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Colorado-Washington Quotes

Courtesy: CUBuffs.com
Release: November 17, 2012
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Colorado Head Coach Jon Embree

"Hats off to Washington. Our Defense gave us opportunities in the game. I know that our numbers offensively were not good enough. We have one game left on Friday, so we will get on that tomorrow."

On The Problems At The Quarterback
"I don't know, obviously we didn't play well and we are struggling that position so we have to find a way to fix it."

On Struggling To Move The Ball On Offense
"We have to find stuff that they are comfortable with throwing and completing and just keep finding a way to help them. Their safeties were making tackles two to three yards behind the line of scrimmage so obviously the box was loaded. So we have to be able to find a way to be able to get plays down field and we will be good."

On The First Down Quarterback Sneak
"They originally called it third down so we signaled in a quarterback sneak and when they said its first down we didn't get the new play in."

On The Muffed Punt
 "That is just how it has been, it hit our guy's helmet, the guy throws the ball back in bounds and we catch the ball. That is just how it has been."

On His Message at Halftime
"I told the defense to keep doing what they have been doing. Offensively we have to help the defense out and keep them off the field and find a way to get first downs to get the ball. Get some plays down field and get into the end zone. That was the gist of it."

On If The Defense Got Worn Down In The Second Half
"Eventually, yeah. That is what happens to your defense if you continually have to come back there you get worn down. I felt like our defense did a good job out there today and when you are doing that every play eventually you will get tired. A few of our guys have been hurt so we don't have that depth. Because we don't have depth, when they got tired it showed."

On Who Will Start At Quarterback Next Week
"It is what it is unfortunately right now so we have to find the guy that can hopefully give us a chance to be more productive on that side of the ball. We will have to sit down as a staff and see what Utah gives and see who is the best at executing that against Utah."

On The Defense In The First Half
"I thought our defense was good through three quarters. A couple of times missed tackles hurt us, but we were better at making tackles in the open field. I felt like we did a good job against (Austin Seferian-Jenkins), he is their guy who they try to get the ball to. I thought our defense played well they really kept us in it, we just couldn't capitalize."

On Quarterback Pressures And The Offensive Line
"We just have to play better all the way around. I feel like our offensive line has played well. Only one of the quarterback pressures was on the offensive line, the rest was a combination of different issues."

On Christian Powell's Performance
"I think he has shown what he is capable of all year. He can keep the defenses honest. I thought he ran the ball well, he missed a play here or there but he will continue to learn. Christian has been a good physical runner for us all year and has moved the pile."

On The How Low Attendance Is Effecting Recruiting
"We have a kid that was here at the Stanford game that committed. For them it is about opportunities and what the University offers academically. Being around the freshman and upper classman they are able to talk to them about how they feel about things going forward. Attendance is just part of the equation."

On Playing Better On The Road Than At Home
"I don't know why we are better on the road than at home. That makes no sense to me. Part of that are the opponents, but at the same time it we should not have only scored 10 points in the last 10 quarters at home."

On The Sense Of Urgency
"They have played with urgency; you can't say that this team has not played with urgency. We just have not executed or played both sides of the football. So we just have to play both sides of the ball. That will start tomorrow; we will address that with the team and what our mindset needs to be going into the next game."

On Redshirt Quarterback Shane Dillon
"He is doing well. We have to get him going in some live action and all that. He gives our defense a really good look. He is athletic he can run. His shoulder is getting stronger; he had shoulder surgery in the spring and that is why we redshirted him. He has been good; we have been slow with him to make sure he has healed up right. He has put on some weight and has been a good leader on the scout team and does a good job with his teammates when we travel and take him. He is into it on the sideline and sees things. He watches tape and has good habits like that. We just need to get him reps with our guys and see how it goes. He and Paul Richardson have been doing some good stuff on the scout team. It will be nice to see how that relationship develops."

On The Spring Quarterback Competition
"It is as wide open as the Grand Canyon."

Washington Head Coach Steve Sarkisian

"This was an interesting game for us.  We are not as accustom to, 'Go win games.' I thought we were maybe our own worst enemy there in the first half of the football game, obviously the turn over inside the five yard line.  But our defense was tremendous all day, and defended the run and played well against the pass.  I thought in the second half offensively we exhibited much more energy, our tempo and play making ability was better and we showed the balance that is needed to be a good offense football team. With it all the defense continued on, huge special teams by Kevin Smith; I cannot wait to see the highlight of that play, it is one for the ages. But as we talked about, the goal was getting to 9-4 for the season."

On QB Keith Price, Stepping Up After Half
"We came in at halftime and challenged him, there was a little bit of tough love there in the locker room, but we challenged the guys about the standard and expectation level that they have set. They have set a standard of play that is acceptable around here, and what we were doing in the first half, not just Keith but on the offensive side of the ball, was unacceptable. I think he responded and the rest of the team responded in the second half. I thought the offensive line was better; it was cool to see a variety of receivers making plays down the field. Bishop did his thing again running the ball; it is too bad he had that one long one called back, and Kendyl Taylor showed a real spark around the ball too.  I just thought our energy was better as a unit in the second half, and that started with Keith."

On The Message At Halftime
"Play like we are capable of playing. I challenged them about this last night, about not stubbing our toes, and we had a couple of unfortunate penalties; a block I guess after the whistle on Jaydon (Mickens), a few offensive pass interferences called on us. So some of those things are frustrating for us because they set you back and it is hard to play football when you are 2nd-and-30, 2nd-and-25, but the message was play the way we are capable of playing. It is not trying too hard, it trusts the system, trusting your fundamentals and your techniques and the calls that need to be made, and communicate with one another and execute. It is not about the plays that are on a call sheet, it is about playing the way we are capable of playing."

On Kevin Smith's Specialty Play
"It just really looked as if he could have possessed the ball but just landed out of bounds, and so he made a cautious decision to throw the ball back into play and give us a chance to recover it. It is funny because those are the little things you work on in training camp and you put guys through those exercises, and they only maybe show up once a year at best, and sure enough it showed up for Kevin and he did it beautifully."

On That Play Giving Smith A Spark
"It just shows that he is just a team guy, which I think shows a lot about this locker room. We have a unique team in that we are together in this, guys understand their roles and some guys may play 85 snaps a game and others may play eight. But when you get your opportunities the goal is to go execute you job. And Kevin has done that for us, whether it is in some of the punt returns, or covering kicks, so I think he exemplifies a lot of what this team is about. This is a team; it is not about one or two players. I am hopeful with him it is obviously difficult to play wide receiver when you are in a knee brace, so hopefully he can continue to get healthy and regain the speed that he posed before that. I couldn't be happier for a guy like that to make that play. "

On WR Cody Bruns
"We are just trying to keep him evolved, we know what we have in Kasen (Williams) and Austin (Seferian-Jenkins), and we keep talking about the third wide-out and our third wide out is a variety of guys; it is DiAndre Campbell, it is Cody Bruns, Jaydon Mickens. And I think Cody is playing with a great deal of confidence right now which is really cool to see a guy in his senior year playing his best football he has played sense he has been here, and that is neat to see a guy progress throughout his career. I couldn't be happier for him and his touchdown pass. He is an awesome kid."

On QB Prices Difference Between Halves
"I thought he was making a little bit quicker decisions, and being a bit more decisive and trusting, and then delivering the ball, really accurately I thought. He was extremely accurate tonight. We missed a couple deep balls that were just off of fingertips with DiAndre (Campbell) had one in the end zone, there was another to Kasen (Williams). He was extremely accurate especially in the short to intermediate game. He is sure playing pretty good football especially in the second half; he had a nice ball game against Utah as well. I have just seen him progress these past couple of weeks and just get better and better, which is what you want"

On Bishop Sankey
"He is doing great, he has been very steady, he is still learning though, and he is still a true freshman.  That fumble there going in, he kind of reverted back to going left and holding the ball in the right arm. There is always stuff for him to work on and get better, but he had a tremendous night. He had the game even with his long run getting called back; he is catching the ball well in the backfield he just playing very well."

Colorado Players
DE Chidera Uzo-Diribe
ON THE EMOTIONS OF LOSING - "Losing hurts, I don't think there is a guy in the locker room who isn't hurting. We just have to work hard to try to send our seniors out the right way."

ON THE MOOD AT HALFTIME IN THE LOCKER ROOM - "We felt good, after Washington State we knew we were capable of coming back. I feel like we don't pay attention to what the score is at halftime. We just know we have to come out ready for the next half."

ON IF THE DEFENSIVE PERFORMANCE IN THE FIRST HALF IS A GOOD SIGN - "Definitely, I felt like in the first half we set the standard on defense. Next week that is something we are going to have to hold ourselves to. We know we are capable and Washington is a good offense, but we are capable of holding teams to a touchdown in the first half. I just feel like we now have a standard and that is something we have to go off of."

ON IF THE DEFENSE GOT TIRED IN THE SECOND HALF - "We don't get tired out there. Playing in this altitude is an advantage for us. Tired is not something that we were."

TB Donta Abron
ON OFFENSIVE STRUGGLE - "Our defense played well today. Offensively we have to make plays. Washington has a good defense but we just have to find a way to make plays."

ON THE QUARTERBACKS - "I am only focusing on what I can do to help this team get better. I feel like the coaches have a handle on that."

FS Ray Polk
ON UTAH - "Utah is a good team. And so is Washington we found out today. This week hopefully we can learn from our mistakes and go into Utah with a little bit of steam and do some good things

QB Jordan  Webb
ON STRUGGLING OFFENSE - "We just didn't make enough plays.  When you don't throw for even 60 yards in Division 1 football you don't give yourself a chance to win.  We are not running the wishbone and running for 200 yards so we have to pass the ball more efficiently."

ON INCONSISTENCIES - "It seems like it is something different all of the time but the only thing I control is throwing the ball better and that is what I have to do."

ON QUARTERBACK CHANGES - "Yeah it has been [tough].  As far as the quarterback goes, you have to be ready at any time so that just can't be an excuse for any of us."

ON GAMEPLAN FOR UTAH - "It is pretty easy.  To send these seniors out on a high note.  A lot of us have a lot of respect for those guys and we are going to give it our best and leave it all out there on a field and put on a show for those seniors and the fans."

TE Nick Kasa
ON CONNOR WOOD'S STRUGGLES - "I don't know.  They were bringing a lot of pressure and we were not picking up a lot of their blitzes well and he just didn't have a lot of time.  There were times when he did have time and just didn't put those throws where they needed to be.  That is not on him though.  We need to make plays."

ON LOSS - "It is pretty tough but it just gives us more motivation for next week.  It is the last one I ever have.  We just have to get a win.  We can't be that team that never won at home since 1920."

ON CAMPUS ATTITUDE - "Obviously there is a little difference there but I think they have been pretty supportive.  There has not been any outright mean comments.  I have not heard anything to my face.  Of course, I see it on the web but I think they are still behind us."

ON DECREASING STUDENT SECTION - "We knew this week [it would be smaller] because people are going home for Thanksgiving and we are not doing as well as we should.  That is something we need to get right.  If we don't win games, people don't want to see you so we just have to win some games."

ON MAKING PLAYS ON OFFENSE - "We have to make plays no matter who is there [at quarterback].  They put the ball up and we have to go get it."

ON LAST GAME - "What I have been telling the guys is 'I don't even want you to play for me, I don't want you to play for the seniors.  Play for yourselves.' We can't be that team that has never won at home.  That is just embarrassing to me and this team and I think everybody knows that.  We are going to go out and get this win."

QB Connor Wood
ON FIRST START - "I was right mentally.  I just was not happy with the way I played obviously.  Going into the game, I felt like the guys were behind me and I was feeling good about myself."

ON RHYTHM - "I think I didn't do well enough with what I had so I am not going to go into what went into the decision or the coaches decision or scrutinizing that but I can say from a personal perspective that I didn't do well enough when I had those opportunities."

ON FEELING RUSHED - "I really did not feel rushed. The one where I was running out there naked and threw it back behind me to Vincent Hobbs.  That should have just been a throw away.  Obviously the defense was in my face but the best decision is to throw the ball away. So it wasn't that I was feeling rushed, but making the right decision."

ON DESERVING STARTING ROLE - "I think as much as I want to, every time I get a chance I need to do well with it and I'm not helping the coaches out with that decision, honestly speaking.  The only thing I can do is just to get better and find ways to do it with the receivers getting the timing down.  Just anything possible to improve."

ON RECVIEVER SEPERATION - "I think they are getting off fine.  But again, I take it upon myself to throw them the ball well and better."

ON SPEED OF GAME ADJUSTING - "I felt fine out there in terms of how the movement or the defense was and the snap of the ball.  Again, I think I'm just not making those throws out there that I need to.  I have had enough experience this season for that game to slow down. I think the more and more you play, I mean years and years, you are going to get more comfortable.  It is not a thing where I am looking around wide-eyed."

ON PASSING GAME - "I think you can't put it on one position.  I think everyone had a hand in it and that includes me for sure so I have to throw the ball better.  I need to be better with my decision making and throws."

ON PREPARATIONS - "I work my tail off and I take pride in that.  It is just disappointing when you don't see the fruit of your labor.  Only the strong survive and the persistent survive so you have to keep chopping wood every week and find ways to get better."

Washington Players

S Justin Glenn
ON DEFENSIVE PERFORAMNCE - "I think now we're really starting to play our best football defensively. Today we just had to keep going out there and doing our job. The offense couldn't catch a break in the first half. We knew that if we just kept battling things would eventually go our way."

ON KEVIN SMITH - "That was ridiculous. I was in on the play and thought the ball went out of bounds. I just kind of stopped and the next thing I knew, Will (Shamburger) had the ball. I saw the replay and that's definitely an ESPN top ten play. The awareness was just crazy."

ON QB KEITH PRICE - "He's been staying positive. He knows that we're all behind him. He's our quarterback so we're always going to ride with him. Good or bad, he's going to end up doing what Keith does, throwing touchdown passes."

ON COLORADO'S STRUGGLES - "They looked dead. Cody (Bruns) and I were talking about that because we've been there. I think back to our freshman year, and you just don't have hope. Coming into a game, it's just not the same. It feels to be great on the opposite end of that."

ON THE TEAM'S PERFORMANCE - "It was a good overall performance, I think we played well. Cody (Bruns) had his first career touchdown, and I was really happy for him."

QB Keith Price
ON STARTING SLOW - "We just needed to settle in. We knew we were going to come in and play hard. I think they were playing harder than us for a minute. Once we settled in, we got into a good rhythm."

ON THE OFFENSE - "The offense did a great job, the protection broke down several times, but we were able to make plays. I think we made a lot more plays scrambling, which is always good."

ON TYING SCHOOL RECORD FOR TOUCHDOWN PASSES - "All the quarterbacks that have come through here, it's an honor."

ON CONNECTING WITH THE RECEIVERS - "Our guys were getting open, I just made the throws. Guys were just making plays for me."

ON CODY BRUN'S TOUCHDOWN - "He came up and thanked me afterwards. That guy has been through so much, I'm really proud of him. I'm really happy for him. He definitely deserved it."

TB Kendyl Taylor
ON HIS PLAYING CONFIDENCE - "I've just been getting more comfortable with the offense and how things are going. Being the backup, I have to take a lead and balance out Bishop Sankey."

ON IMPROVING HIS GAME - "I played running back in high school a little bit, but coming here I really had to focus on how the game changes. Game experience is definitely key and now it's really starting to show."

WR Cody Bruns
ON QB KEITH PRICE - "He's been through a lot this season, and I'm proud of him for everything he's done. We work a lot together. We worked a lot together in the off season."

ON HIS FIRST CAREER TOUCHDOWN - "I wanted to make sure the ball got in. I wasn't going to let anything stop me from getting in. It feels great. It feels great to come out here on the road and get a win. I was happy that I got to contribute, it feels good."

ON HIS SENIOR YEAR - "I try not to look at it too much. With two games left now, it kind of hits you. You have to take every opportunity for what it's worth. You come to practice every day ready to roll."

TB Bishop Sankey
ON THE SECOND HALF - "I'm just glad we were able to get it going in the second half. We were able to get the run game going, and I'm happy with how we finished."

ON A SLOW FIRST HALF - "We came out flat. I thought we didn't have the energy. Coach Sarkisian did a good job of pumping us up at the half. We really came out in the second half and did a better job."

ON MAKING CHANGES AT THE HALF - "It was energy. Coach emphasized at half time that you just have to go out there and compete. If everyone defeats their man, he told us if we all just did that, good things would happen. Everyone was really focused going into the second half."

ON THE ROAD WIN - "Wins are good, everyone wants to win. To get our seventh win of the season means a lot. We just need to keep it going, going into these last two games."

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