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BOULDER – From the open of practice to its conclusion the pace remains the same. A system highlighted by constant motion and a high tempo has made its way to Colorado, and early on it seems that the team is adapting quickly to the new head coach’s fast-paced methods.

Two days into his first fall camp at CU, head coach Mike MacIntyre’s new wave approach to up-tempo football has already become the talk of practice.

“It’s fast this year,” fullback Jordan Murphy said. “We’re flying around. We’re running 80-90 plays at practice and it’s been non-stop reps, not too many subs and two different fields. We’re getting after it.”

The constant use of multiple practice fields gives Colorado coaches the opportunity to keep players in shape and develop them at a rapid rate instead of having large groups of players standing around doing little for long periods of time.

“The tempo’s very important,” MacIntyre said. “We’re getting repetitions and getting in shape then that’ll put pressure on them during the game. The pressure, tempo, and hurrying up (are all important). They have to communicate better so it teaches them all of those attributes.”

Although the pace is faster, the team has yet to show any signs of fatigue. The players’ stamina level remains high even after a three-month layoff – a credit to the off-season conditioning work overseen by Dave Forman, the director of sports performance, and the summer player-run practices (PRPs).

“They had good stamina,” MacIntyre said of Wednesday’s work. “They got after it. I thought they finished practice good. We were able to get through a lot of situations which is important especially with a new team and a new staff. I want these young men to know exactly what’s going to happen in all situations.

“In pressure situations I want them to think just like I think and when they can do that, that’s when you execute in those situations. So you have to do them over and over and over.”

The tempo is only expected to accelerate between now and the season opener on Sept. 1 against Colorado State. Although there were some mistakes, the coaching staff knows they can’t overwhelm the players with too much too quickly.

“I think you could overload them and they could slow down,” MacIntyre said. “I think that’s very important. There’s a fine line there to make sure you don’t do that.”

Fall camp will continue with another afternoon session on Thursday from about 4-6 p.m.