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Colorao-Texas A&M-Corpus Christi Quotes

Courtesy: CUBuffs.com
Release: November 23, 2012
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Colorado Head Coach Linda Lappe

“I thought for the second straight game we had great contribution from everybody on our team. They all did their job and they played their role. Many of them came in and gave us some great energy, whether it was to start the game, start the half, or when they came in off the bench. But I thought they did a fantastic job of really playing together, hitting the open player on offense and buckling down on defense midway through that second half.”

On Getting Outside Shots
“I liked how we stayed composed tonight. Our inside game wasn’t going well at the beginning, but we were getting great shots. The thing I liked about tonight is that we didn’t shy away from using our posts, our guards kept feeding the ball down there, they kept offensive rebounding, and they kept at it. When you do that, those easy shots are going to eventually fall, they just had to kind of get into the flow of the game. They are the quickest team that we have had to play so far. I think they caught us a little bit by surprise in terms of getting a hand in there and sort of disrupting our vision. I think we figured out how the flow of the game was going, we stepped up and everybody did their job and hit the easy ones. I thought Jasmine did a great job of knocking down the 15-17 footer.”

On If Texas A&M Corpus Christi Was Better Than Expected
“They shot better than we thought. They are a penetrating team; they like to drive it a lot. But, at the same time, they are Division I basketball players. They came in and we were a little off of our game defensively. I thought we really picked it up in the second half. We made some adjustments and just started playing Colorado basketball defense instead of worrying too much about what they were doing and I thought that really helped us.”

On Colorado’s Strong Finish
“I thought Lexy [Kresl], Ashley [Wilson], and Jamee [Swan] gave us some great energy off the bench and we were able to carry that along through the second half. I thought Meagan [Malcolm-Peck] gave us some great energy coming in off the bench and getting some offensive rebounds and talking on defense. We have a lot of great players, which is a good problem to have – with a lot of players who can do a lot of different things. What that does is gives us options, depending on the game and situation, we can go with a lot of different people. I thought everybody was ready to go tonight.”

On Arielle Roberson
“We were expecting this from her. We were hoping this would have happened last year, but we are also glad she got to watch and learn for a year. I feel like she has learned a lot by watching, which is something that you don’t always have the luxury of doing when you are a really good player. We see what she can do every day when she really puts her mind to it and gets after it. I feel like she has a nice feel for the game, she is a little bit of an undersized post player and always has been, but she uses her body very well. I felt like her rebounding tonight was fantastic. I can’t say that we are surprised. I think that she missed a lot of shots tonight and that is just going to get better. She positions herself so well that she is going to get a lot of open looks like she did tonight.”

On Meagan Malcolm-Peck’s Limited Play
“Meagan sat out for about a week and a half. She is coming back around. Meagan is our captain. She is our leader, whether she is in the game or on the bench. She is constantly talking and helping our team. She’s a very unselfish player and a very high character person. I thought what she was able to do tonight went far beyond her seven minutes. She said a few things to our players on the bench when they were coming out. The impact she had on the game wasn’t even necessarily when she was in the game, but I feel like she contributed a lot tonight.”

Colorado Players

Chucky Jeffery, Sr., G

On Hitting The Outside Shot
“Hitting the outside shot helped a lot. We have to make those easy shots. We were hitting the outside shot early so they had to come out and that’s when we were able to get the ball inside more, so I thought it was really good we were able to come out and hit those outside shots early.”

On The Teams Depth
“It’s awesome. To have a number of players that can come off the bench and replace players on the floor without disrupting the flow is great. We know the game isn’t going to change when we sub because we have confidence in getting the ball to our post players. I run a pride game on running the floor. I think when we hit shots and we are running, we are a really good team.”

On Lauren Huggins’ First Collegiate Points
“We were so excited. Lauren came in the game and hit a three and comes back down and hits another one. It’s just great that even though she might not be playing as much as she wants she is able to come in the game with just as much energy, despite the time left on the clock and played just as hard as if it was the beginning of the game. I love that. She plays to the best of her ability.”

Jasmine Sborov, So., G

On Setting The Tempo
“Chucky [Jeffery] did a great job at drawing in the defense and I was just hitting shots off of reversals and kick-outs, we worked on that religiously in practice so I think that opened up a lot of our inside game in the second half.”

On The Slow Start
“We were playing to our scout and we did great. We were really playing in the gaps and that’s exactly what we were supposed to do. They are a great driving team, so we were giving them that shot and they were being basketball players and took those shots. We just had to adjust to them playing basketball.”

On Importance Of Getting To Championship Game
“I mean, we don’t lose our own tournament. That’s the mindset that we all have and that is expected of everyone, from the coaching staff down to the players. It’s a really good opportunity for us to play San Diego State University, so we are really excited to play against them in the championship game.”


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