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Colorado-Arizona Quotes

Courtesy: B.G. Brooks, Contributing Editor
Release: October 26, 2013
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Colorado Head Coach Mike MacIntyre

“We played our hearts out, we’ve got to play better.”

On QB Sefo Liufau           
“I thought he did good. He missed a couple of guys he could’ve hit, and we had a couple out there he could’ve made, but I thought he did some good things. He’ll keep improving.”

On Why He Chose To Fake The Punt In The 4th Quarter   
“Because if you saw us playing defense, we couldn’t stop them (Arizona’s offense). I thought it was a good place to try it. He [P Darragh O’Neill] was supposed to read it; we’ve had five this year, and he’s punted all five. We thought we had a chance, and he thought he had a chance and didn’t get it.”

On His Concern With The Defense            
 “Very concerned. They’re playing as hard as they can play.”

On Team Having Talent, But Not Executing          
“There’s parts of that (being true). We need to do a better job of coaching them, and just keep fighting. There are great offenses in this league.”

If Loss Hurts More Than Others This Season        
“Definitely. 100 percent.”

On Why It Hurts More Than Other Losses             
“Because we can beat that team.”

On Why He Feels The Team Didn’t Win  
“We didn’t tackle them. We couldn’t tackle the quarterback. We must have missed him seven times. Probably 200 yards of offense off of missed tackles on the quarterback. We got to work on tackling better.”

On It Being Harder To Stop Arizona QB B.J. Denker Because Of RB Ka’Deem Carey             
“We stopped Carey pretty good. We had one where he bounced outside. We should’ve stayed outside and he wouldn’t have gained that yardage. Then, he ran over us a few times, and he’s going to do that. He does that against everybody. Just very disappointed we didn’t do a better job against Denker. He did a good job; he threw the ball better than I’ve ever seen him throw in every game I’ve ever watched him play. So, he came through, he really did, he did a great job.”

On Being Disappointed 
“I’m very disappointed in the outcome.”

On Struggling In The Red Zone  
“We just couldn’t get it in. We’ll have to go back and look at it; we left a few out there we had chances at.”

On His Happiness With The Team’s Tackling       
“I think we’ve improved from the film I watched last year, and from spring practice and early in fall. He [B.J. Denker] made us miss tonight. I’ve seen him make people miss before; it’s just very frustrating for our kids.”

On Regretting To Go For It On 4th Down Instead Of Kicking A Field Goal   
“No, the guy was open, we just couldn’t get it to him.”

On Whether He Regrets Fake Punt          
 “No. Do not.”

On Trick-Play With WR Paul Richardson Throwing The Ball
“We did it different than that (the play against Oregon). It was a different formation, and they lined up differently than they had been, which kind of threw us off. But, ‘P-Rich’ did a good job – we had worked on it if that happens to throw it out of bounds.”

On The Lack Of Success In Pac-12 Play Being Disconcerting          
“Very disconcerting. We keep improving we just got to do it. It’s very disconcerting, we just got to keep fighting and moving forward. It’s disheartening for the kids; they’re battling right there and just a few plays here and there.”

On How To Spark The Defense   
“Just keep working on it. We’ve made personnel changes there too. We just have to keep working, keep fighting, keep pushing, and find ways to keep trying to help them. I thought we did a few things tonight to help them, and they [Arizona] just made a few more plays than we did.”                

Arizona Head Coach Rich Rodriguez

“It was an intense game and you got to give them credit. We knew there was going to be adversity and we had a couple guys out and some young guys playing key roles. Our guys competed hard, made some uncharacteristic mistakes that could have cost us but we also made enough plays to win it.”

On QB B.J. Denker’s Play              
“It was big, the way they were defending us they were loading the box to stop Ka’Deem (Carey), and we were going to have to take the ball up high. Obviously B.J. (Denker) running was a key, the way they were playing us they were going to take away a lot of Ka’Deem’s inside runs so B.J. (Denker) had some opportunities.”

On Denker’s Mobility     
“The way we run our system, our quarterback has to be able to run. Is he going to run as fast as Ka’Deem? No, but if he can get 5 or 6 yards it will help. Obviously he had a couple long runs, but some of those 5, 6, 7, yard runs where he went north and south and kept us moving the sticks were just as important.”

On RB Ka’Deem Carey   
“Ka’Deem (Carey) is a freak of nature in my opinion. His elbow was bothering him the whole second half, they were loading up the box and he was fighting for every yard.”

On The Fake Punt           
“That was big on the punt. We tried to warn them on every punt that they were going to do something tricky. I wasn’t sure they were going to do it then, backed up, but our guys were ready for it and Trevor Ermisch made a big play.”

On The Win       
“Any Pac-12 road win is a really, really good win, especially where we’re at in our program. We have some good players but we’re not going to line up and play poorly and beat anybody. Any win is a good win for us, trust me on that.”

On Containing Paul Richardson 
“We gave some safety help over the top in the second half. Richardson’s a really good player, he’s really fast and it’s hard to simulate that speed.”

On Ka’Deem’s Injury      
“No I think he’ll be ok, I don’t know exactly what it was, he still could have played through that but at the end we thought Daniel Jenkins could give us a little spark.” 

On Arizona’s Conditioning           
“We take a lot of pride in our conditioning and I talk about it every day about our tempo at practice and how we practice and how we play, going fast all the time. We should be good in the fourth quarter and trust our conditioning.”

On Arizona’s Tempo       
“It was better, but it’s always better when we get a few first downs. In the first quarter our tempo was really good, second quarter not so much. Overall, we’re trying to push the tempo even more.”

On QB B.J. Denker           
“I think so, he’s just a second year player, and he’s seeing things as quickly as the coaches see it. He’s nodding his head before you can even tell him what he could do differently.”

On Denker’s Running Ability     
“I didn’t know he outrushed Ka’Deem until somebody told me. I’ve had a quarterback do that before, a couple of them as a matter of fact, Denard Robinson and Pat White and they were really fast. But B.J.’s (Denker) a competitor and I think that’s his best quality, he loves to compete.”

Colorado Players

DE Chidera Uzo-Diribe
ON STRUGGLES STOPPING B.J. DENKER – “I think we just weren’t keyed in to some of our responsibilities. It was a big thing to make sure we don’t get him running, but obviously, we allowed him to run.”
ON STRATEGY AGAINST KA’DEEM CAREY – “We were playing our normal defense and we made it a key to make sure you tackle number 25. He’s good at breaking tackles. So that was our big thing.”
ON THE LOSS – “We played with them that first half, but again, didn’t come out well that second half. It hurts because they’re definitely a team we thought we could beat so, it hurts from that point.”
ON PLAYING DEFENSE WITH A SHORT FIELD – “Just trying to get another stop. That’s our mentality, no matter where the ball is. They could’ve had the ball at the 1-yard line and we’re going out there to force a three-and-out or create a turnover.”

QB Sefo Liufau
ON THE LOSS – “It definitely hurts. We were in the game. Just a play here, a play there, and we’re still in the game. We’re going to get back to work tomorrow and come back strong next week. We lost a little bit of our consistency and it kind of slowed us down. So, like I keep saying every week, ‘We just have to be consistent.’ It’s a four quarter game for a reason.”
ON DECISION TO GO FOR IT ON 4TH AND GOAL – “The coaches have the best interest and know what’s best for the team. You never question the coach; you know, if they want to go for a field goal, onside kick, whatever the call maybe. I think it was a great decision.”
ON DECISION MAKING DURING BROKEN PLAYS – “I look for the best option available. Today, a couple times, I ran the ball, you know, stepped up in the pocket and ran it. Other times, I threw the ball to D.D. and other receivers.”
ON DIFFICULTY IN ARIZONA TERRITORY – “Just execution. That lies on my shoulders and it’s my fault that we couldn’t get points on the board. You just got to make plays. That’s the bottom line right there.”
ON HOW ARIZONA WAS COVERING RICHARDSON – “He was getting open, but he’s not going to be open on every play. He’s a key for defenses; they don’t want to let the playmakers get the ball on offense. There were plays where he was open, on his touchdown and some other plays. Other times, he was covered up and double-teamed.”

DB Jered Bell
ON WHAT THE DEFENSE IS MISSING – “It’s just execution. We have the talent, we have everything we need, we just have to go out there and make plays. The coaches put us in the best position, and the right position, so it’s on us to go out there and make plays.”
ON INTERCEPTION – “I’m just doing what the coaches ask me; just doing the right technique, going back to the fundamentals, and just being in the right position whenever I need to be.”

RB Michael Adkins II
ON RUNNING THE BALL AGAINST ARIZONA – “I felt our line did well. We have to, as running backs, take advantage and hit the whole harder to get yards.”
ON INABILITY TO RUN CONSISTENTLY IN RED ZONE – “The first time we were in that situation we punched it in. The second time, we, as running backs, just got to get in that end zone.”

WR Paul Richardson
ON PLAYING AGAINST HIS COUSIN, SHAQUILLE RICHARDSON – “It was just another game, really. Of course it was a little heated with us being aggressive towards one another. It wasn’t anything major, just another game, except we have the same last name, so it was fun.”
ON HIS CATCH IN THE SECOND HALF – “Somebody rolled on top of me or I rolled my ankle. I don’t know what happened. I’ll get it checked out.”
ON HIS TOUCHDOWN RECEPTION – “I got him to turn, I knew they were worried about my speed. He started running, I broke inside of him and Sefo threw a perfect pass across the field, and I just had to finish the play, so I ran under it and scored.”

K Will Oliver
ON HIS PERSONAL CAREER HIGH– “It felt good. It’s always good to break PR’s, but I missed the 52 [yard kick], so it kind of takes away from it. It still feels good; I am glad they trust me.”
ON HIS PRE-GAME CONFIDENCE– “Yeah I was feeling good, but just having a miss kind of dampens the evening. I feel like it was still a good day.”
ON HIS 53 YARD KICK - “It’s funny, it was the worst kick out of the three. ‘Production oriented business,’ as Coach Neinas always says, so it counts.”

OL Alex Kelley
ON TONIGHT’S OFFENSIVE EFFORT – “I can only speak for the offensive line, but I feel like we pretty much played our butts off. We had pretty solid control and we gave one-hundred percent every play.”
ON WHAT THEY WILL TAKE AWAY FROM THE GAME – “After the after-game speech, Coach MacIntyre was telling us how much he loved our effort. The game kind of got away from us, but we never took our foot off the pedal, we just kept going. I think that will be symbolic for how we are going to finish out this season.”
ON PREPARING FOR NEXT WEEK’S GAME AGAINST UCLA -        “Honestly, just continuing to give effort every single play. A lot of us are from that area in California, so it will be nice to be back.”

WR Nelson Spruce
ON TONIGHT’S OFFENSIVE PERFORMANCE – “I think we started off really strong. The 75 yard touchdown by Paul Richardson was a big play to start the game. I feel like our energy maybe just dwindled off. To be honest, it was a weird situation that I couldn’t really put my finger on.”
ON MOVING FORWARD – “Our effort was definitely there, so that is something we could build on. As long as we have that, then we can keep building as a team, Sefo [Liufau] can keep growing, and we can figure out what it takes to win.”
ON NEXT WEEK’S ROAD GAME – “I know the coaches already have a game plan ready for us, so they will tell us tomorrow what we are going to look for. I haven’t really watched much film on them. I know they are an athletic team, so we have to play at a fast tempo, but I don’t know too much about anything else.”
ON HIS PERSONAL PROGRESS – “I remember last year UCLA pressed a lot. I need to work on getting off the line against press coverage, so that will be one goal for this week.”

KR Ryan Severson
ON TONIGHT’S PERFORMANCE – “The kicker was putting a lot of kicks in the back of the end zone. At first we were just waiting for the opportunity, but all game we were blocking the kickoff well. I credit the blockers, they made a huge hole for me and I took it from there.”   
ON WHAT THEY LEARNED FROM TONIGHT – “We gave great effort. As a team, we were closely linked. We hung in there, fought the whole way, and no one gave up. We just need to keep fighting going into next week.”

LB Derrick Webb
ON THE DEFENSIVE GAME – “We started off playing really well as a defense. We held the number one rusher in the country to a career low. Our goal was to stop him and I feel like we accomplished that. We gave up a couple of big plays and gave them momentum going into halftime and they had the ball coming out to start the third quarter. They came down the field and drove on us. In the second half, I feel like the quarterback really hurt us by pulling the ball, running the ball, and scrambling for third downs. They made some really big plays in the second half.” 
ON CONTAINING KA’DEEM CAREY – “It was just pretty much guys doing their jobs. We had a great scheme coming into this week and we had great practices all week to perfect that scheme and were able to stop the zone read. I feel like the quarterback had his best game all year and made some good plays out there that really hurt us.”         
ON TAKING THE POSITIVES OUT OF TONIGHT’S GAME – “This game hurt us, so we definitely are going to remember this feeling. We have to channel that energy into UCLA. Losses are never good and back-to-back losses are even worse. We just have to come out on Monday extremely focused, ready to go on the road and steal a win from UCLA.”

Arizona Players

QB BJ Denker
ON HAVING MORE RUSHING YARDS THAN CAREY – “[I didn’t expect it] when it’s Ka’Deem Carey. I don’t think any quarterback can expect that. That’s just what happens when they put pressure on him and it forces me to keep the football. I just run as fast as I can and get as many yards as possible.”
ON ADDED PRESSURE ON CAREY – “I am prepared mentally and physically to make sure I get a lot of touches and a lot of carries.”
ON THE BIG ROAD WIN – “It’s awesome. It’s definitely tough to get a win on the road. It’s another Pac-12 South game, so we are taking this momentum to keep our season going and this winning streak alive.”
ON HIS LONG RUNS – “I wasn’t surprised, I was just trying to get north and south as fast as possible. I was trying not to get caught, and I got caught a couple of times unfortunately.”
ON COLORADO’S DEFENSE – “When they stack the box like that and are trying to limit [Ka’Deem Carey], it’s either going to be a gain of no yards or a big gain like that. That’s just how it is.”
ON BEING UNSTOPPABLE – “When we do well on the first down and pick up the tempo, we go really fast and it’s hard to stop us. That’s our key and our motto, and if we do that, we will be successful on our offense.”
ON HOW BIG THIS WIN IS – “I don’t think it’s bigger than any other win. This is a Pac-12 win, and every Pac-12 opponent is going to be tough. This isn’t any bigger than Utah or any other opponent.”
ON HOW IT FEELS TO WIN – “The best feeling is a winning locker room. There is no other feeling that is better in the world. I’m excited to go check my phone and see the, ‘Congratulations’ texts instead of the, ‘Dang, you didn’t play so well’ texts. It’s a lot better of a feeling.”
ON WHAT MAKES THE WINNING DIFFERENCE – “Confidence. Not just my own, but the confidence of our receivers and our whole offense. I think we played a little tight at the beginning of the year, and now we are loose. We are having fun.”
ON UPSETTING OTHER TEAMS’ DEFENSES – “I hope they are having a tough time. The tougher it is [for them], the more success we are going to have. We are going to try to keep it as tough as possible.”
ON THE LAST TWO SCORES OF THE FIRST HALF – “That was very key. We came out really well for our first two drives with good production. Then, we kind of flattened off for the next couple of drives. To end the half like we did and then come out in the third quarter and play well too was the key.”
ON QUICK RESPONSES– “I can’t say what [Colorado’s] offensive coordinator was thinking, but I’m glad that they gave us that much time. We don’t need that much time to score anyway; we got the ball with 1:17. For most offenses, that’s not a lot of time, but for us, that’s normal.”
ON THE POSSIBILITY OF THE PAC-12 SOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP – “We just have to focus on winning. Coach [Rodriguez] always says, ‘Win every play.’ We need to win every play and we win every practice. We review games at practices, so on Tuesday, we’ll say, ‘Did we beat Colorado? Did they outwork us or did we outwork them?’ That’s what we have to focus on at practice, and then that will translate on Saturday. If we get those wins, we will be creeping up on the Pac-12 leaderboards.”

RB Ka’Deem Carey
ON THE MINOR INJURY – “I feel good; it was a good game today. Around halftime, I went in [to the locker room] and [my arm] got numb on me. Then, I felt good.”
ON THE ZONE READ – “[Colorado] picked their poison, and they picked wrong. B.J. (Denker) had a great game today.”
ON BJ DENKER – “He was making great reads out there. He was making the defense try to play even harder, and once they played harder, he just took it. He was throwing the ball well today. I loved it.”
ON THE ALTITUDE AND THE SPEED OF THE GAME – “I feel like we have a big advantage when we play fast on any team besides someone like Oregon. When we go fast, they get tired, and we can get a lot of plays in and first downs; that’s the motive.”
ON DENKER’S BIG GAME – “I thought I was about to be the lead blocker, but I guess someone was chilling behind BJ [Denker]. I love watching my teammates have a good game. Wide receivers had a good game, and they were catching everything. It was a great overall performance by Arizona today; I loved it.”
ON THE LAST TWO QUICK SCORES – “That was really big; To get the momentum back going into halftime and coming out with it. That’s just what we do. We scored quick, and that is what I told them. I told them when we were going out when the score was 13-10, ‘This is our football. We love to score fast, and this is what we do.’ That’s what we did.”
ON PUTTING UP LESS RUSHING YARDS THAN LAST YEAR – “Of course I’m not [disappointed]. I’m sure we racked up a lot of yards as a team overall. Personally, I just played my part and my role, and everything came in. We got a great victory today, and I’m looking forward to the next game at Cal.”
ON THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS WIN – “It was big. Especially with UCLA losing today, it makes us go in for that race. Our stride is to get into that Pac-12 Championship game, and we got a step closer.”
ON HOW ARIZONA SEES THIS WIN – “We’re looking at this like it’s a national championship. We are going to go out there and keep fighting for that. We are in the race, and we are going to keep going for it.”
ON THE REST OF THE PAC-12 COMPETITION – “With the teams that are left, we can make statements. We have the good wins at home, and then we can go away with Arizona State on the rival game. That one is anybody’s game.”
ON DENKER’S PROGRESS – “Every time he steps on the field, he makes a play and has that smile. That is when he gets back in his comfort zone and loves football again. Sometimes, he loses focus. I have to go remind him. After that, he goes out and makes a great play, which is when he remembers that he loves football.

LB Scooby Wright
ON URGENCY COMING IN – “We just had to really zone in on our job, and we just had to really play team defense. We needed to not be selfish and just have everyone do their job, and it worked out tonight for us pretty well.”
ON REBOUNDING ON DEFENSE – “We just had to make some adjustments in the second half, and everybody had to play hard and keep doing what they were supposed to do.”
ON COACH’S HALF-TIME SPEECH – “He said to be more aggressive in our blitzes and contain Paul Richardson. He is a good receiver, so we just had to make sure we put pressure on the quarterback and make sure that he didn’t have too much time throwing the ball.”
ON ADJUSTMENTS FOR RICHARDSON – “We had to be really urgent on our blitzes and play downhill and play fast.”
ON B.J. DENKER – “B.J. [Denker] is just one of those guys who always works, is always watching film, and always trying to make his teammates look good. He tries really hard to help us win.”
ON CONTINUING THE WINNING STREAK – “I think that it goes back to everyone working hard day-in and day-out, grinding every day, and playing team ball. We need everyone to not be selfish and just do their assignment. Then, the outcome will be good no matter what.”

Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott

“I come to every campus at least once during the football season. This was a manual opportunity. It was a great day. I got a chance to meet with some coaches. I’m looking forward to getting together with Colorado Athletic Director, Rick George spend some time with President Benson, and chancellor Stephano. I will say hello to Coach Mac (Mike Macintyre). Especially, in the last couple of season it has been exciting getting around to see the plans and all the developments going on. I think it is really remarkable all the progress that is going on in terms of facility development. There is a lot of excitement with where the Pac-12 is going.”

On the Most Pressing Questions Regarding the Conference           
“The question I get asked the most is TV distribution on the network. We launched it last year, so we are in our second year. It is very much a long term initiative. That is something I will not be satisfied with until we have full distribution for us. That is a pressing issue. Things are really going exceedingly well. Within our second year with TV deals that we have in place, we have a football championship game well established, basketball tournament, and we have a had a great first year in Vegas. Now that we have the selection committee in place on site for the first semi-finals, there have been some major initiatives.”

On Negotiations with DirecTV
“There hasn’t been movement in a long time. We’ve reached out and tried to engage in further conversation. There really is no movement. It’s been clear to me at football media day when I made it clear to the media that it looks like we are at an impasse. I’m not expecting DirecTV during this football or basketball season.”

On the Distribution of the Coverage Becoming a Financial Risk
“I don’t see that time coming. We are ahead of schedule I’d say. We have over fifty distributors that are profitable. The quality of what we are producing is amazing. We have had 750 live events this year and it’s going to go to 850 next year. From where we started, this is such a long term initiative, and we have a responsibility to our fifty distributors that have signed on for a price and to our universities. We are not going to compromise with those values.”

On Audiences Switching Providers
“I’m very sensitive. That is not easy thing for people to do. A lot of people are waiting for a contract be up. A lot of them will not break their contract, but wait for it to be done. We have seen a lot of change. DirecTV is losing a lot of customers because of this. Overtime, that will help more and more.”

On Working with DirecTV
“It is just how the industry works. When the Big 10 started their network it took several years for them to get cable. A friend form the NFL Network told me it took eight years to get Time Warner Cable. It’s unfortunate because fans are caught in the middle. If you are going to start something as ambitious as a TV network, you have to realize what is open and that it is going to take some time. It’s unfortunate that DirecTV was the one who had an impasse on it, but I am hoping that in time they will stop depriving their customers.”

On DirecTV’s Reasoning for Not Picking up Pac-12
“I don’t really know. It is probably money for during the day. We want everyone to take it. That is why we created it. It has to happen on a responsible basis. That way it is fair to others who have signed on.”

On the Conference Rank in Television
“As far as I’ve seen, we are number one. The schools are fairly satisfied with where we are.”

On the Ability to Get a Pac-12 Team in the National Championship Game
“I don’t think we are alone. There are other conferences that are a bit frustrated. Last year we would have liked to see Alabama-Oregon. I think that would have been a better game than what we had. I actually think the play-off will be excellent for the Pac-12. I think that will get a Pac-12 team to play in the National Championship.”

On the Selection Committee
“We knocked it out of the park in terms of athletic directors, former coaches, and some at large members that bring a lot of integrity. They were all shaking hands here.”

On the Effects of DirecTV Not Covering the Buffs
“I have to respect their decision to show whatever video coverage they want. They cover a lot of Buff sports. I think we have sixty total accounts this year featuring the Colorado Buffaloes. We’ve had six football games; we are going to have twelve men’s basketball games, fourteen women’s basketball games, eleven alone are going to be for volleyball, soccer, and spring sports. So from that alone, we have to be thankful, the most passionate Buffs fans will make this work because they do not want to miss some amazing Buffs coverage. To them I say that, “you’ve got Dish.” In all seriousness, I feel very bitter about saying that to the fans, but there are multiple options in every category. They have a cable option, a satellite option…”

On Colorado’s Self-Sustaining Facilities
“I had the chance to see a little earlier. Coach gave me a tour of the Coors Event Center, some of the practice facilities there, and some of the plans for future development, and I was delighted. In basketball, Colorado is prime speed with any other team in the conference in terms of facilities. They’ve got kids running football and the media that needs to be done is probably a 1-2-3.

On Discouraging  Schools to Schedule ‘Lower’ Teams
“Yes, I do. Lucky enough, I haven’t had to do much discouraging. In our conference, there have always been a bias for playing top ranked teams for a variety of reasons. There is the culture of our schools; we want to give the student athletes a chance in their big time match-ups, there are some traditional match-ups like USC and Stanford going against Notre Dame and we play nine conference games. We are already playing a tougher schedule than most other conferences. I always try to remind our schools, especially with the conference play offs coming up, scheduling is more important. Football scheduling is done way out.”

On Funding Athletic Programs Equally
“I think each school has their own model. Some have very deep basic donors within. I don’t see any one school in our conference that has disproportioned facilities. When I go around our conference, for example, Washington just completed a new $280 million dollar facility. They did that without any one big donor. I just visited Arizona last week and they just completed a new north-end project for the football operations facility. I was at Arizona State and they have grand plans for what will be hundreds of millions of dollars for a facility. I don’t think that one particular strong donor has been pediment for our campuses to get done what they need to get done.”

On Communication with DirecTV
“Every couple of months we are reaching out to see if anything has changed. It is a high priority for us.”


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