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Colorado, Colorado State Quotes

Courtesy: B.G. Brooks, Contributing Editor
Release: December 05, 2012
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Colorado Head Coach Tad Boyle


 "What an atmosphere for college basketball, the crowd was a record crowd, which is a testament for our fans and our program and how they have stepped up. It feels really good after coming back from Laramie after a disappointing loss. I have told some people that the disappointing thing about the game in Laramie was not our players, but it was all of the people that drove up there and took time out of their busy lives and spend money on gas, and we let them down. Tonight, we told our guys we are playing for more than ourselves, this is a big game. I thought it was a NCAA tournament type game going into it and we beat a good basketball team, one that is well coached. They are going to win a lot of games this year."

On Spencer Dinwiddie's Bold Statement

"Well I have to talk to Spencer about that, but I purposefully didn't say anything to him about it before the game, I wanted to see if he was going to back it up or not. And he backed it up now, but we have to be smarter of how we approach the media, because we don't want to make a habit out of that. The thing I love about Spencer is he believes in himself, he believes in his teammates, and he played tonight like an All-Pac 12 player. He was terrific on both sides of the ball, but he did a great job defensively on a good player. And I thought Andre Roberson played well. Defensively; he was just everywhere. He was just so good tonight, and that is the Andre that we know and love. That is the challenge for us is to do that on a day in and day out basis. There are players that are struggling and can play better, and as a team we can play better. The exciting thing about tonight is we beat a good team, but we didn't play very good basketball. We played a great first twenty minutes and a great last six minutes but the start of the second half we weren't very good offensively, or defensively, so we have some room for improvement."

On Coming Out Aggressive

"The one word we had on our board was 'dictate'. We wanted to dictate tempo, we wanted to dictate the pressure, we wanted to make them know that they are in for some forty minutes of in your face basketball, and I think we did a good job of that. We dictated on the defensive game, and we got some stops and we got the crowd in the game, which I think is key. But you have to give Colorado State credit, they went on a run and cut it to three, and we didn't lose our composure, but obviously we need to shoot free throws better down the stretch."

On When CSU Cut The Lead To Three

"What changed is we started guarding. I thought Josh Scott -- you look at Iverson's numbers -- but Josh made him work for everything. He grew up tonight as a post defender against a really good player, he played his tail off, I think he did terrific."

On Josh Scott

"He was a totally different player than in the Wyoming game, he was taking charges tonight. The thing I love about Josh Scott is how coachable he is, he wants to get better, he wants to improve and you can see that from the way he played from the Wyoming game to here. And again, freshman are going to be freshman, he is going to have good and bad nights, but I thought tonight was a terrific performance for him on the defensive end. And we know he can score and he was playing against a 260 pound 6'11' really good basketball player tonight and he held his own."

On Having The Team Step Up

"I knew coming out of the locker room they were dialed in mentally, you can sense when it is really good. But I thought the focus tonight was great. Our Monday morning practice was as good a practice as we have ever had, there was some body on body contact, it was physical and tough. We were trying to prepare for Colorado State because that is how they play. To show you how much I know; I thought whoever won the rebounding battle was going to win the game and they won the rebounding battle, so that is an area for improvement for us. They kicked us on the boards, again room for improvement. But our guys battled and we beat a good team."

On The Play Of The Back Court

"The difference between the game against Wyoming and tonight, with 'Ski (Booker), was against Wyoming he let his frustrations and lack of shooting the ball on offense effect his defense, and tonight he didn't. He did a good job defensively, and that is progress for 'Ski, and we all know he is a good shooter, so he will be okay as long as it doesn't affect the other end."

On Front Range Basketball

"I think it is important, and this is a big game. I think this is an NCAA tournament game out there, but Colorado State is a good basketball team and I cannot say enough about Larry Eustachy and the job he has done and changing the mindset. Front range basketball is in good shape right now. Tonight's atmosphere is what college basketball is all about, and that is what we want to have on a consistent basis, not just on rivalry games but when we play conference games too. I think our fans are starting to understand and enjoy and embrace it. But we have to do a good job on the floor to make sure we put a product out there that is worthy of their support."

On Not Panicking

"Again, with youth, you are going to see inconsistency and that is what you saw with our team tonight. Now we were playing against a team with five seniors, that is a veteran group we just played, and with young guys they are going to get rattled sometimes. I thought this game at home was key, what we have to understand is that we have to keep that same mentality and mindset on the road so that when teams go on runs and the crowd gets into it on the road we are mentally tough enough and we execute. Youth is not going to be an excuse for us this year. My expectations for these freshen might be a little out of whack because I want them to play like juniors and seniors, the growth needs to continue to happen. Experience is the best teacher."

University Of Colorado Players

Spencer Dinwiddie, Sophomore, Guard

On Calling Colorado State the 'Little Brother'

"I need to clear this up. It was an analogy, but I think they took it as disrespectful. I didn't mean it in a disrespectful manner; I have a lot of respect for their team. They have a lot of good players and senior leadership so I wasn't trying to disrespect their team in any way. Being able to back up that comment with a win is great because they [CSU players] were on my twitter a lot."

On The Record Crowd Tonight

"The only game that was maybe close to this big of a crowd was Arizona last year. Tonight was a record attendance so I thank all the fans who came out and supported us tonight. To have an atmosphere like this and to make this a tough place to play is awesome. I know the crowd gets us hyped and into the game even more so." 

On Record High Game

"I just hit my shots. When shots go in, you'll score. It was more the way they were playing defense. I have the utmost confidence in my three-point shot. They continued to squeeze the ball screen so the big man stayed right behind our big man, then the guy who was guarding me tried to go under two people. When you're shorter than me and you're trying to go under two people and then you're trying to come back around and close out the shot, the likelihood that he is going to get to the shot is very low. So, I just tried to stop behind my big man and just pull up and have faith they weren't going to be able to get to the shot."

On Handling Different Team Roles

"When I'm shooting like that, I will keep shooting because I'm trying to get the lead. For the most part I just judge how other people are shooting. If (Askia) Booker and (Andre) Roberson are hitting shots then I'll keep passing to them. I think that was evident in Charleston, Booker was rolling and hitting shots and I took less. Tonight when we hit a lull I just tried to score points."

On If He Feels Like He Can Be Guarded

"I think every basketball player believes that nobody can stop them. Do I think anyone can; no. If they do, then, that's a great night for them. But I'm always going to go out there and do my thing."

Andre Roberson, Junior, Forward

On Game Plan In Second Half

"Just continue to put the pressure on them. I feel like we did kind of slack off in the second half coming out, and they made a little run. But, that is the game of basketball. Our guys did a great job of throwing down the run and getting back to our defensive standards, so just lucky we ended up coming up with the win."

On Holding Onto the Win Even Though CSU Grabbed More Offensive Rebounds

"I feel like we had great help-side defense and we just continue to get better on the offensive end. We went on a run early on and that probably surprised them. I feel like our guys did a great job of coming out aggressive and really tried to get after it. We tried to make a statement; Coach Boyle was on us the whole week about it. He didn't want to lose two in a row so I feel like our guys ended up doing a great job."

On What It Means To Be Viewed As The Top Program In Front Range

"I feel like it's a big importance. I don't know about CSU, but I feel like everyone in Colorado sees us as a premier college. I feel like everybody has a lot of respect for this program, especially now that it's on the rise again."

On CSU's Run In Second Half

"I was just focusing on continuing to get stops. We knew they would come back with a run and that they weren't going to go away. So, as soon as they went on a run we called a timeout and got everybody to calm down, keep composure, and get back to our defensive rebounding."

On Defending CSU C Colton Iverson

"I think we could have done a better job. We knew it was going to be a test for our centers because he is a phenomenal player and can score easily on the low post. Being physical with him was a big part of the game. Shane [Harris-Tunks] did a great job coming in, playing his minutes and being physical with him. It kind of took [Iverson] out of the game at first, but he got back in the groove and he does what he does best."

Colorado State Head Coach Larry Eustachy


"Everything is a new experience for me, especially coming to this environment with the collection of players we have. The story of the game was that we were beat at our own game, particularly in the first half. We just couldn't take our game and get it onto this court. That's what we're going to change. I have to do a better job of getting this group into more physical situations [at practice]. We'll get it right when we come into situations like this again and we'll handle it much better. We really struggled. We shot the ball too quick, which was not the plan. That triggered their fast breaks. It's been a long time since we've given up such easy baskets."

On His Team's Performance

"The environment and the game completely broke us down. When we did play right, we just couldn't sustain it. When we played like we were supposed to, we were fighting back. It's a great learning tool. This is the first time we've been in this situation."

On Learning From Tonight's Loss

"It's a great game to play and it's a great measuring stick for where we're at.  I am surprised, but I'm not, because I've never been in this environment with this team. They are great guys and they want to please the coaching staff and I."


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