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Dan Hawkins Tuesday Press Conference

Courtesy: Jordan Edwards, Student Assistant SID
Release: November 11, 2008
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Dan Hawkins   By CUBuffs.com

On Where to Start with Stopping Oklahoma State’s Offense

“It’s very hard. I think every defensive game plan starts with stopping the run; I think that’s where you have to go. That always happens, no matter who you play. They sure are talented and they’re very good in a lot of areas. They have plenty of weapons.”

On Oklahoma State’s Running Game

“Part of the reason is that they have such an explosive offense, you can’t just shut down one thing; they’re going to get after you. [Kendall Hunter] is very, very talented he’s very fast and has some power, and they’re good up front.”

On If Oklahoma State TB Kendall Hunter is Like Any Player Colorado Has Played This Season

“I don’t know, we’ve played some really good backs. He’s probably fast like (West Virginia TB) Noel Divine; probably a little bigger, thicker, and be able to take on people, but that same kind of speed.”

On Oklahoma State QB Zac Robinson Having a Breakout Season

“I give Coach Gundy a lot of credit for believing in him, signing him, and getting him down there. I’m not always concerned about that, just if the guy can play. In his case he is very athletic; he’s tough, he’s a leader, and he’s smart. He’s a talented player.”

On What He Got For His Birthday

“I got another day on the planet; another day at my job, another day with my wife, all of that is good. I did get fruitcake, though. I’m one of the last great fruitcake lovers and when you’re a family of six, the awesome thing is that everybody else hates it and it stays around forever. It’s the gift that keeps on giving; fruitcake lasts forever. I’m a fruitcake guy.”

On Colorado’s Quarterback Situation

“It’s been a very liquid environment and just when you think you’re going one way, you go the other way. I give those guys credit, again, for hanging in there and battling. Cody [Hawkins] was ready when his number was called and Tyler [Hansen] was when his number was called. We’re fortunate that both of those guys have handled it well.”

On QB Tyler Hansen

“The guy is a true freshman; everyday is an adventure, and every play is an adventure.  There just is no substitute for experience. When we were going over the special teams’ film, you’re going, ‘Okay, remember when we were practiced and we went right? Remember when we met on it, we went right, and when we walked through, we went right? Then right before the play, I told you right?’ They’re like, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah.’ ‘Okay, and on that play you went left.’ They’re like, ‘Yeah, I know.’ That’s just part of it, and it’s obviously more complicated at the quarterback spot.”

On TB Rodney Stewart’s Injury

“It was primarily a ligament issue down there.”

On TB Demetrius Sumler

“He has just an awareness of everything that’s going on; command of the running game, passing game, protection, formations, and being able to get [his] anxiety curve down a little bit. He’s been such a great guy for us the whole year. I really thought one of the guys we were going to miss the most this year was going to be Byron Ellis, because all of the multiple things he did for us last year, and Demetrius is really evolving into that guy. When you have somebody who is very multiple and can do a lot of things, and can handle it mentally and physically, that’s really awesome. He’s done a great job. He has kind of subordinated his ego to some freshmen and figured out how he can help the team, and he’s done a good job with it.”

On If PK Aric Goodman Will Be the Starting Field Goal Kicker This Week

“We’ll see how they do this week."

On PK/P Jameson Davis’ Leg Injury

“He’ll be okay; I think it has calmed down a little bit. Again, that’s just a constant irritation until they get in there and can clean it up a little bit.”

On If QB Cody Hawkins Will Start Against Oklahoma State

“He will be the starter.”

On Texas Tech Beating Oklahoma State Last Saturday, 56-20

“You guys are getting to witness, in our conference, some unbelievable football. Tech comes out and just absolutely shoots the lights out and there’s just no relenting; they continue to score and continue to put it on you. What I think happens a little bit on ‘your’ team is you sort of feel this urgency like, ‘We have to score every time we have it.’ There can be a gap there, I think emotionally, in terms of what’s going on. I think Tech is playing very, very confident. It’s kinaki man, it’s eighth grade kinaki, and they’re on the playground. That’s what they’re doing right now and God bless them, and (Texas Tech Head Coach) Mike [Leach] has them going. I think that carries on into every other phase of what it is they’re doing. You get into that situation where one team is lights out, scoring every time they have it, and the other team starts feeling maybe a little bit of a pressure, trying to answer every single time. That’s hard. It’s a combination of both instances, but I think Tech is playing very good on both sides of the ball; they’re running the ball well and putting pressure on teams.”

On Colorado Keeping Their Spirits Up

“You guys know, even in your own life as an adult, when you get knocked around a little bit and knocked down a few times, it takes a little bit of resolve to hang in there. I keep saying it, but I think our guys have done a pretty amazing job, continuing to bounce back after they keep getting whacked on the head. You keep making sense of all of those things. You go to Missouri and wham; you’re down 21-0. I think I told you guys before, look at Missouri down a lot to Texas, Nebraska down a lot to Oklahoma; you see some of those scenarios where you just have this snowball effect happen. It’s very tough to counteract that, it is.”

On How Colorado Held Texas Tech’s Offense Last Season

“I think the good thing that happened with us is that we got off to a fast start, usually offensively, and that’s helped. We were able to get turnovers, again that’s always a big key; it’s interesting, because there’s a team that we beat the last two years who’s poised to play for the national championship. It’s confidence; it’s getting hot and getting on a roll. We’ve been able to go in there and get some confidence, get some things going, and kind of block that a little bit, and then things start happening for you. Those guys have continued to get on a roll and play extremely confident football. The td pass that they threw to Michael Crabtree in the Texas game, it was basically double covered; they have the right coverage, they have the right call, they’re there. But hey, ‘that’s my guy and I’m your guy, throw the ball, you get it, we score.’ Like I said, every ten-minute recess in America, every eighth grader is playing kinaki out there and letting it fly; and that’s what they have going. For us, we garner some momentum going into a barnburner of a schedule; unfortunately, I wasn’t going to mass enough, we start losing guys; that’s the age-old deal, you see it in sports. It’s the Rockies a couple of years ago; all of a sudden you start getting hot, you feel like no matter what happens you’re going to get hits, you’re going to get people out, you get rolling. When you watch those teams that get really hot it’s funny, it’s not like there are these amazing plays or schemes. You’re just watching them go through their deal and they huck it; and sometimes the guy is covered, but he still makes the play, just because they’re very confident on how they do things.

On DT Brandon Nicolas

“He is very quiet, he very seldom says a word; but again, he’s very steady.  He’s always there, he’s always rolling, he’s always going, he’s always producing; and you can win a lot of games with guys like that, because he’s so steady. He’s rock-solid in the weight room, never has any off days. In the end you don’t want a bunch of guys who are screaming [all the time]; you want those guys that kind of a man’s man and he’s just very, very consistent every day. I think he’ll get an opportunity, I really do. With offensive and defensive lines, everybody needs those guys; I don’t care who it is. I think he is going to get an opportunity, I don’t know where that will be on the board. He’ll get an opportunity though, to see how he fits in with a team.”

On the Difference in the Offensive Line’s Performance Between Halves Against Iowa State

“I thought that as a group, they all played better than they have before. I think they rebounded from the A&M game really well and I think Coach [Jeff] Grimes did a good job with that. I don’t know if there was a huge improvement, but I do know that when you start scoring some points and get a little momentum, that drive block because easier and all of those things happen.”

On Colorado’s Seniors

“Many of them, to some degree, are like Brandon [Nicolas]. Patrick Williams, the same thing, shows us every day, doesn’t say a whole lot and does whatever it takes. In any organization, consistency is a big, big deal. So many of those guys to me are like that. Ryan Walters, you know what you’re getting every day; Maurice Cantrell, you know what your getting every day. Those guys are just very consistent everyday and that’s a group that’s come off some issues as well. But being able to prove their worth by being there every day and just showing up, playing hurt; being able to go when you’re down, staying level when you’re up. Because they’ve had some of those experiences, they’ve been able to assert themselves a little bit more as leaders, in terms of the program, they’ve done a good job of that.”



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