Six Pac-12 Takeaways And What They Mean To Buffs


Optimism flowed freely at the recent Pac-12 Media Days.

That, of course, is the way it’s supposed to be. Everyone is undefeated, everyone had terrific offseason training programs and everyone is looking forward to a successful season.

But sprinkled liberally among the platitudes was plenty of news. Here are six trends and tidbits that will be worth watching as the 2015 season unfolds, beginning this week when Pac-12 schools start to open their respective fall camps:


1. The Pac-12 is loaded. The overwhelming consensus is that the conference that finished last season ranked No. 1 in ESPN’s Conference Power Rankings is better than last year. Six Pac-12 teams are ranked in the Top 25 in the preseason USA Today coaches’ poll, second-best in the nation behind the SEC (eight), including Oregon at No. 5 and USC at No. 10.

The twist here? While the coaches liked Oregon more than USC, the Pac-12 media sees things differently, picking USC to unseat Oregon for the conference title. If that happens, it will be the first time a team from the current Pac-12 South has won the conference title since 2008, which also happens to be the last time the Trojans were conference champions.

What it means for the Buffs: The Buffs will face all six of those preseason Top 25 teams, plus Utah (which also received votes in the poll). Depending upon how you look at the situation, it’s “the schedule from hell” (as one national writer called it), or it’s a wonderful chance for the Buffs to pick up a couple big wins and reap the national exposure that would go with those victories....more



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