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University of Colorado senior Julie Seabrook just wrapped up playing basketball for Team Canada at the 2011 World University Games, in Shenzhen, China. A 6-foot-3 forward from North Vancouver, B.C., Seabrook helped Team Canada to a 2-3 record and a sixth place finish at the games. (WUG announcement)

Tuesday, Aug. 23

Hey Buffs Fans,

Sorry I have left you hanging the past couple of days. It's been a whirl wind couple of days with LOTS of traveling.

So we ended up losing to Russia again but by less than the previous game so there was some improvement. Overall we finished sixth out of 15 teams. So we are decently happy because the showings by Canada in the past at the FISU games have not been as successful.

I am pretty happy with how I played during the tournament and I think it was great preparation for this upcoming season. Anytime you get to play against some of the best players in world it is a prefect opportunity to learn  and to improve your own game.

As the FISU games came to a close and I was packing up my bags to come back to Denver. I realized as soon as I get on the plane, I am heading into my senior year at CU. I got SO excited! I can't wait to get back and to start playing again in Coors and for all of you.

I'd like to thank all my coaches at CU for helping me to prepare for FISU games, as well as Ceal Barry, (Academic Coordinators) Ryan (Kataoka) and Mindy (Sclaro) for helping me figure out my summer academic schedule and making it possible for me to participate in FISU. I'd also like to thank Canada Basketball for giving me this amazing opportunity and also for the chance to wear Canada across my chest again.

Lastly I want to thank my family for supporting me and traveling half way across the world to watch me play. It was an experience I will never forget and a great beginning for a memorable senior season at CU.

Over and out!
Julie Seabrook (now back to # 15)

Friday, Aug. 19

Hey Buffs Fans,

WE WON!!! We beat Finland 71-66!

The game was really exciting! We were down in the first quarter 25-16. Then in the second quarter we battled back going in at half up 42-35. Then in the second half they played zone, which we had not faced all tournament so needless to say we struggled a little. Finland also was hitting some really tricky shots. But anyways at the end we pulled ahead for the win.

NOW, we advance to the fifth-sixth place game on Sunday, (in the big stadium YAY!) where we get another chance to play against Russia. I say, BRING IT ON!!!!

Over and out,
Julie Seabrook #14

Thursday, Aug. 18

Hey Buffs Fans,

So not so good news...we lost to Australia in the quarterfinals. We had a pretty good first half. We stopped the bigs well in transition and the only thing we needed to adjust in the second half was a longer hedge on the down screens for the guards. However in the second we didn't continue doing the things offensively that were working in the first like the ball screens and open set with the handoff. We also let the Aussies run more and they hit their lead post for deep catches in the paint.

But anyways, looking ahead we play Finland tomorrow at 8:30 p.m. (Friday, 6:30 a.m. in Colorado). This is to get into the 5th and 6th place game on Sunday.

Over and out.
Julie Seabrook #14

Tuesday, Aug. 16

Hey Buffs Fans,

Lots to report on! Since we last talked our team has played two games. Our first game was against Poland where we won 52-50. It was a really close game all the way through. However we weren’t particularly happy with our offensive execution, but a win is a win.

The second game was against Russia who outsized us by 6-inches in every position. We lost. :( We didn’t shoot well (26%), but we out-rebounded them offensively.

So now the pools look like this: We are in Pool C with Poland and Russia and South Africa, which dropped out so we count that as a win. If all goes as planned Russia will beat Poland tonight. That will mean we finished second in our pool and we will cross over and play the number one seed in Pool D in the quarterfinals. That will most likely be Australia. This game takes place on August 18th.

Also my family all arrived here safely and have been cheering their hearts out. It is awesome!! And to my teammates and coaches... I MISS YOU GUYS!! I hope everything is going well in Colorado and at your homes.

Get back to you soon!

Over and out,
Julie Seabrook # 14

Friday, Aug. 12

Hey Buffs Fans,

Alright, a lot has happened since I last spoke to you. On August 11 we played our first exhibition game versus Great Britain. They restarted the score at the beginning of each quarter, but we won. (I calculated the point spread :)) For those of you who don't know the International Rules for basketball, there are four quarters and each quarter is 10 minutes.

Then on August 12 (yesterday) we played three quarters against Japan. We won by three. Japan has a very different style of play from Great Britain and from what we are used to playing in Canada and the U.S. They are very quick and small and like to shoot a lot of deep 3's. So it was really nice to get both ends of the spectrum on style of play.

I finally found (CU golfer) Emily Talley. Their team arrived yesterday. She flew from Denver to Chicago to Beijing to Shenzhen. Quite a long haul! But she is in good spirits and heading out to the course to practice this morning.

Last night was the Opening Ceremony and it was BREATHTAKING! I mean words can't describe or do it justice. But hopefully I can get some of the video from it. It was similar to the Opening Ceremony at Olympics. All the countries were introduced and we all paraded into the stadium. There are 152 countries from all over the world. When China walked in the whole stadium went crazy!! They had some speeches welcoming us and the FISU flag was raised, some performances and lastly the lighting of the torch!

Anyways, we have a final practice this afternoon. Then tomorrow our games begin with Poland. Wish me luck! I can’t wait.

Over and out!
Julie Seabrook #14

Monday, Aug. 8

Hey Buffs Fans!

So I have spent a day in the athlete's village. All of the the other countries and teams are arriving. Team USA is still not here but I look forward to seeing Emily Talley (a CU Buffs golfer) who plays for Team USA for golf. I am very impressed by the organization and the helpfulness from all the Chinese volunteers.

We practiced yesterday and we practice again later tonight. Practice is going well and our offense is looking pretty good. It is really humid here though so we sweat a lot! The food has been pretty good so far. The dining hall has food from all over the world and a McDonald's.

Anyways I am looking forward to have our games start. Unfortunately, South Africa has dropped out of our pool. So now we only play two games vs. Poland and then Russia and we have to win one to advance to the next round.

Over and out.
Julie Seabrook #15 (#14 for Canada :) )

Sunday, Aug. 7

Hong Kong -- It's like no other city I've seen before. All high-rise buildings and hundreds of them. Beautiful neon lights illuminate the bridge and all the sky scrapers. Each high-rise looks to have thousands of little rooms: some lit up and some not, gives the city a twinkling effect. All these colors reflect off the water while there are also dark shadows of mountains rising above the city. It's beautiful at night! We are in our bus following the coast line.

Shenzhen -- AMAZING! (similar to Hong Kong, but all decked out in summer games). Soccer field is ballin!!!! We have a police escort that has stopped all the traffic for us! We are heading to athletes village... Can't wait!

Colorado's Julie Seabrook (right) with Team Canada teammate Miyazaki

Saturday, Aug. 6

Hey Buffs Fans,

So I am kind of new to this blogging thing, but I will try my best. Training camp was great. We practiced twice a day and we also had an exhibition game against Ole Miss. We won by 20! :)

I am currently in the Vancouver airport waiting for our flight. The flight is 13 hours long to Hong Kong, and then a three hour drive to Shenzhen. AH! But I am prepared with snacks, books, magazines, and my great teammates to talk to. I finally got my Tim Horten's, which for those of you who don't know, it is a coffee and donut shop.

It is so exciting being at the airport and seeing all the rest of the Canadian teams here. We are travelling with women's and men's soccer, men's basketball, and I think men's volleyball. It really puts into perspective how big these games are. I am also really excited because my family (mom, sister, aunties, and cousin) will be there to cheer us on!!

Anyways we are about to board. So I will get back to ya'll once I am in China.

Over and out,
Juie Seabrook #15