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BOULDER Colorado alum Don McLean has designed a CU-themed ski he hopes will help raise funds for the school’s athletic department and skiing program.

Earlier this year, McLean, a 1977 CU business graduate, founded a Steamboat Springs business with partner Luke Dudley. McLean had attended the CU ski team’s banquet last fall and came away inspired by the fellowship displayed by Buffs football coach Jon Embree and ski coach Richard Rokos.

“I saw Coach Embree participate in helping raise money for fellow Coach Rokos at the event,” McLean said. “Their camaraderie inspired me to get involved.”

As a result, McLean and Dudley set about designing skis that feature inlaid wood graphics of the Flatirons, CU’s athletic logo and buffalo mascot Ralphie. They plan on producing a limited number (1,000 pair) of the skis this year, with 20 percent of all proceeds going to CU. Their goal is making a $150,000-plus donation to the school by this fall.

McLean’s and Dudley’s skis will be manufactured by SkiLogik and are described as handmade and high-performance. Men’s skis are the Chariot TT model; women’s skis are the Goddess TT model.

McLean, whose daughter Shane is a member of the CU ski team, has had a long involvement in ski racing throughout Colorado. He termed the specially designed SkiLogik CU skis “one of a kind that show one’s endless support” of the school.

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