Below are select quotes from the  press conference announcing Mike MacIntyre as the new head football coach at the University of Colorado on December 10, 2012.

Athletic Director Mike Bohn

Opening Statement

"Good afternoon, thank you everyone for coming.  We appreciate it very much.  It is an exciting day for us.  I would be remiss if I didn't start out first by congratulating our football team, their poise and their patience and their dedication to this university has been exemplary and I'm very appreciative of that and very proud of them.  I'm also most appreciative of the partners we had during this search process in helping us; our senior leadership, Board of Regents, major stakeholders and fans, and clearly our staff in the athletic department helping us pull that together as well as some of our consultants on the national level.  There is no question about it, we hired a football coach that all Buffs can stand shoulder to shoulder with and we couldn't be prouder of Mike [MacIntyre] and his family.  He is a fit with our Guiding Principles and our high academic standards at the University of Colorado.  He is a proven recruiter, a teacher and he's a leader who executes a plan of a fundamentally strong program, and we couldn't be prouder than to introduce the new head football coach at the University of Colorado, Mike MacIntyre."

Head Football Coach Mike MacIntyre

Opening Statement

"What a great honor.  I feel very blessed and honored to be the head football coach at the University of Colorado.  I just left a program of young men who cared deeply, who went from 120th in the nation to 24th in every poll in two-and-a-half years, raised their APR from 930 to 981 and committed to being successful; a coaching staff that was relentless and I look forward to bringing a lot of those guys on that coaching staff here to build something special here at Colorado.  I'm honored to be a Pac-12 [Conference] coach, all my life I wanted to be a coach, I grew up a coach's son and it is in my blood.  I'm very appreciative of [CU President] Bruce [Benson] and [CU-Boulder Chancellor] Phil [DiStefano] for the opportunity that you have given me.  Mike [Bohn], thank you very much, I will make you proud, I promise you.  We will work tirelessly, we will work correctly, and we will work with passion.  I think as you get to know me, you will say one thing about Mike MacIntyre, he has passion.  You might say some other things, but you are going to say that I have passion.  I believe that my passion and my energy and my love for young people and making them be successful is very important to me.  We'll win a lot of football games but at the same time these young men are going to learn a lot of life lessons, and I want them to walk out of here men that will be great fathers, great leaders, great businessmen and great husbands, and you can do all of that in college football.  That is why I coach college football, that is why I enjoy it, I enjoy mentoring young people and I'm excited about what we have ahead of us.  Yes, we have a long way to go, but I've been there before and I know what to do."

On Why He Decided To Become The Head Football Coach At CU

"I think first of all when I met with Phil [DiStefano], Bruce [Benson] and Mike [Bohn], I really liked what they said.  I felt a sense of commitment, total commitment to getting it done.  I felt like also they cared about young people and what the university is doing for these young people.  I also felt like, 'Wow,' when I was growing up and playing ball, Colorado was special.  I definitely think they can get there again.  I like the footprint of the Pac-12.  I've coached in California now and recruited in that state and I know all the ins and outs of it.  I coached in Texas when I was with the Dallas Cowboys and my kids went to high school there.  I know that state.  Colorado, the population of Denver and some other areas is growing, meaning there are more and more high schools.  I feel like there is a good footprint for getting more high school football players in Colorado.  I like the footprint of the Pac-12, I like the school's that are associated with it, and there is no reason that Colorado shouldn't be on the top of that conference and competing year in and year out.  I'm excited about that."

On Meeting With CU Players

"At first, I can tell they are hurting a little bit, as they should be.  They want to prove themselves.  When you walk around campus and you go places and you want to be something special and that hasn't really happened.  That is something that I see.  That's something I saw at San Jose State.  These young men are hungry.  They looked me in the eye and listened to every word I said.  The last thing I told them was, 'Don't do a double negative.'  They asked me, 'What do you coach?' I said, 'You're kind of down right now, I'm here, you have a little new life, so to speak, take care of your exams, make sure you take care of your papers and don't push that off knowing that would be a double negative when you come back in January and bury yourself in a hole.'  They were listening closely.  There were a lot of other things that I said that is between me and them.  I was really pleased with what I saw.  They all came up and shook my hand and looked me in the eye.  I was very impressed with that."

On The Similarities Of What He Took Over At San Jose State And Now CU

"They had won two games a year before.  My first year at San Jose State, we won one.  We only had seventy five scholarships and we were on APR penalty at that time.  We came out of all of that.  I think I see young men that are hungry.  Just like Colorado, San Jose State had some great teams in the late 1980's and early 1990's.  A lot of pro football players, just like Colorado.  I think the cycles kind of run.  San Jose State was going into a new conference and Colorado is in a new conference.  I see a lot of similarities there.  I see an administration, just like that administration that I walked into.  An Athletic Director, Tom Bowen, who hired me that was energetic and tired of kind of getting their butts kicked and wanted to win and wanted to do get things done that you have to do.  They have put all of that ahead and showed me that they are going to do it and I'm excited about the opportunity to get it done."

On The Difficulties That He Will Face At CU 

"Wow, I don't know them all yet.  That's something you hit on the run and you work with.  I think the similarity of what you have to work with is that you're trying to change everything in a positive light.  When you go somewhere, always there are people who say, 'Oh, we don't do it that way,' or 'We can't do it.'  There are always excuses made.  You can't listen to excuses.  My slogan is: 'No excuses, no regrets.'  Find a way.  If you can't do it that way, we have to find another way to be successful.  I think I'll find those as I go through and everyone will work together and we'll find options that make us have a chance to be successful.  I do not know all of the different situations.  Every school has different situations.  Even the schools you see right now in the top 25, they have issues too.  You work through everything and you find a way to be successful."

On A Sense Of Urgency

"There is always a sense of urgency.  You develop; the word I use instead of patience is perseverance.  I think there is a big difference.  Perseverance, you're working continuously every day.  Even at San Jose State when we were 1-12, I could see us improving in every aspect.  What everyone else sees is what is on that field and what is on that scoreboard.  And until we started clicking on that scoreboard and once our kids clicked and tasted that victory, they wanted to keep tasting it.  We had the foundation built.  You can't just start, you have to build a foundation.  Once you have that foundation built, it keeps continually growing.  They (San Jose State) are going to have a good football team again next year and for a while.  They've got a good foundation and lots of players that know what to do.  Patience is a key word but I think perseverance is a better word."

On Support From The University

"It was very integral.  If they just say, 'Here's a paycheck, go get it done,' then you have to wait a minute.  It's not Mike MacIntyre doing this.  It's all of us.  It's everyone doing their part and then it happens.  That goes from administration, from the athletic department, from the professors, from the provost, from the players, from training room, everybody involved.  The S.I.D. office, everyone has to be doing it.  When you do that and everyone realizes they are a part of it, and they realize that that machine will not work the way we want it to unless everyone is doing their part.  That's just like I tell my team all the time, 'You all got a role.'  Do your role with all your might.  If you do that, and you understand how important your role is, you'll be successful.  This is the whole aspect of everything."

On His Recruiting Plan

"We are going to absolutely blanket the state of Colorado and we are going to absolutely blanket the state of California.  I look at California as in-state.  We're playing a lot of games over there, a lot of games in that area and there are a lot of good football players.  There are only seven Division I football schools that play football in California.  There are 1,048 high schools that play football.  Do the math.  We can find some guys.  I know where they are and we will go find them.  We will do a great job of doing that and I have a staff that knows that like the back of their hand.  Colorado is a state that is growing in football popularity and in size, so there are going to be more and more players in this state too.  We are going to win this state (Colorado) in recruiting.  We need to make sure we do that and that is one of our big, big goals."

On Bringing Network Camps To CU

"Yes, we will do network camps here in Colorado and around the state.  We will also be able to get involved with some different camps in California.  We will be able to do that.  I think it is very important that you do that because you get to meet the young men, you get to evaluate them, you get to work with them and see if they can handle coaching.  They get to know you.  It's not the stars beside their names on and; it's getting the right 22 to 25 guys that fit what you want, that fit this school that you want, that fit your offense, that fit your defense and fit your mental makeup of the tenacity that you want.  I want them to have a chip on their shoulder.  That's important to have that."

On Recruiting In Texas

"We are definitely going to recruit in Texas.  Jim Jeffcoat, one of my coaches, he is a big name there.  He recruits there now for us (San Jose State).  I definitely think we are going to recruit Texas.  To me, the Pac-12 is more focused, television wise, kids sitting in their homes in eighth and ninth grade, they are watching more Pac-12 games.  The kids in Texas are watching more Big 12 games, if that makes sense to you.  I think we are going to have a lot more success getting more of those kids (out of California).  We're still going to get guys out of Texas.  I had two guys at San Jose State (from Texas); our kicker was perfect.  He went 15-of-15, he is from Texas.  There are still really good players there and we are going to do that.  I think percentage wise; guys that really think about playing at Colorado and know that they are going to go back be playing in California, knowing that they will be seen on television and on the Pac-12 Network.  I think that gives us a better percentage wise getting the top guy you want."

On Who Made Contact First

"Colorado contacted me.  I was just sitting there working as hard as I could. I was very flattered that they contacted me and very excited about the opportunity.  As the process went along, it was enjoyable meeting them and working with everything.  That's how that worked."

On If He Ever Considered Coaching At Colorado

"When I saw that the job was open, I said, 'Oh that would be a nice place to coach.'  I've been in this business so long, if you go hunting them, it just doesn't work.  If they find out about your reputation and you work hard at your job and you take care of your kids and take care of your home and you're doing it right, they'll find you.  That's how it works." 

On Stanford And The Pac-12 Conference

"They are a very physical football team.  The Pac-12 is kind of interesting.  There are a few very physical teams and then everyone else is spread out.  I think [Stanford] has been able to be successful because they are a little more unique, so I kind of learned that.  We (San Jose State) went against them last year and we had our chance and we didn't get it done.  Of course we see a lot of Pac-12 games on television in San Jose, so I've been able to see a few of those.  We played Colorado State last year right after Colorado played them so I got to see film and watch that.  I have a good feel for the Pac-12.  Of course, we recruit against that at San Jose State all of the time.  I know a lot of the kids (current CU players).  A lot of the kids came up and said something to me when I met with them today.  That is the feel I have for that.  I don't know it in depth.  I haven't watched a ton of Pac-12 film, except for the teams that we had a chance to play."

On If Any Current CU Players Impress Him

"I haven't watched much so I cannot give you an answer on that.  I know there are some good players here.  I know that we will get out there and get working and find our niche and we'll keep pushing along and find out where they can all fit.  We'll get the best 22 out there and then the best backups and get ready to roll."

On If He Will Keep Any Of Colorado's Current Assistant Coaches

"What I'll do is exactly what I did before.  I'll interview everyone on the staff and see where everything fits.  I'll then find out what guys from San Jose State are coming and there are a few other people out there also of course.  I'll definitely interview everyone on the staff.  When I was at San Jose State, I kept three of the guys, so it was a good deal."

On His Favorite Playing Styles

"I don't know if I have that long to tell you.  On offense, [San Jose State] broke the scoring record for our school.  Our quarterback broke every passing record there was.  We will run out of a pistol alignment.  Basically we are in the gun; that allows us to be able to run downhill runs, inside zone, outside zone, gap, and power.  We're also able to get the ball out of our hands quick, able to throw the ball to our receivers for all of the bubble screens, quick screens, so a spread principle.  I want to be able to have a run play-action conflict on the defense.  Therefore, when I have that hard downhill run, I get the linebackers in on it.  Our (San Jose State) tight end was up for the Mackey Award, he was the leading tight end in the WAC so we were able to utilize him. We'll use multiple personnel groups, kind of like Boise State did for all of those years.  I like how they did that.  When you play more people, more personnel groups, there are more happy kids.  They practice harder.  They do better in class.  They play harder and you have better production.  We (SJSU) also had 1,000-yard rusher; he is three yards short, but he'll get that in the bowl game.  Defensively, we run a 4-3.  A lot of 4-2-5 principles because so many people run four wides and three wides; similar to TCU.  That's what we do there.  On defense last year in the WAC, we had the No. 1 sacker, the No. 2 sacker, the No. 3 sacker and the No. 6 sacker.  We had the No. 1 tackle for loss, the No. 2 tackle for loss, the No. 3 tackle for loss and the No. 5 tackle for loss players.  Sixteen of the 44 spots, our guys were All-WAC.  A few years ago, we hardly had anybody on it.  Those kids, we develop them very well.  We have a very good system to develop them.  Special teams wise, we are going to be aggressive in attacking.  That depends on how good your returners are, so hopefully we will have some good returners."

On Winning Now

"If you don't believe you can win, you're not going to win.  Will we win every game?  I don't know, but if they do not believe they can win when they step on the field - what I mean by that, I'll explain it to you.  You know how when you go swimming you kind of stick your toe in the water you either think it's good and you jump in or your think it's cold and you don't.  When you walk out onto the football field, sometimes football teams do that.  They stick their toe in and go, 'Oh, I don't know if I can play with them.'  We're not going to do that.  We're going to dive in and go play.  If we do that, eventually we're going to win more than we lose.  They better believe they can win.  That's what I'm trying to tell them."

On Why He Became A Football Coach

"My mom asked me the same thing.  I'll tell you what... talking about my dad always gets me choked up.  I saw a man who cared about people and I can't tell you how many guys call me, text me, e-mail me that played for him, and coaches that coached with him.  He was a life changer and I feel that is what I like to do.  I love to win football games, but I like to help change lives to get them to where they want to be and help them learn life lessons and grow as men.  That is what I saw him do and that is why I coach in college.  I could have stayed in the pros; I got my Ph.D. when I coached in the pros.  When you coach for Bill Parcells, you learn a lot of football.  I missed mentoring young men."

On His Recruiting Sales Pitch To Play At Colorado

"Well first of all, the university and what it stands for; the beauty, the magnificence of this place, all that it can offer them as a kid when they are going to be an adult.  I think that is what you start with first, is the university then you can start talking about football.  They have got to want to be at Colorado, Okay?  I walk into a house and a kid might say, 'Well I don't want to be at Colorado,' then I would just go to the next house.  You can't just keep beating your head against a brick wall, you're wasting time, there is another guy down the road that wants to be here that is good.  So we will do that, then we will start talking football, and they enjoy that.  So it will be first do they want to be at Colorado, and second of all we will start talking football and show them what we can do, what I can do for them and go from there.  And we want the right fit now, I can't say that enough, evaluating a person and talent is the key of being successful.  When I went to San Jose State, there wasn't a house I went into that the kid wanted to be at San Jose State at first, but we kept evaluating them, kept working with them, kept going, and we were able to find young men that were very successful, have been successful in the classroom, have been successful off the field, and have been very, very successful on the football field."

On Whether He Plans To Coach San Jose State In Their Bowl Game

"I don't know, that is a very good question, we have not crossed those barriers yet.  I'm going to do whatever Colorado wants me to do.  I've got a lot of work to do.  My heart is at the bowl game, but my mind and body are here working because I know how that goes.  So, that is a tough question right now, and I will have to get with Mike [Bohn] and Gene Bleymaier (athletic director) at San Jose State, but it is going to be a tough situation.  I think they will do fine without me to be honest with you.  I know that sounds crazy but they are prepared, they have had a great season, a lot of my staff will have to stay there of course and do it (coach the game), and I think they will be extremely successful and get their 11th win and become the winningest football team in San Jose State Division I history."

On The Possibility Of Not Coaching The Bowl Game Making The Decision To Accept The CU Job More Difficult

"Yeah, yeah it did.  It made it really tough, it really did."

On The State Of Colorado Law Limiting Multi-Year Contracts Becoming A Challenge To Forming A Coaching Staff

"I don't think so, we've talked about that and also there is some leeway in there, but I don't think that will be a problem.  I have a couple guys on my staff and they love to joke about it.  One of them has had 30 one-year contracts and he has done really well, so I haven't had that as a problem before and I don't think it will be [here].  The contract also kind of goes with the head coach in a way.  I'm at the beginning of my run, we win a couple and we get another one, 'Here we go.'  So that is kind of the way it works, I don't think that will be a big deal."

On Recruiting An Eli Manning Type Player To Colorado

"I called Eli, and he has a little kid, but he is only 10, so I have to wait a little bit.  We will definitely try (to recruit a quarterback of Manning's caliber).  David Cutcliffe, who I cut my teeth under, taught me a lot about working with quarterbacks.  And working under him for two years there at Ole Miss when I was coaching receivers and seeing him tutor Eli, and what he has done of course with Payton (Manning) and the quarterback that he now has at Duke is phenomenal.  We will get some good quarterbacks, and hopefully there is a quarterback here that can do it.  And we will teach them maybe a little bit differently than the way they have been taught, not knocking anything, we just do it different.  I do it the David Cutcliffe way, and it has always worked so that is the only way I know.  So hopefully we will be able to prepare one of these young men here or be able to recruit one.  I'm going to have to be able to recruit some in time because I'm going to be here for a while."