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Colorado-Colorado State Quotes

Courtesy: B.G. Brooks, Contributing Editor
Release: December 05, 2012
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Colorado Head Coach Linda Lappe

“Sometimes these games are a little bit tough to play but I felt like we got better in that game at some different things and that’s what I like about our team.  For us, it’s all about us right now and us continuing to get better.  It’s about us continuing to get better at some things or multiple things. I thought our players played hard and rebounded very, very well in this game. We for the most part defended very solid.” 

On CU’s Inside Game
“You look at our rebounding both offensively and defensively, we showed a lot of toughness.  We showed a lot of hustle.  Rebounding is all hustle, it’s all heart. I like the fact that those are two things we’ve shown all year long.  Our post did a nice job of blocking some shots.  I always tell them that sometimes you prefer that they don’t get blocks because it means you were slightly out of position.  Obviously there are times it’s a great block.  We kind of covered the inside very well tonight and made them hit a lot of outside shots.”

On Playing True Freshmen Early On
“It was important because we haven’t really had a chance to do that yet.  Just with our schedule and how tough it’s been.  To be able to get our freshmen some quality minutes is key.  That’s our future.  They need to get some experience. It’s good for them to go against Colorado State and get some experience in that game and understanding what it means is really important.”

On The CSU Rivalry
“We want to be ready for that game. I understand the rivalry, I went to school here.  I understood what it means for a long time not only to the team but to the university. I want to make sure we’re always ready for that game.  We’ve come in with a lot of heart, a lot of intensity.  You have to give them a lot of credit.  They’ve come out with a lot of intensity.  Chucky and Meagan, the seniors have won the last three games.  They’ve been large parts of why we’ve won.  They understand what it means.”

Colorado Players

Brittany Wilson, Jr., G

“We felt like we had to come out early, it’s CSU, it’s our rivalry game, so they can come out here and play their best game or they can come out here and play their worst game. If we didn’t punch them in the mouth we knew they would try to punch us first. Who doesn’t get up for their rivalry game? We knew we had to come out strong in the beginning.”

On Defense

“Coach has just been drilling defense for the past three days. Our shooting got better and it ended up not being that close of a game.”

On Her Three Point Shots

“They were just open shots. I’ve been having these same shots not go down so it does feel good to hit them. It was a good all around game for everybody.”

On Beating CSU For A Third Straight Time

“It’s a rival, our football team lost so they started out with bragging rights and we wanted to take it away and you want to keep bragging rights for the rest of the year. We knew we were going to win this game so we just had to come out and win it and that’s all there is to it.”

Jen Reese, So., F

On Game Plan
“Going in we knew they were going to be sagging on their defense. Going in we knew we had to have an inside presence no matter if they were sagging in, double-teaming and stuff like that we had kick-outs, I think everyone in the post did a great job on either making the shot or seeing the open player.”

Colorado State Head Coach Ryun Williams


“Our shot selection and our execution was better than it’s been. We can take those as positives. We were outmatched tonight—that was our problem. They are a pretty athletic team and it showed.”

On the Athletic Ability of Colorado
“I don’t care if Jeffery is a guard or anything—that really doesn’t matter. She is freaky athlete and do you think my posts can stop her? I mean they can’t. Chucky Jeffery is a very special athlete. There were times when we needed to compete better on the glass. That is a disappointment tonight. You have to want to go to war in there. When you’re undersized you have to get in a fight. Our kids were reluctant to do that against kids who have a little size or weight on them. We have to learn how to go get in a fight. Until we do that we will continue to struggle. Obviously we missed Meghan Heimstra tonight in terms of rebounds and physical presence, defensively and on the glass. There are some positives we can take away though.”

On the Difference in the Second Half
“I think our flow was really okay all night. The difference in the second half mainly was the position in the post. That second half was fairly positive. We just need some shots to drop. It’s really hard to go back and play defense time after time after time and not ever go to the basket. That’s a frustrating thing right now. Sam Martin and Caitlin Duffy were solid.”

On the Difference from Practice to Games
“You’ve got to improve in the game. We can’t simulate some of the things we see in games. Your mind curve is a little slower. We have to counter by having everyone coming in to work every day to make their teammates better every single day. You have to come to practice every day wanting to work. That is always an area I am going to challenge my kids in. To the day I die I am not going to think we are working hard enough. Kids have to grow in that area. They will get there.”

Colorado State Players

Sam Martin, Jr., F

On The Overall Game
“They are a bigger team obviously. They are taller than us and a little bit stronger. We just decided to play a jumping game with them and next game we can’t do that. We really need to find discipline and box out. Boxing out is a team effort. If every single person boxes their person out, we’re going to get those rebounds.”

On Frustration of the Score
“The defense part was very frustrating. The fact that we couldn’t hit a lot of jump shots and our shots just weren’t falling was frustrating. This was probably the best games we have executed; coach touched on that a lot. We got a lot of open shots and hit them. Our team was pretty good at that. We had nine turnovers which was huge for us compared to our last few games.”


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