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Colorado-Texas A&M Quotes

Courtesy: CUBuffs.com
Release: November 07, 2009
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Colorado Head Coach Dan Hawkins

On the Win
"I think they showed tremendous resolve, and I think that is a great think about them. They continue to believe. If we could clean up a few of those penalties then maybe we would not have to go through that. You have to love their resolve."

On QB Tyler Hansen and WR Markques Simas
"I think that it was the first game that Tyler [Hansen] was really in a grove, and the same goes for Markques [Simas]. He was getting into the flow, and adapting to coverages. We know that Markques is a really good player. I think that he needed a few games to really find his groove."

On QB Tyler Hansen
"We know that he is a baller. I said this before, he is a man's man. He took some shots out there today, and got dinged up and still made some plays out there. Without Tyler's ability to run, especially early on, we would have been in trouble."

On the Teams Resolve
"I thought we had a great week of practice.  They were very committed on the sidelines and in the locker room; I didn't doubt that.  I knew we were going to pull it out today."

On Recovering From the Slow Start
"They were better but I don't necessarily think we got the results we wanted early on.  Ultimately at the end of the day, if you stop them and you score that's probably the best possible scenario.  I hope that coming out of this game, they have that understanding."

On TE Patrick Devenny
"That was spectacular, it really was.  We talked to these guys a lot about just making the lay-ups but then somebody along the way has to make the spectacular plays and I think that Speedy's [Rodney Stewart] touchdown run was pretty spectacular and Pat's catch was, I don't want to say unbelievable, because it you are around him and watch practice he makes plays like that."

On the Defense
"They rallied and that was obviously big.  Texas A&M had a couple gashers in there, but we were able to come back and get some things done.  Much like the Kansas game, we hit a rhythm there.  We were supporting each other and playing with each other.  At times we have had offense getting going and defense struggling or the opposite.  I think that this time they complimented each other a lot better."

On the Playoff Feel
"We just said your backs can't get any closer to the wall.  And if you want to go to a bowl game you have to win out.  That's the way it is, it's 'March Madness'."

On the Game
"I think there are some tangible things taken out of this game.  I think that Tyler was much more in control.  I thought our passing game matured with a deep shot to Markques (Simas) so hopefully our offense will start feeling itself that way and get going."

Texas A&M Head Coach Mike Sherman

"It was a great football game.  You've got to give Colorado credit, they came ready to play.  They hung in there with us.  We never really put the close on them and they hung in there and battled back.  I take my hat off to Coach Hawkins and his staff as well as the players.  They did a great job.  Our players battled as well, but they came up on the short end.  I'm disappointed for them.  We'll get back to work on Monday and get ready for the next one."

On Turning Point of Game
"There were numerous things in the game (where) we had a chance.  Instead of kicking the field goal, we might have been able to score a touchdown.  On the goal line, we didn't get that.  Missed a field goal, dropped a punt; there were different things in the ball game, as well as tackling the quarterback. I thought he [Tyler Hansen] played very well.  There are numerous things.  Some things you have to give Colorado credit for.  They were a good opponent, and some things we inflicted on ourselves."

On Third-Down Defense
"We've been a better third down defense than we were today.  When you can't get off the field on 3rd-and-16, there's something wrong right there.  We'll look at that but we'll get that fixed.  I told the kids, they're very disappointed, but we've got to go back to work and get ready for the next one.  We'll correct our mistakes, be accountable, and move forward."

On Red-Zone Decisions
"I always consider it, but the field goal with the number of timeouts they had left on the board, and the time on the clock, I thought it was the right decision.  I would probably do it again."

On Speech to Team
"Same thing I tell them after they win.  Same thing I told them after we beat Texas Tech and the same thing I told them after we beat Iowa State.  They get 24 hours to sulk over this thing, feel sorry for yourself, and get mad at the world.  You get back to work on Monday.  This is the ride we're on with these guys.  Some guys are experiencing these things for the first time.  We've got to learn from our mistakes and get better from them."

On Late Miscues
"We lost our punt returner obviously and we went with the backup.  He had a lot of confidence that we'd have a shot at the end zone or at the field goal.  We had our plays ready to go, but we didn't get that opportunity.  That was not a good thing.

Colorado Players

QB Tyler Hansen
ON THE WIN-"It was really big. After a two game losing streak the team was kind of lost, kind of down. We needed a win to get the confidence back up. It was good coming back in the fourth quarter against a good football team. Texas A&M is no slouch. To get a win is huge right now."

ON COMING OUT STRONG -"We tried to go no huddle. We started out slow, but we got it going. We moved the ball pretty well today. Speedy got running a little bit. Markques had a day. Scotty was there. All of the tight ends were there. Everyone was making plays. The offense as a whole was really good."

ON MAINTAINING FOCUS ON THE LAST DRIVE-"Stay positive. Have a short-term memory. It's water under the bridge, so forget about it. That's what I did. You have to go to the next play."

ON MARKQUES SIMAS-"He's always making plays. We all knew he was going to be something special. It just took him a little longer than we expected. Now everyone else sees that Markques is a stud."

ON GETTING BETTER FROM WEEK TO WEEK-"We're progressing a little bit. I feel more comfortable in this atmosphere. It's my fourth start this year, so I feel a lot more comfortable."

ON THE LAST TOUCHDOWN PASS-"You just have to stick to your reads and trust your coaches. Coach (Eric) Kiesau does a good job calling plays. I just thought about what he taught me all week."

ON THE FANS WEARING POWDER BLUE-"We pretty much knew they were going to do it all week. We talked about it, and we took it personally. We came out and wanted to show fans that we're still here. We're still a good team."

ON RUNNING THE OPTION AND DARIAN HAGAN-"The whole week he was in my ear, and I was getting kind of tired of it. He's one guy that you appreciate, especially when it comes to the option, and it paid off."

ON DARRELL SCOTT LEAVING-"It motivated us even more. If a guy that we rely on leaves it motivates us more. Sometimes something like that makes you want to win more. He's a great guy, but it motivated us to prove people wrong. We're okay as a program."

DB Anthony Perkins
ON THE FANS-"I just want to say thank you to all of the fans that have supported us through all of this. It's not easy being a fan of a team that's not producing on the field. As a team, we stuck together, and we keep fighting. We appreciate all of the fans that have stuck with us through all of this."

ON HIS INTERCEPTION-"I was in the right place at the right time. The defensive line got good pressure on the quarterback."

ON MOMENTUM-"It shows about our team's character. We are a bunch of fighters. No matter what or no matter what anyone else says, we're going to keep fighting. We're going to keep grinding. It paid off today."

TE Patrick Devenny
ON HIS TOUCHDOWN RECEPTION -"We have been practicing that play all week. Tyler and I have been talking about it all week. I lined up and saw 'cover two' and I knew I had to get open. If it was not there it was going to be all my fault. Tyler delivered a good ball and I caught it. Whenever I get in there I have to try and make a play."

ON MARKQUES SIMAS-"He got us motivated. That's one thing I've been waiting for since last year when he was on the scout team. I've been waiting for a game like this from him. I knew he could do it and I expect a lot of bigger things out of him. Having him come down there and catch that deep ball just gave us all confidence. That's what we needed."

ON MOMENTUM -"You have to take it from where we were three weeks ago and what it's been like with the ups and downs. For us to come in at halftime down 21-10, with our back against the wall, it could have been really easy to throw in the towel. For us to come out and have the defense shut them down, it shows the kind of team we are. We've never given up. It came through today and hopefully that provides confidence for the team."

RB Rodney Stewart
ON CARRYING MOMENTUM INTO NEXT WEEK -"I think our guys are maturing. Tyler's getting a lot more comfortable. We're getting more used to the game, so I think we're going to win the next game."

PK Aric Goodman
ON HIS EXTRA POINT AT THE END OF THE GAME-"I just pretty much wanted to do what I always do and stay consistent.  I kept my head down and followed through.  Justin (Drescher) made a good snap, Scotty (McKnight) did what he was supposed to do and got the ball down.  When all that happens, it's really pretty easy for me."

ON THAT KICK COMPARED TO HIS KICK AGAINST WEST VIRGINIA-"The West Virginia kick was a little different because it ended the game.  But this feels great.  Both were huge, but when I have the opportunity to go out there as a Colorado Buffalo and make a game-winning kick, it's indescribable."

ON THE TEAM'S MOMENTUM-"We just have to keep things going.  We know we're talented.  We know what we need to do.  We just need to play hard and smart and have fun.  If we keep doing what we've been doing, we will be OK.  We need to minimize mistakes, we can't make the same mistake twice.  We had a great week, we played with one heartbeat today.  We need to keep the cohesiveness going." 

WLB Jeff Smart
GENERAL-"This was an entire team effort. Both sides played well today. We still made some mistakes, but it was great teamwork."

WR Markques Simas
GENERAL- "We started off a little bit slow, and then we got a couple big plays on offense and started rolling from there. The offense started pushing. We went out there and made plays."

ON BIG GAME TODAY- "I feel real good about it. I feel like I've had that in me the whole time, and now I had a chance to show it. I was able to give everyone a taste of what's to come."

ON TWO POINT CONVERSION- "I told Tyler Hansen right before, 'I got it.' Then I found the hole and I got it."

TB Demetrius Sumler
GENERAL-"We played with some passion and heart, and we believed in ourselves still, and came out to win this game. We showed that we were down, but we still kept fighting."

ON TOUCHDOWN RUN- "The offensive line did a great job of opening the hole. It was a great play call. I did what I could do."

ON LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT WEEK- "We have to keep winning games. Take it one day at a time. Come in to practice and practice hard. We have to get these wins so we can make it to a bowl game."

LCB Jalil Brown
GENERAL- "We started off a little bit shaky. We went out there and they drove all the way down to the one yard line on the first drive, but we came together, offense and defense. We played together like one heart beat. That's the way it showed at the end of the game."

ON MATCH UP AGAINST UZOMA NWACHUKWU- "Number seven is a great athlete. I went against him the whole game, one-on-one coverage a lot. Luckily I was able to stay in position, stayed disciplined, and used my technique to stop him from catching the ball."

ON LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT WEEK- "We had a fire under us coming into this game. We had our backs against the wall too. It's win out or go home during Christmas time. Nobody wants to go home during Christmas break. We're football players we want to be here playing football."

Texas A&M Players

QB Jerrod Johnson
GENERAL- "That was a tough one. We just didn't make the plays we had to at the end and they did."

ON HIS INTERCEPTION- "I got hit when I was throwing it and their guy made a great play. I have to make that throw and get the ball out there. I was off balance."

ON COLORADO- "Take nothing away from Colorado. We shot ourselves in the foot, but they made plays when they had to."

ON LOSING THE LEAD- "We never thought we had the game in the bag. They are well-coached and are a good team. We have to execute and not leave points on the board."

ON THE LOSS- "It's tough. We were hoping to get a big road win under our belt here. We have got to overcome adversity and come back for the next one."

DB Jordan Pugh
GENERAL- "That was a tough one, to lead the whole game like that. Give credit to them, they made plays and we didn't make them. That's on us. We were in spots, but just didn't make the plays."

ON COLORADO'S CONVERSION ON 3rd-AND-16 LATE IN THE GAME- "That was busted coverage. That is something we practice all the time, but their receiver got open. I take responsibility for that. That was a busted coverage."

ON COLORADO QB TYLER HANSEN- "He played well and he kept fighting. You can see that he's a fighter, the way he kept making things happen. He willed their team to that win."

ON THE LOSS- "It's frustrating. It's something you can learn from, but you can't do that in the Big 12."

ON WHAT HE TOLD TO DB TERRENCE FREDERICK FOLLOWING HIS MUFFED PUNT- "I'd tell him that it's over with. I've made mistakes, everyone has. He was trying to make a play but it didn't go his way. He's just got to keep fighting."

ON THE FRUSTRATIONS OF A CLOSE LOSS- "It's definitely frustrating.  We came in with confidence and two wins in a row.  We worked hard all week; it just didn't come out the way we wanted it to."

ON MOVING FORWARD- "You just got to let it go.  Win or lose you got to come back Monday ready to work.  I think our team has been good at that all year."

ON PLAYING WITH THE LEAD- "We knew our lead wasn't safe.  Anytime you are playing a Big 12 team at home, they're dangerous.  We never felt like our lead was safe.  We didn't make plays when we needed to, but we played hard."

ON THEIR LATE TURNOVERS- "It's definitely tough.  Turnovers anytime in the game, especially in the last two minutes or last quarter when things are getting tight it's definitely tough."

GENERAL- "It was a tough loss.  We lost by one point.  We had ample opportunities to take advantage of the game but we just couldn't execute."

ON THE LAST DRIVE- "Those guys just made really good plays.  (Tyler Hansen) is a slippery guy.  They got the ball downfield and they scored.  They were effective and we weren't."

ON THIRD AND LONG SITUATIONS- "It's pretty frustrating when you want to get off the field.  Our job as a defense is to get a 3-and-out and get off the field, we just couldn't execute."

ON TYLER HANSEN- "He played pretty good.  I think the team followed him, he's their guy.  They go has he goes.  If we could have slowed him down or gotten him out of the game the results probably could have been different.  He's a pretty good guy, slippery guy that took control of the game and won it for them."

ON BOUNCING BACK FROM LOSS- "It's the same with every loss.  Don't dwell on this, just break it down.  We'll look at the good things and the bad things.  We'll get ready for the next game."


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