Below is the transcript from Jon Embree's weekly press conference on Aug. 28, 2012:


"I'm excited about the fact that we are finally in game week. We have been at camp for what seems like forever. The kids are getting going in school so now it's more normal for us, getting back into the routine for games. We've had good preparation so far, now we have three very important days from a physical stand point of preparing for CSU and we are excited to get started on it."

On His Own Memories Against CSU As A Player

 "My senior year, we had six turnovers in that game against CSU. It was 23-10 and we threw a pick six late in the game, it was kind of rainy. You remember those things vividly. I remember the first time we played them in 1983, and they had some really good players. I have been on both sides of the fence as a player and a coach. I think it is good for the state that we have this game and that we are playing."

On the Freshmen

"One, it is their first game, and two, what we are trying to get done here is for the guys to understand that it doesn't matter who you are playing, you have to play at a certain standard, and that is something we were trying to get accomplished last year. As you continue to build your program, good programs play at a consistent level. It doesn't matter who they are playing against.  We have to get to that. From a freshman standpoint, I expect them to be excited to play-it is their first chance to ever play college football. Playing in an NFL stadium, so there will be a lot of excitement on both ends."

On Preparing For Colorado State

"It is a real unique situation because coach Jim McElwain, his history as offensive coordinator at Alabama and Fresno State, and then you look at what [offensive coordinator] Dave [Baldwin], and what he's done more recently at Utah State. So there is a lot you have to look at and try to filter through to try to figure out what exactly you think is going to be the fit and what you think they might do. It definitely limits what you think you are capable of doing because you don't know, but yet at the same time you have to have enough within your package so once you figure it out, if you need to make adjustments, you have something that you can go to. It presents a challenge but it's going to be like that every year, with your opening game. A lot of new staffs whether that is a change over with the whole staff or a coordinator, you are going to have those kind of wrinkles that you are going to have to deal with on the first game."

On Watching Too Much Film

"For the players it is, for the coaches it isn't. As much tape as there is, you are going to watch it. You want to feel like you haven't left any stone unturned so from a coaching standpoint, no, there is never enough film. But from what you try to filter out and give your players, yes. You try to give them something they can grasp and remember and understand. If you give them too much, they won't understand it."

On Playing A Rival Early In the Season

"You know you have to play them at some point, because we are in different conferences playing them first makes sense-playing them before you get going in your conference. It doesn't change anything from that standpoint. It makes the first game a little more exciting, a little more bounce in your step, knowing your playing them for your first game. You know how important it is, both programs want to get off to a good start. It will be fun."

On Making A Statement In The First Game

"You have 11 games left, this isn't the game. You have a lot of football left and any coach will tell you that you want to be playing your better football at the end of the season than at the beginning, so there are a lot of things that go into it from our perspective as coaches. It is an important because it is your first game. Next week is a big game because it's the next game, so as a coach that's how you think and prepare. You have a lot of football left, a lot of things can happen so you have to coach and prepare your team accordingly."

On The Potential Of Too Much Emotion In The First Game

"No, again I think because it is the first game. I think if you talk to people and it's their first game its crazy. Even though you have gone through how we are going to stretch, trust me, you are going to have guys on the wrong side of the field not knowing where to warm up. That always happens. I remember my first game and how amped I was. The fact that it is your first game just gets you excited whether it's your senior year, or it is your first year, there are a lot of emotions that go on."

On The Game's Implications Of Recruiting In The State

"We have to be better recruiting in state; Jim [McElwain] has gotten off to a good start in the state. I think some of it is kids choosing to play in certain programs. There are some of those allegiances, but also to the uniqueness to the state that there are a lot of kids who could care less about a certain program from a rooting stand point because they moved here from Texas, Arizona or Florida. This rivalry isn't yet a rivalry where kids are raised where there is a line-you are either a Ram or a Buff."

On The Rivalry Being Less Intense Than Similar Ones In College Football

"It can be because it's going to have crazy things happening like the incident at Auburn with the trees. I think there is enough pressure on these kids anyway that when you get in those rivalry games, it is a whole different deal. It is good that our athletes can go out, compete, and then afterwards be good with each other. It is not one of those issues where you have to worry where you are and what part of town you are in. I think fans on both sides are civil. Every fan base on both sides, you will have some people that are a little different. I think this is a fairly civil rivalry."

On Comfort Level Going Into His Second Season As Head Coach

"I feel like I am more patient after my first year. There are so many things you are trying to do and so many things you want to get done, and you realize you can't get it all done. That hits you in the face about once a month. I am more patient, more comfortable with our team and our players knowing what I expect of them and how I react to certain things. It is just a comfort level."

On His Comfort Level With The Team In His Second Year

"Definitely with the younger guys it is what it is, they are learning things now. You have a parade of freshman coming in your office for different reasons. The upper classman are doing a good job of trying to show them and be helpful. We as a coaching staff know what each other are thinking; we have good relationships with each other and can get on each other."

On Colorado State's Strengths

"Offensively, the two guys that jump out at you are the center (Weston Richburg) and the running back (Chris Nwoke)-those are two very good football players. The running back is a great player, when he gets going, he is hard to stop. I think when you watch what he did against Air Force, who I think is one of the better tackling teams. I think it speaks volumes of what he could do against that defense. The Center Richburg is a very good player, he does a good job. He can cut, block and run. He plays with an edge. Those two jump out on the offensive side. On the defensive side, you have to start with [Shaquil] Barrett, very good player. He can come off the edge, he can play inside in the middle, and he can cover. [James] Skelton number 43, linebacker, I like him. He is an old school, downhill linebacker-hits you in the mouth."

On QB Jordan Webb's Experience

"It helps a little bit but at the same time, it is all new to him. It's a new team on both sides for him; he has never faced Colorado State. It will be a new experience for him, but it helps that he has been under center, he's played in front of people and he has been sacked before. All of that will help. He won the job. I believe in him and have confidence in him. He will be a good player for us in that position. No matter who we would have picked, it will be there first time starting for us. I feel confident in him; he has had a very good camp. His teammates have taken to him and I'm excited to see him play."

On Why He Named Webb The Starting QB

"Decisions. He was good with decisions; where to go with the ball, when to run, when to work the pocket. He is very good at making decisions."

On What Fans Can Expect To See Out Of The Buffs On Saturday

"You are going to see some black jerseys and gold pants. I am not a prediction guy, I will be just as excited as them as what transpires. You will see a team that is physical, running the ball. You are going to see a lot of young talent out there. You will see more team speed than in the past. Those will be the main things you will see. You will see a lot of new faces, so keep your program handy so you can look up and see who that player is. We will be playing a lot of new players, but as they continue to grow, they will be very good players for us."

On The New Kickoff Rule

"I think in three weeks, somebody will have found a creative way to take advantage of the rule and do something. I understand the premise of it, trying to make it safer, but I also think it is a very exciting play. When you have a special guy back there returning the ball, you hate this rule. I don't think the five yard penalty-as far as kicking it out of the end zone-is that big of a deal. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out."

On His Africa Trip

"It was great, we saw the big Five. It was a fantastic trip. I won the trip when I was with coach [Mike] Shanahan in Washington. Being able to take it was an eye opening experience. We were only there for 12 days, so it was a lot of fun."

On If He's Chosen On A Backup Quarterback

"No, we haven't so we will continue to talk and work our way through that and figure out what we want to do for Saturday."