BOULDER - Monday was scheduled to be the final of five two-a-day practice sessions.

But, instead of driving his team through another late afternoon gauntlet through the sweltering August heat, head coach Mike MacIntyre downgraded the session to a more casual walk-through that might conserve some precious team vitality heading into the Friday, Aug. 29, opener against Colorado State.

“(With the news of the schedule change) I noticed more of a bounce in their step today,” MacIntyre said.

"This is kind of a hard week in the fact that two-a-days are now over but you still have another week before game week. But I thought there was a good bounce in their step. We gave them yesterday off so that was good.”

In an attempt to even further diminish the residual effects that have taken their toll on the players throughout camp, the staff has also canceled a scrimmage that had been scheduled to take place on Saturday Aug. 23.

Injuries to key players such as safety Jered Bell, defensive linemen Tyler Henington and Markeis Reed, and linebacker Addison Gillam may have been one of the biggest factors in the team’s restructured regimen. Now, rather than risking any more setbacks, a major team goal has become to get to the season opener fairly healthy.

“You never can afford to lose any more players than you already have,” MacIntyre said. “We’re fine right now but if we get anybody else hurt, we’ll have some young guys playing out there pretty early.”

MacIntyre Views Film of Scrimmage
MacIntyre reviewed the film of Saturday afternoon’s scrimmage over the weekend and for the most part he was happy with what he saw.

“I thought that we made plays on both sides of the ball,” the coach said. “I thought there were some good points. I thought the running backs made some good plays. I thought the receivers did. I thought the defensive backs did. I thought that the linemen did a good job. I thought overall they understood what we tried to do with our schemes. Special teams wise, that was our first time live and it was a little sloppy but we’re much farther ahead than we were at this time last year.”