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Hawkins’ Tuesday Press Conference Quotes

Courtesy: Nick Bernal, Graduate Assistant SID
Release: September 12, 2006
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By CUBuffs.com

BOULDER University of Colorado head football coach Dan Hawkins held his weekly press conference Tuesday at the Dal Ward Athletic Center. He recapped last Saturday’s game against Colorado State, as well as this week’s upcoming contest against the Arizona State Sun Devils. The following are quotes from the session:


Head Coach Dan Hawkins


ON AREAS NEEDING IMPROVEMENT—“We’re still working on small things; communication is probably the biggest area that we need to improve on. I think that will solve a lot of things, mentally and physically. In every area [of communication], in calls, techniques, changes, adjustments and everything.


“You just keep pushing it, you just keep pushing it. We made tremendous strides from week one to week two and we have to continue to make them in week three. Again, you have to measure yourself against your own standards and kind of go ‘let’s get better.’ It’s not a case of can we get better than ‘XYZ’ or better than this opponent. You have to get better than yourself and continue to push that envelope and that’s what you go about doing.”


ON THE COLORADO OFFENSE—“It got way better this last game; it was improved significantly and I expect it to continue to. You just have to keep working on it, and again it’s just one of those small things where you don’t get the front identified correctly or we’re not exactly using the right technique or scheme against that particular defensive front.  Sometimes it comes down to experience and sometimes it comes down to the communication issue, and again that was something that they got way better at this week than last.”


ON THE ARIZONA STATE DEFENSE—“They’ve really changed; they’ve changed personnel and they’ve changed how they do some things. They aren’t the same defense they were last year. I think [Arizona State defensive coordinator Bill Miller’s] basic nature is to attack you, probably like most coordinators these days, and they do play that way. They are an aggressive unit, but they have some new faces over there that they didn’t have last year and they are doing a few things differently.”


ON LACK OF SECOND HALF PRODUCTION—“There is always enough that we can do differently, it’s just a matter of coming out and executing; for whatever reason, we haven’t had the same level of execution coming out of the tunnel that we’ve had in the first half. The defense did a good job for us this last week. Again, it’s like looking at the running game: you can say we drove the ball the first drive of the first two games and it’s not just the second half. It’s the second quarter, the fourth quarter; it’s not just a first part of the third quarter deal it’s a whole part of the game kind of deal.”


ON HOW QB BERNARD JACKSON CAN IMPROVE—“Just continue to find, continue to get better and continue to work on the little things and the things he’s seeing, the things he’s saying and the things he is doing. It’s like he said after the game, there is not an area right now that any of us can’t improve on. We can take a lot of things and improve on. We always talk about coaching to win, and we’re not going to go out there and use two [tight ends] and two backs and try to play slow it down. We’re not going to. We are going to continue to push the envelope with him and the rest of the team and we will continue to make the same kind of refinements we’ve made the first couple of games and continue to push in that direction.”


ON OFFENSIVE GAME PLAN—“You are teetering each game plan toward that team and what they do and what they give you and what they don’t give you. Also where your guys are in terms of what they can handle and what they can operate with. We’re always trying to expand the [offensive] package.”


ON ARIZONA STATE QB RUDY CARPENTER—“He looks like the poised veteran that he is, even when he gets something that he doesn’t like it doesn’t fluster him. He had a play last week where he got shuffled out of the pocket, he looked at some guys, ran toward the sideline, pulled up right on the sideline and threw a touchdown pass. Because he is that much in control, that confident and had that much experience in all of his guys. He looks very poised and very mature and he looks like the experienced guy that he is back there.” 


ON COLORADO DEFENSE—“I think we are doing a good job of moving those [defensive linemen] around, and not asking them to just hunker in there and take on double teams. [Defensive coordinator Ron Collins] has done a good job of keeping those guys pretty active up there and getting those guys in and out of some things, and that’s really helped us in taking on those kind of schemes.”


ON THE LOSS OF QB BRIAN WHITE—“Now you have a situation where the kids have more options; there is more exposure in recruiting. They have more connections maybe, than guys had in the past. When they don’t have an opportunity to play they are going to seek an opportunity where they can play and that is kind of the nature of it.”


ON PERSONAL FRUSTRATION—“Again, when you talk about frustration—and I understand how you are using it—is it something I’m used to? No, I’m not, but at the same time you’re not just running away saying ‘we’re not scoring 50 points a game, we stink.’ You have to look at your personnel and what you’re able to do and what they can do and where they are at in terms of learning your system. All you can do is ask those guys to be efficient and continue to operate that way.  To be frustrated about that is not very mature really and it’s not very sound because it does nobody any good. I’m not trying to compare Bernard [Jackson] to any quarterback I’ve had before or this team to any team I’ve had before. We’re just trying to figure out who can do what and get them to do it better and continue to and continue to work on them that way. I don’t have a lot of frustration from that standpoint.”

ON DEPTH CHART—“Don’t get caught up in that, I know you guys love that depth chart. We’ve got a wide receiver pile that has a whole bunch of guys in there. I couldn’t tell you guys who is X, Z or H; I know that in certain plays we’ve got certain guys in certain spots, but don’t get hung up on that, it really means nothing.”


ON QUARTERBACK SITUATION—“I think we really want to throw this in Bernard’s corner, and that’s not to say we’ve given up on James [Cox]. You’re always thrown into a situation where you aren’t controlling all the variables or aren’t able to control all of the variables and now you have to make those variables work in the best possible way that you can, and we’re trying to do that. We’re kind of throwing the ball Bernard’s way at this point, but that doesn’t mean that James is totally out of it. I think you just have to look at what each guy can do and what they bring to the table and what is best for your club at that point and try to mesh the advantages of using two guys with the attraction of using to guys. You go from an X’s and O’s standpoint to a psychological standpoint.”


ON SATURDAY’S MATCHUP WITH ARIZONA STATE—“I think they are great and I think their staff is great; they’ve been that way and will continue to be that way. We know that we have to get better, and are getting better and we know we have to improve on some things. I think our staff and our players are well aware of what that is and those are the things you go about emphasizing and working on. As long as we do that, we are going to be as good as we possibly can.”

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