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Boulder Buff Club
The Boulder Buff Club is proud to be affiliated with the University of Colorado Boulder and support
CU Athletics and Student-Athletes. The Boulder Buff Club supports the program by fundraising and bringing Buff
friends and family together. Check out the upcoming Boulder Buff Club Events and support the Buffs!



CU Women's Soccer Game

‎On Oct. 13, the Boulder Buff Club handed out 400 "Terrible Towels" at the soccer game vs Oregon State. They were a big hit especially with the kids who came to see the Buffs. The Buffs have a great facility and you should make a point of going out to support the women's team. Rose and Jim Gilbert, Charlie Whitaker and Ed Mead were the volunteers that worked this event.

Kick-off Luncheon

Sponsored by the Boulder Buff Club and the Boulder Chamber of Commerce

August 30th 2012

The 2012 version was similar to the previous 24 Kickoff Lunches in that the excitement level for the upcoming year was very high. The celebrities in attendance included the players, coaches, the Band and of course Ralphie. After the usual speeches the 2011 PAC-12 Cross Country Championship teams were honored. Both the Men's and Women's teams brought home our first PAC-12 trophies.

Will Pericak, Paul Vigo, Jack Harris and Gerald Thomas took the podium to relate their experience during training camp. Coaches were introduced by one of their position players.  Each of these players related something funny about their coach. Coach Embree had all of the freshmen present stand to be acknowledged by the crowd. It was their first but won't be their last visit to the Luncheon.  Coach also wanted all present at the game to make a lot of noise so it seemed like a home game.

We wanted to thank the volunteers that made this event a big success. Mason and Phillip Schumacher, Jim Ziegler, Rose Gilbert, Charlie Whitaker, Dennis Greenfield, Tom Courson, Ed Mead, James Graham, Nelson and Laurie Miner, Henry Lopez, Jeff Abrams, Pat Grimes, John Hunter and Gerad Bergrud.

- Ed Mead

Track Team Equipment

The Boulder Buff Club prides itself on being involved with all sports at the University of Colorado. We asked head track coach Mark Wetmore if there was any way we could assist his program for the upcoming year. He said they were looking at upgrading their hurdles and Steeplechase barriers. The BBC along with funds from "The friends and Family of Emma Coburn" purchased the equipment Coach Wetmore requested.

Coach Wetmore's note of thanks to the Boulder Buff Club:

Boulder Buff Club,

I have been remiss in not already thanking you for the most useful gift which we already have in place... and have used in our two home meets this year. The equipment arrived in March. It is everything we hoped for.

We knew what to expect with the hurdles, and indeed they are a perfect match for the ones we already have (so the whole straightaway looks consistent and professional when the 110m hurdle race is about to begin). Now we have enough total hurdles to have not only the straightaway set up, but the oval ready to go for the 400m hurdles without having to race around moving heavy stacks.

One never knows what to expect with steeplechase barrier orders because they are sort of "made to order". But these are the best there is... easily moved, easily adjusted for height and even surfaced in the same rubber (mondo) as our track. With the rubber coating on the "bar" spiked shoes are much less likely to slip, thus minimizing accidents. As you may know, the #1 NCAA Women's Steeplechaser (CU's own Emma Coburn) is presently training over them, as is the #1 USA men's runner, our assistant coach Billy Nelson. We look like a top flight operation.

On behalf of the team members and staff please extend my most sincere thanks to the Boulder Buff Club and board members for your kind and practical gift.