Tempe, Ariz. Fresh off a two-game road winning streak, the University of Colorado soccer team lost a close one to Arizona State in double overtime. The Buffs fell 2-1 with 22 seconds remaining in the extended game.

The Buffs have gone to a second overtime in four games this season, The loss to ASU was the Buffs first in 2OT action.

CU goalkeeper Annie Brunner had a season-high nine saves, and senior captain Amy Barczuk scored her fourth goal of 2012, but it wasn’t enough against the Sun Devils. With 70 saves this season, Brunner passed her own record from 2010 to take control of the eighth place on CU’s single season list. In addition to Barczuk’s goal, she also joins an elite class, breaking into the CU career record books with 75 games started of 77 games played.

CU falls to 8-8-3 overall, 2-7-1 Pac-12, splitting the road trip with two wins and two losses. Arizona State improves to 9-8-3, 5-4-1 to remain in the middle of the conference.

Though Arizona State outshot Colorado 11-8 in the first half, the teams went to the break tied 1-1. The Buffs didn’t allow an ASU shot for 10 minutes, and limited the Sun Devils to just more four shots in the first half after ASU scored in the 19th minute.

Arizona State came out on fire, taking the first shot of the game in the 8th minute. ASU worked the pitch and Courtney Tinnin shot one right at the net, but Brunner jumped to punch the ball away. Lauren Shaner responded a minute later, sending the ball high for the Buffs.

ASU came back to form to take three more shots in less than three minutes. In a similar formation as their first shot, the Devils sent one wide. The Buffs showed their defensive strong points, and blocked the Devils in the 13th minute.

The Buffs got the ball, but the Devils had their eyes on Anne Stuller and blocked her shot with 30 minutes remaining. CU made a stir near the net after a corner kick by Shaye Marshall, but couldn’t get a shot past the ASU defense.

Arizona State found its stride in the 19th minute. Sierra Joseph stuck a free kick from the pitchfork at midfield, sending the ball high and connecting with the head of Devin Marshall. Marshall sent the ball over Brunner for her ninth goal of the season to give ASU the 1-0 lead. Marshall sent another at the keeper, but Brunner grabbed the save.

The Buffs responded in a big way following the Devils’ goal. Stuller took a free kick from just behind the left corner of the penalty box, but couldn’t get the ball past the ASU wall. CU kept the ball, with Shaye Marshall sending the ball past defenders to Chandler Morris, who grabbed the save.

With half of the first 45 still remaining, Stuller took a hard foul and had to leave the pitch a few times in the first half. Quinn Krier took the free kick, crossing one right at the keeper. ASU got the ball back in the 32nd minute, but CU came through with the block.

CU continued to cause commotion near the net, with Storie Ledger and Heather Ward both taking shots as the clock counted down the final 10 minutes before the break. Nikola Machalek threw the ball in from the right corner of the pitch. Hayley Hughes and Heather Ward both got touches, with the ASU defense staying strong before the ball got to Amy Barczuk who struck the ball into the net.

Colorado tied the game in the 40th minute, though ASU would cause some close calls in the final five minutes, forcing two shots to be blocked. The teams set up the 1-1 tie that would last until the closing minutes of double overtime.

The second half began with ASU hungry for revenge and looking to take the lead. Just over two minutes in, Cali Farquharson hit one high. In a three minute span, ASU got four shots off, but Brunner worked for two more saves. The Buffs responded in the 57th minute, as Stuller had a solid strike that went just right.

ASU’s Holland Crook took a shot while guarded by four CU defenders, hitting the ball wide. Less than a minute later, Farquharson sent another at the net, but Brunner punched the ball away in the 65th minute.

A well-defended Emily Paxton sent one at the keeper in response, forcing Morris to punch away the ball. ASU got back at it sending a couple Brunner’s way in the 71st and 73rd minutes, but missing the mark.

Krauser rushed down the pitch in the 76th minute, sending one wide. Colorado would keep possession, but Hughes would send another wide. Neither team would take another shot until the 83rd minute, when Barczuk had a stellar block on ASU’s Tommi Goodman following a corner kick.

The Buffs picked up some steam in the final five minutes of regulation, though it wasn’t enough to end the game. At the 85:13 mark, Colorado pressed the net as Stuller rushed down the field and found Hughes on the right side of the net, who set up a corner kick. Once again, Krier sent one near the net, and Barczuk headed it, but this ball narrowly missed the mark. Just over 30 seconds later, Pappalardo sent one at the keeper.

Both teams had fast break opportunities in the closing three minutes. Brunner was ready for the save at the 87:34 mark. In the final 23 seconds, Hughes got past two defenders to cross to an essentially undefended Stuller who stuck the ball to the right, sending the game into overtime.

For the seventh time this season, the Buffs went into extra minutes. CU got only one shot off in the first overtime, while Arizona State shot three. In the opening minute of overtime ASU had two shots blocked following another strong Joseph free kick. The Devils took another free kick from just behind the penalty box, but hit the ball high in the 96th minute.

A Krier corner kick connected with Barczuk again in the 98th minute, with the captain hitting the ball high. The Buffs and Devils would head to a second overtime.

Brunner picked up two saves in less than a minute, and the Buffs took two shots in the final overtime, narrowly avoiding defeat. In the 103rd minute, Kaitlyn Pavlovich got the ball past CU defenders, shooting one right at Brunner. Less than a minute later, CU’s stopping power worked again as ASU crossed from the right to Devin Marshall, who headed one to the left corner. Brunner slid to get the save.

With two minutes remaining in extra time, Pappalardo got the net and was blocked. Shaye Marshall got the ball, where Morris snagged the save. The Buffs couldn’t regain control of the ball, and grabbed another foul. With just 22 seconds left, Tinnin pressed the Buffs, getting the ball to the box, where Farquharson shot to the far corner to score her eighth goal of the season and end the game 2-1.

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