BOULDER - Colorado athletic director Mike Bohn and running back Darrell Scott met Wednesday morning at the Dal Ward Athletics Center and had what Bohn later intimated was a productive session.

"I visited with Darrell . . . and I couldn't have been more impressed with him and how he handled that," said Bohn, speaking on the Klatt & Kreckman Show (Mile High Sports Radio).

"Obviously, those discussions are not for public discussion, but we did meet and our process associated with his future is underway . . . we won't discuss any specifics at this point."

Scott, CU's top recruit in 2008, informed coaches on Tuesday that he will seek a release from his scholarship, with the intention to transfer to UCLA.

Asked if Scott's potential exit might have a negative effect on CU's recruitment of another top-tier running back, Bohn told the radio show, "It could be a positive in the sense that it could give somebody a chance who wants to be a marquee running back at (CU) an open door to think, 'Hey, I'm going to get it done down there and I've got an opportunity to make that happen.'

"The downside is that (former CU player) Marcus Houston wasn't successful here as a marquee running back and Darrell wasn't. It comes down to us finding a way to have guys like that be successful and continue to recruit high level players like that."

Other topics discussed on the show and Bohn's responses included:

  • His hiring of coach Dan Hawkins and Bohn's "home run" comment:

"I (said) we'd find a home-run hire and I think at the time when we hired Dan, he was a home run. He was the hottest coach in the West and had turned down numerous institutions to be a coach . . . he was a great fit for us, and so forth.

"And I still feel that way. However, again, that was four years ago and now we're to the point where we're 2-6 and we're battling to try and have a respectable season by being bowl-eligible, which is the standard we're trying to (achieve)."

Bohn said the annual goal in all CU sports is to "be in the top half of the Big 12 Conference . . . . (in football) we're annually in a bowl game and occasionally we challenge for the Big 12 championship and maybe a BCS appearance. That's really our objective . . . that's still our goal this year. Obviously, it may be a significant challenge for us."

  • Can Hawkins, who is 2-6 this season and 15-30 in his fourth year at CU, turn the program around:

"Obviously, that's our belief at this point, and that's what we're trying to pull together. We have a lot invested in Dan, a lot invested in many, many ways. And he has a lot invested in this institution, as well.

"There's a lot of football to be played, and a lot of different things to come together and we're expecting he and his staff to bring his football team into Folsom Field on Saturday (vs. Texas A&M) ready to play . . ."

  • The direction of the football program and the areas in which he sees progress being made:

Other than wins and losses, areas that must scrutinized, Bohn said, include academics, recruiting, integrity, collaboration with other areas on campus and involvement in the community.

"Those are things I'm very, very pleased with. (But) for someone to construe that, hey, everything's OK, it's not. We're clearly falling short on the scoreboard . . . we all know that and it's something we want to fix."

Regardless of the medium, Bohn said he believes he "has to do a better job of making people understand . . . when you're evaluating head coaches and football programs, obviously everybody wants to look at the scoreboard.''

  • The large number of tickets (about 7,000) remaining for Saturday's game (11:30 a.m., FCS) against the Aggies:

Bohn said, "No disrespect to Texas A&M . . . but our fans haven't gravitated towards playing the (Big 12) South teams, other than Texas . . ."

He called CU's nationally televised games at Oklahoma State (Nov. 19, ESPN) and against Nebraska (Nov. 27, ABC) "huge games for us . . . I think it's incumbent on us to do everything we can to give our team an opportunity to be successful, and that's what we're focused on right now."

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