (1. Viktor Fajoyomi, USC, 24-08.25) 5. Jason DeWitt, 22-03; 7. Brock Emory, 21-06.75

Shot Put: (1. Mitch Modin, Oregon, 42-09.75) 6. Brock Emory, 41-01.5; 8. Jason DeWitt, 40-03.25

Colorado School of Mines Last Chance Qualifier
(CU Athletes Only)
Track Events
Women’s 800-Meters: (1. Alexa Urban, UC-Colorado Springs, 2:13.08) 7. Olivia Rintala 2:21.21
Women’s 1500-Meters: 1. Alm Maddie, 4:39.79; 3. Courtney Bouchet 4:47.37
Men’s 100-Meters: (1. Dominque Hubert, Unattached, 10.32) 5. Erik Gaytan, 10.92
Men’s 200-Meters: (1. Johathan Clarke, Metro State, 21.63) 3. Erik Gaytan, 22.16
Men’s 800-Meters: (1. Robin Butler, Western State 1:49.93) 11. David Emmert, 1:58.37

Air Force Twilight Open:
Colorado Springs
Friday’s Results
(CU Athletes Only)

Field Events:
Women’s Discus: (1. Cydnee Reese, Air Force, 157-10) 4. Sophie Hallam-Eames, 135-2; 5. Makenzie Kline, 132-3
Women’s Hammer Throw: 1. Emily Hunsucker, 209-3; 6. Sophie Hallam-Earnes, 154-3
Women’s Javelin: (1. Kim Smith, Air Force, 140-9) 5. Makenzie Kline, 94-9
Men’s Shot Put: (1. Grant Hamilton, Air Force, 58-1.25) 2. Alex Kirzirian, 53-6.5
Men’s Discus: (1. Russ Winger, Asics, 192-1) 2. Alex Kirzirian, 189-1
Men’s Hammer: (1. Brian Freed, South Dakota Mines, 191-9) 2. Alex Kirzirian, 190-8
Men’s Javelin: (1. Garrett Griffin, Air Force, 197-9) 7. Timothy Porcelli,  127-7