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Colorado-Central Arkansas Quotes

Courtesy: CUBuffs.com
Release: September 07, 2013
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Colorado Head Coach Mike MacIntyre

“First of all, I thought the crowd was loud and enthusiastic. We had a blooper at the beginning (of the game with Ralphie). They set off smoke and it rattled Ralphie and they had to calm her down but then they sent us out and I tried to stop us but they (the players) ran over me. So, we started out by not doing the entrance correctly. These young men keep fighting, they never get down; they keep playing. Yeah, we made some mistakes but they just keep playing. That’s a good football team (Central Arkansas), I’ve been saying that all along. That No. 5 [Dezmin Lewis] and No. 89 [Chase Dixon] and No. 90 [Jonathan Woodard] will be playing on Sundays I promise you. They’re a good football team, our kids kept fighting, kept fighting, kept crawling, never hung there head. I just can’t tell you how proud I am of them, of their fight, how it keeps coming together. It wasn’t pretty, but I’ll take a win any day, any day. I think they (Central Arkansas) had 340 yards of total offense on 81 plays, so I thought we did decently there. We kind of let them back into the ball game from the way I saw it. We were about to go in and go up 21-0 and we kind of malfunctioned, had a turnover, then had a bad coverage on a kickoff and then it was over but we kept fighting.”

On Giving Up Double-Digit Lead For Second Consecutive Week   
“I’m just glad we can get a double-digit lead, and then win it, there’s no doubt about it. That’s sort of knowing how to finish somebody. Right now we’re just learning how to win, and I’m glad were doing that part of it. Today, we made a mistakes, last week [CSU’s] punt returner made five guys miss—he made a good play—we have to correct that but I think we will because they are going to start understanding that we can come back from it. We got to keep fighting, keep fighting, keep fighting, and put them out when we can. We had way too many penalties tonight and that’s something we have to sure up and try to work on.” 

On Team Reaching A Turning Point        
“I think the kids are believing that they can win, no matter what. That’s a big hurdle. We didn’t start getting that until the second year at San Jose State.”

On Team Mindset Throughout The Game              
“I just kept going down [the sideline] saying, ‘keep fighting, keep fighting, keep making plays, keep pushing, keep working,’ and just kept talking to them about it. I told Connor [Wood] just keep playing ball. Defensively, we had to just keep fighting, keep harassing the quarterback, and keep breaking on the football and I think we’ll get our break and sure enough we did. I tell you, we’re pretty fun to watch (laughing), either way were pretty fun to watch.”

On If He Has Ever Coached A Player As Explosive As WR Paul Richardson              
“Probably not as explosive as ‘P-Rich’. There is one guy at San Jose State named Noel Grigsby that broke every one of their records by his junior year. He’s not as explosive but he made a ton of plays. But, ‘P-Rich’ is the most explosive I’ve seen, for sure.”

On WR Paul Richardson Putting Up Big Numbers On The Season               
“Connor [Wood] did a good job of finding him, he’s kind of slippery, he kind of gets through there and makes plays and making catches. When we see certain matchups, we’re gonna go attack it, and he’ll go get it. The other receivers are playing really well too, they really are. So, I think that’s been good for us.”

On How Seniors Have Responded             
“I think they have responded exceptionally. They have taken me in with open arms, so to speak, and trusted me and I’ve trusted them. They just keep fighting and I’m really proud of them.”

On Defense Creating Turnovers                
“We teach turnovers, we teach jumping on the ball, breaking on the football, playing correct leverage. The pick at the end of the game (by Jered Bell) the receiver lined up tight, so we taught them certain things for this game that when they line up a certain way instead of playing naturally inside, you have to jump to the outside. Sure enough he jumped to the outside and beat him to the ball—that was a great play. We always talk about knowledge equals confidence, equals playing fast, and that’s what we mean by that: I have knowledge of what I’m supposed to do, now I have confidence, now I’m just going to go play. A lot of that helps you in the secondary, and you start to see those kids do that and they’re having a lot of fun. You have to go try to make a play, because if you don’t, you’re not going to make any. And you have to make some, because they (the opponent) are going to make some plays because everybody can throw the ball nowadays.

On Connor Wood’s Turnovers    
“One got tipped, kind of went through the guy’s hands, so I wouldn’t say that was his fault. The other one was his fault. He should have thrown it to the guy underneath the flat. And then on the fumble, we teach ball security, so I’ll have to look and see how he was holding the ball. The thing I like about Connor is that he kept playing. He didn’t hang his head, he kept playing, he made some great runs, he stayed in the pocket and made some great throws. It’s not gonna always go perfect, so I was happy to see him come back and do that. That’s one of the things I wanted to see. You want to win it, and we did, but that’s one of the things I want to see him do is come back after a couple things go wrong, and he did.”

On Turnovers Being Key To The Game   
“Turnovers is the biggest key in football. We didn’t take care of the ball like we should have tonight, and they made a couple of good moves to cause some problems. So, we’ll get back to work tomorrow afternoon and start working at trying to fix it.”

On How To Improve Running Game         
“Knock more people down and make better runs. We’ll look at it on film and definitely keep working it. We started to get it going there at the end and I was just happy we could run the clock out, I was really glad to see that. We didn’t do that last week, and we did it this week, so I look at that as an improvement.”

On Team Being Able To Celebrate            
“I’m just happy for them. You only get so many times to play, and you only get so many times to coach. I was really, really happy for them and how they’re working and they are starting to see the fruits of their labor. They starting to see that ‘keep fighting, keep fighting, keep playing, keep intensity going,’ those are not just words, those are things were doing daily in all walks of life.”

On The Turning Point Of The Game         
“We just kept battling on defense. They got down there—I think it was a third down play—and we got a hand up and just tipped it  and Jered Bell made a great play on the route, caught it and what a run to get in the end zone. Great play by Jered. To me, I think that’s when it turned.”

Central Arkansas Head Coach Clint Conque

“I thought we had an opportunity to have a couple of big plays in the first half that got away from us. We fought back. I thought our defense played one heck of a football game. We basically gave them 21 points off turnovers, there were two pick-sixes and a fumble down here. We had an opportunity up a touchdown with nine minutes to go at the 20-yard line we threw a pick six and that tied the game and changed the momentum of the game. Give those guys over there credit, but I’m proud of my football team we came into a tough environment and competed. You can’t turn the ball over four times, and ultimately that’s what did us in.
“We made some first downs, we just left the defense out there too long in the first quarter and it was 14-0 in a hurry but then the offense responded and started moving the chains and making some first downs and gave our defense a breather. The story of this game is we gave up big plays and turnovers, and we had several opportunities to make big plays and we didn’t make them. We’ll learn from it and grow as a football team. I like our team, I think we have a pretty good football team and we’re a little beat up right now but we’ll bounce back this week and try to grow from this experience.”  

On WR Paul Richardson             
“Well he ran by us the first time, he just flat out ran by us. He also ran a couple nice routs, he ran a double move down here after the fumble and that was a real nice rout that he ran.”

On LB Aum’Arie Wallace Injury              
“I have not had a chance to speak with him, I didn’t know if it was dislocated or broken. Obviously it looked really bad on the field; he was in a lot of pain. We have to regroup at this position because he provided us some quality depth at the nickel position as well as on special teams.”

Colorado Players

CB Jared Bell
ON INTERCEPTION: “It was a big turning point for the game. We needed the momentum to shift and we got a break right there. When it was tipped, all I saw was daylight.”
ON MAKING BIG PLAYS – “At halftime, the coaches were preaching to us, ‘We need a turnover, we need a turnover.’ Going out into the second half, we knew we needed to make plays, we needed a turnover.
ON COACHES GETTING THEM PREPARED – “They coach us like crazy during the week; they’re on us every play. Then when it comes game time, they let us go out and play and tell us if we make a mistake, it’s on them because they didn’t prepare us well enough.

QB Connor Wood
ON RESILIENCY – “I said this to the team at halftime. ‘The reason we won last week was that when adversity hit, we stuck together; we clung together. Last year’s team would’ve crumpled.”
ON COVERAGE AGAINST RICHARDSON – “They mixed it up. They did a good job of disguising what they were doing. And that’s where if they try to stop him, there’s other guys. Nelson Spruce, D.D. [Goodson], and Tyler [McCulloch], they stepped in.”
ON SIDELINE MORALE – “We’re having fun and competing hard out there. But like I said earlier, we’re trying to get to that level of an even keel. It’s a long game, it’s a full four quarters and we saw that tonight.”
ON UCA DEFENSIVE FRONT– “They’re talented, definitely very talented; especiall their defensive ends. They gave me some trouble. They did a good job pressuring me but I give credit to the offensive line because they hung in there and fought through all the pressures and the reason we got the win today is because of them.”
ON HOW TO BE A FOURTH QUARTER TEAM – “Coach Mac is always stressing, ‘Keep Playing, Keep Playing’ and to finish and not blink in the face of adversity.”

WR Paul Richardson
ON FIRST TWO GAMES HAVING OVER 400 YDS – “All goes to our offensive line and our quarterback. We’re fortunate to notice blown coverages. We’re fortunate for Connor to instead of throwing the ball away or ducking his head and running, every time he scrambles, he looks downfield.”
ON 2-0 START AND CONFIDENCE – “I think we have great confidence, but it’s stemming from these coaches. Coach Mac and his staff have been encouraging us and criticizing us constructively. They changed our whole attitude. You can see that we don’t have that ‘cave in’ mentality. We rise to the occasion.”
ON PREPARING FOR FRESNO STATE – “We have to be happy [about the win], but we have to put it behind us. Now we have work today. Like last week, we attacked practice like we were about to play in the Super Bowl and we have to come in tomorrow focused, dialed in, correct our mistakes, and hit it hard. The more we push each other in practice, the easier it is on Saturdays.”
ON HOW BIG THE HOME WIN WAS – “It was big for our team. It’s no better feeling than going and stepping onto Folsom and literally, the crowd had the field shaking. You couldn’t hear anything when the other team was on offense. Us having the crowd as the 12th Man on the field every time, that helps us.”
ON APPARENT SMALLEST CROWD IN 25 YEARS – “You couldn’t tell it was the smallest. Playing in that game, you couldn’t tell me it was the smallest. They were loud. They were involved. Like I said, they were the 12th Man on the field.”

CB Greg Henderson
ON INTERCEPTION, CONTINUING MOMENTUM FROM LAST GAME – “It felt good. Coach Baer emphasizes creating turnovers and that’s what we’re trying to do.”
ON WHAT’S DIFFERENT THIS YEAR ON DEFENSE – “The experience and the confidence we have this season. Everybody had to grow up fast last year and now we’re just playing with a lot of confidence. We have a great coaching staff that really gets on us hard at practice and that makes it easier for us in the game.”
ON 2-0 START AND CONFIDENCE – “It’s high right now, but we still have a lot of work to do.”

DB Parker Orms
ON THE HOME WIN TONIGHT- “I am just proud of the whole defense, the whole team; just how much they were flying around, making plays. I remember last year we had three interceptions in the whole season and to have three tonight is amazing, and then the forced fumble. We are going to win a lot of games if we keep doing that.” 
ON THE DEFENSE-“The defense is doing great this year. We just got to keep going. We have Fresno State coming up and I can’t wait to see them play that game.” 
ON DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THIS YEAR AND LAST–Our goal is to create turnovers.  We practice that constantly.  The last two games that has helped us win.          
ON DEFENSIVE IMPROVEMENT-“To be almost dead least in defense last year definitely compelled us to go into this summer, fall camp, and spring ball and work on everything that we messed up in last year and we are definitely improving.”
ON WINNING– “Winning is a lot more fun than losing. We’re 2-0 right now and we’ve just got to move forward and we want to be 3-0. We’re making big plays and it is fun. I’m getting goose bumps out there playing and that’s what you want.”

OT Jack Harris
ON OFFENSIVE LINE’S PERFORMANCE TONIGHT VS CSU GAME – “We weren’t as prepared for them. They have two defensive ends that are good football players and we kind of underestimated them. We’ve got to prepare better next time. I kind of had a little bit of the wrong game plan and what I was going to do with them. We’ll prepare better next time.”
ON THE POSITIVES– “I’m just glad we’re having good drives, finishing drives, and I don’t know the last time we scored a pick-six and we scored two in a game. It might have been like two years ago, so I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s good.
GENERAL-“It’s unreal how we are playing. If one unit is not playing well, then another unit comes up and makes huge plays. It’s something we haven’t seen in a while. It’s awesome.”

LB Derrick Webb
ON HOW BIG THIS WIN IS – “It was huge. We wanted to get this first home win for ourselves, for our fans, for our season. I feel like we aren’t the same team as last year. I don’t want to talk about the team last year. We are playing some good football and we just want to keep it going.”
ON THE OPPORTUNISTIC DEFENSE–“It was awesome. A couple things happened during the game where we could have sunk our heads or we could have blamed the offense and made excuses why we didn’t win, but we didn’t do that tonight. That’s exciting for me to see us go out there tonight and battle for each other and get the win for each other.”
ON TAKING OWNERSHIP OF THE GAME- “As the captains and the leaders of this team, that’s our job. We know that we were playing some good football during the first half and we pretty much feel like we kept them in the game. We kept telling each other that it’s 0-0. We have another half to play football and we’ve got to quit making mistakes, quit letting them staying in the game, and all of us believe that we went out and played like it.”
ON THE FRESHMEN- “I am extremely proud of all the young guys out there. Tedrick Thompson with the touchdown saving tackle, that was huge. A lot of people overlooked that play, but I went over and told him thanks for making that tackle, that was a huge play. He saved us a touchdown right there.”
ON THE HOME WIN- “We’re 2-0 right now. We just want to keep it rolling. We’re going to take every game, one game at a time, and our biggest focus right now is being 3-0. This is our house.”

Central Arkansas Players

ON THE FIRST HALF COMEBACK – “We just tried to keep our composure and get more confidence. We came out a little bit rattled, because we had a couple of three-and-outs. We had a couple of drives, and our defense got a couple of stops, which is when we just got our confidence back up and got some scores on the board. We got back into the game.”
ON THE SECOND PICK-SIX – “I saw my guy coming across, and I double-clutched when I saw a defender right there, but I still wanted to get [the ball] to him. I threw it a little high, and it got off of his fingertips and popped up into the air. As a quarterback, you know that if you pop a ball into the air, it is always dangerous. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to tackle, but things like that happen. We tried to move on, but unfortunately, we could not.”
ON THE FIRST PICK-SIX – “[Henderson] must have been watching the film. I had faith in my receiver that he was going to run a good route for us, and I was going to get to stick it onto him. Unfortunately, [Henderson] made a great play, and he read the route perfectly. He undercut it, and as a quarterback, that was one of those plays that you cannot do anything about. You have so much faith in your players that they will make the play for you, and unfortunately, it was just my luck that that did not happen.”
ON NOT BEING ABLE TO FINISH – “We always want to end the drive with a touchdown; we had a long kick-off return. You try to get into the end zone every time you can, and we could not do that.”
ON WHAT TO TAKE AWAY — “Our team took a great amount of confidence from this game. We played with those guys throughout the whole game, and we shot ourselves in the foot at the end. We were obviously mad about that, but we gave them a great game and everybody out here realized that. We want to work on finishing games, because if we would have finished this game, we would have come out on top. When you get a little lead or get your foot on their throats, you want to keep it there. You want to put more points on the board, instead of just settling for field goals. We needed to get into the end zone, so it’s just a matter of finishing games. Our head coach is going to preach that when we get back.”

DE Markeith Gaines
ON CHANGES THROUGHOUT THE GAME – “I thought we came out playing [at a higher level] during the first half, and I thought that our biggest mistake was that we did not finish our plays.”
ON HIS TWO FORCED FUMBLES– “I just played ball with my team. We are going to learn from this and get better.”
ON IF THEY WERE INTIMIDATED – “I do not think we were intimidated, I just think we had to overcome some adversity.”
ON WHAT WENT WRONG – “It all came down to how we were playing together, and we were playing individually. We were not finishing plays, we were not making blocks or tackles. We were not catching the ball. This is a learning experience for us, and we are going to learn from it.”
ON PLAYING IN COLORADO – “We knew about the altitude when we got here. It is a dry climate. We got here on Thursday and walked around trying to get used to everything, but [the environment] had nothing to do with it. We were not disciplined enough.”





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